Tuesday, March 31, 2015

holy cats

it's a beautiful day ....

normal people probably got out to enjoy it ...

14 more days peeps, 14 more days.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

50' - it must be spring 3/08/15


breaking silence #1 3/7/15

  you didn't really think I'd be silent for 31 whole days did you .... well, I'm stockpiling posts ... I'm really typing on 3/7/15 ... and will hold on to it.

  it's 5:00pm on Saturday and 3 phone calls in a row -- must be time to stop answering said phone.  the questions are getting weirder.

Words to live by -- we'll see if I really practice what I preach.

the Diva's return -- (warning pix heavy)

the breakfast of champions (or CPA's in March) ...

the snow melted!  ... there wasn't much to melt ....

Ruby on the road.

the office "pond" ... took a bit to melt

this crazy woman needed more thread -- pretty eh

another tasty breakfast ... this time a "beer stick" for protein.

it freeking snowed a lot -- dad came to town with the tractor
love that darn tractor
it does a fabulous job on the sidewalk - until he hit the neighbors steps. 

our cheesy picture from the Women Celebrating Women event ...
we are the "crew" ...
Bring on Spring
the seed is ordered and
most of it has arrived.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Breaking Silence - Part Two

what can I say -- sometimes a Diva just has to share the goodness circulating social media ...
Counting down the days peeps - just keep counting .....

Friday, February 27, 2015

Break Time

So one of my favorite blogs to read is Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts...a link to her blog is in the daily reading list....any how she took a break / sabbatical from blogging for a month and it got me thinking ....
a time to rest / reflect / contemplate / re-charge
and well, I'm damn busy with the real things in life.
so, I'm taking off the month of March from blogging -- I'll be saving up the good stuff for April.  I do believe I'm giving up Wastebook (Facebook) also.  although, in a town with no local radio Facebook is our news station.
I'm hoping when April arrives -- the limited snow will be gone and the temperatures will be above zero!  Still freeking cold here.
Chill Out -- see you in 31 days.