Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day ...

the road to no where ... post rain .. wonderful blue sky today
corn is changing with the season .. (more likely changing with the lack of rain) .. ears are tipping downward and it is starting to dry up ..

me thinks this is going to be a tasty bugger ... already over 20 lbs

everything -- especially the weeds liked the weekend of rain 1.5 inches in our gauge ...
one of 6, yep 6 total pumpkins.
love the squash vines -- they run everywhere and stand tall and proud after the rain .. amid the weeds...

and the sunflowers ... getting taller by the hour ... as are the weeds (note the weed theme)
so it was Labor Day -- while the rest of this village enjoyed the beautiful day ... I went to work ... no phones - no interruptions and actually got a lot done ... including mowing 1/2 the lawn ... the balance tomorrow... quack grass is coming on thick ... time for some chemicals.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

the last day of summer ...

looking east away from the sunset - Saturday night on the trek home from Oshawa .. clouds were cool looking --

my magic mushroom (fungi) isn't dying/drying/wilting very fast -- 10 days since I first spied it it's slowly getting smaller -- it is still the size of a dinner plate.

squirrels have been happy ... loving the acorns

at least the little varmits haven't found this apple yet.
Since it's about to rain ... I'm headed to the sewing machine and the design table -- a project just came up and it needs to be done in 12 days ... bought fabric to supplement the stash today ... all on sale!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

friday adventures

so after pondering the crappy month of August -- my August is generally calm and restful and August 2014 has been just the opposite. 

I picked up supper and headed to the farm ... them Mom and I had a little adventure we  ...

drove up the patch and on the way it started to rain rather than mist .... but ... anyway .... the first watermelon of 2014 !!!!  It is pretty darn tasty .....not sure of the variety but it is an early one.

2014 selfie ... thankfully I don't do this often -- but I was lucky -- had a couple of plastic rain ponchos in the door pockets of the truck .... ya -- handy buggers.
We checked on Jean who was busy canning tomatoes ... then
We headed over to check on Grandma's Little Acre -- making sure the barricades were finally down and her customers could finally get to her ... since we were there we toured her gardens -- via the truck ... it was raining harder over there .... then we
delivered this wedding gift to the bride and groom from last weeks wedding -- it's been riding around in my back seat for 2 weeks.
Okay -- thru this entire voyage -- it was raining -- I was barefoot and had the muddiest of feet ... and my hair kept getting curlier by the minute. 
Today's agenda -- more rain --- must sew then.


Friday, August 29, 2014

this week in quilting

remember quilting only ... binding tonight (maybe) ..  Soul Blossom jelly roll (or parts of one) ... it's loud and bold and fun ... crib --- toddler size ....  the back is a light teal solid.

which looks white in this picture (hmmmm) ... I've got the swoop and swirl mastered!

parts and pieces of a layer cake just stitched up .. it was tossed in the back seat of the truck so it's a bit wrinkled and wonky -- I promise it is a rectangle! ... love the soft colors... tried to be random (or as random as my brain will be) it's going to finish 48 by 57ish ... nice lap robe size ... the back is a soft pink print from my aging fabric stash.
I've done pretty darn good using up the old and aged stuff!!!!
and there is this one ... the long arm kept shredding the top thread and then it would break .. it's a quilting mess.  then (3/4ths of the way thru) I realized the thread was hanging up on the spool ... there was a nit/knot on the spool.  I think this is destined to be a doggie blankie ... the quilting is really really rough and it's way to much to rip out ...
NEWS FLASH!!!  The detour from hell is down and traffic kind of back where it belongs -- there is a long long way to go and it is still not the safest stretch of road.  Be safe peeps!
happy weekend y'all .....
I think I'll eventually link up to Crazy Mom ...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

damn ...

  it's 3:27pm on Tuesday ...

  Monday is a blur
  Tuesday was way to long of a meeting ....
   It's a gorgeous day -- and word on the street --- the detour is coming off late Thursday ... ((((  big sigh ))))   !!!

edited to add some pictures....


Sunday, August 24, 2014

season of change

  I'm going into the end of summer and beginning of fall -- kicking and screaming.  WTH where did summer go -- I really haven't taken any time off and it's beginning to show.

a nice looking tomato ...

soon mr sunflower, soon ...
still in detour mode - another week, long, long week ... god willing
I saw this giant mushroom (fungi) of some sort last week along the driveway and tonight remember to snap it's picture -- it is the size of a dinner plate ... there is a dried up dead leaf next to it ... crazy looking thing.  No I did not touch it (or sample it).

truck week -- ruby needs a bath and well, so does this one.
I am cute -- sorta ... although my mama thinks I should be more independent.
and here is my sibling -- there was one more I think the neighbors dog got #3 -- it's not a good topic of conversation ...  but #2 (above) has a red tinge to his coat .. and a yellow spot on his chin.
fall.  what more can I say ... high heat index today and tornado watch is posted ... but it is snowing in Montana (only 800 miles away)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dots! Lots of dots!!

dots!!! lots of polka dots!  I snapped up some mini jelly rolls both large & small dots ... I was going to chop them up into something else ...  but by now ... it's only stripes peeps.  I like strip/stripe quilts.

close up of my freehand quilting .. insert another grin
you are lucky  -- I had 8 pictures of this one ... and everyone was pretty darn cool. 
I have a fairly good idea where this one is going ....