Wednesday, September 2, 2015

water, give me water

hot -- humid

3 frozen water bottles
1 fancy ice cream sandwich
1 lemonade

made it thru market ... where I almost sold out
didn't expect that to happen
but it did


never heard a thing

a watermelon customer posted these pix on facebook yesterday ...
it weighed 27 lbs ....

a sangria ....always tasty.

Monday, August 31, 2015

So, this week I'm

going to have some fun!

1.   lots of payroll
2.   lots of projects
3.   mow the grass
4.   go to market (twice)
5.   eat at the Olive Garden
6.   clean my sewing room
7.   sew
8.   have some more fun
9.   hang out at the lake

By the end of the night -- #1 and I were dragging from the tree removal project ... there was Advil involved ... and a nice long hot shower ...

Just before sunset I took a walk ... it helped also  ...
The bones and joints didn't want to move this morning.
More Advil (and coffee)


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Good bye shade.

left side of the back yard #4 is getting cut down ... #1 is down and gone, #2 is a totem pole at this point

right off the deck to the right .. #3 coming down

it's a mess
One more came down this morning

It is all cleaned up and hauled away.  The stump grinder will be here this week.  The elder #1 wants to dig it up an reseed all of it.

Go for it I'm not going to assist.

my crazy life

post picking -- truck is packed and loaded ....
disorganized ... but loaded

Friday night was a gorgeous night on the prairie
after picking, packing and loading
I walked out for a stroll--just me and the geese flying over 

love the zinias

fall is fast approaching

more zinnias -- these are in the yard under the clothesline -- they get more care ...

hello -- watermelons for sale ....

and some more ....

and the market munchkins -- sitting together

Made it home in time for some TREE removal ... 
the tree trimmer guy arrived -- 4 ash trees received a serious trimming and 4 trees were cut down entirely and he'll be back this week to grind out the stumps ... so today is clear all the brush and hunks of wood from the backyard.  It's a new "bare" look == so, some a lot of the shade is gone -- things will not be landing on the house (or teetering towards the house) ... 

Happy Sunday

Thursday, August 27, 2015

pictureless Thursday

  The plan was to start picking tonight to avoid tomorrow (Friday) nights rain. 

  Well, it's raining now.  To quote elder #1's unsolicited advice ..."either way ----   you're going to get a wet ass"

                  .... so it goes peeps -- ageless wisdom happening today.

  Today is elder #2's birthday -- 75 ... a milestone!  And due to scheduling issues (like we weren't sure when they were returning from fishing) ... she ended up getting her own is getting in the way again.

 So it rolls on Daisy Lane. 

and to add to the bizarreness of this post....

of all my blog posts  -- this one has the most hits and  I'm whining about deer ... in it .... bizarre.  Not going to solicit any advice from #1 on this topic.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


no market for this Diva today ....

by the time I got thru
4 hours of budget meeting
5 hours of work (the PROJECT is done)
1 hour of planning and zoning meeting

it was 7:35 and well, I wasn't in the mood to pick and pack
not sure how much was actually ripe either ...

Saturday peeps, Saturday!!

start wishing for some warmer weather.


Monday, August 24, 2015