Saturday, November 28, 2015

crazy bird woman

I've become the crazy bird woman of Daisy Lane ...

Mama cardinal is as beautiful as papa cardinal.  The morning sun was at the perfect angle this morning.  It was cold, crisp and frosty.

and the black capped chickadees
always busy

Friday, November 27, 2015


I flooded facebook with many pictures of the cardinal invasion -- evidently snow makes them hungry -- the buggers were at the feeders most of the day .. and I was lucky with the picture taking.

Jean - reviewing the "black Friday" advertisements.
after the dishes were washed and the pie consumed -- took a walk to the patch

15 hours before the rain / snow ... #1 disked up the patch ... and the garden ... it was ready for snow ... well, the leftover watermelons are chopped up -- they freeze hard and solid and it's a bit nasty to hit one with a snowmobile....the deer had cleaned up most of the pumpkins and squash

and the view on the trek back into the yard ... it was a nice way to stretch the legs

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ruby ...

so on Tuesday, Ruby got pampered ... washed, waxed, inside and out ... smelled wonderful just sitting in the garage ... and today, she went into storage .....

snow / freezing rain is in the forecast for Turkey Day and early next week -- it's just better she gets tucked away for winter.

she really doesn't do snow (or mud) very well.

sigh.  I really haven't driven her much the last 10 days or so .... a lot of night driving and rainy weather and the truck has better headlights.  that is my only complaint about Ruby -- those new fangled halogen headlights are too small. 

I took the sunrise pictures on the inbound work commute one morning. 

Happy Thanksgiving ... we all have so much to be for which to be thankful.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015


on the menu this morning!

scrambled eggs via the microwave ... not too bad.   the girls are starting to slow down on the egg laying .... 15 vs. 20 a day ...


Sunday, November 22, 2015

casualty of winter #1

winter - the evil season ... as I age I rue the arrival of winter -- the prep work, the cold, the ice, the media who think WINTER is newsworthy.  get over it -- winter rolls around every November and hopefully leaves in mid March. 

I prep for winter with the squirrels, fuzzy caterpillers and other rodents ... this weeks (and weekends) efforts have been directed towards windows.  our friends at 3M manufacture those lovely indoor plastic window kits -- after 14 years I'm a pro at installing them.  every window on level one gets them -- the windy drafts disappear and the heat bill is tolerable. 

We're still cold -- but the heat bill is tolerable.  11 of the 12 windows require a ladder and a ladder dance that is worthy of an award. 

and so far this is the only casualty of this war on winter ... a shoulder bowl of Joyce's ... I literally bumped it with the table leg -- and snap in half .... I think this is the only bowl left -- I sold (donated/shared) several of them -- she had several (10+) -- argh!!!!
Snow is forecasted for Turkey Day -- oh joy, cleaning, cooking and shoveling all in one day ... makes my heart sing - NOT!!!
I'm already working on my 2016 NY's resolutions -- "embrace the crap I hate" ... that should be a challenge !!!
Happy Sunday


Friday, November 20, 2015

at my funeral -- please

ought to be entertaining.