Wednesday, November 26, 2014

AAA as in Automobile not Alcoholics

   sorry -- bad pun. 
so, the idiot in the silver Ford Edge that passed me this morning.  I hope you have AAA for towing service.  You will be in the ditch at some point during your journey.

truly, was it necessary to pass me at 55mph while I was toodling along in 4WD at 35mph and barely keeping my full size 4WD truck on the road. 

seriously -- be smart be safe.

 afternoon editing: so the powers in charge tell me we had 6" of fluffy white snow ... seems like it .. I normally complain about the shoveling -- but Jeremiah, Alyssa and Ron did most of it .... Eddie made a pass with the ATV and elder #1 just finished up the parking lot. 

 unfortunately, this white fluffy crap is going to blow .... let's hope the wind stays down.  and it is not pretty.  nope, no way, no how.

 waiting on clients for late meeting -- not happy about late client meetings before a holiday ... need to have multiple chats on that one ...

Happy Thanksgiving ....


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

the sneezing, wheezing, coughing Diva

  yep, still sick -- good to be me.

  So I functioned a full 12 hours yesterday on 3 hours of sleep.  Needless to say I crashed after the ever sooooo long meeting --- early and hard. 

  News of the week -- someone bought one of my etsy quilts.  odd.  well, odd to me. 

   Another crazy day today ... and tonight and tomorrow and then some time for me.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

ahhhh choooooo

   I've done pretty well in the illness department in 2014 -- well, last night, this morning ... now ... that streak came to a halt.

   The chills, the low grade fever, the body aches,  the sore throat and the dripping nose.  And the lack of concentration. 

   So, this evening I'm going to bond with a new box of tissue, the tv remote, my favorite quilt and a couple of Advil.  I've probably exceeded the Advil quota for the day ... so two more will just get numb me even more. 

   Dang --- I really wanted to sew!   There's always tomorrow!


Friday, November 21, 2014

a Christmas Finish .. (it only took 4 years)

ever start something and wonder why -- or better yet wonder if you'll ever get 'er done.  This picture was taken in December of 2011
It gets better -- its HERE --- Crazy Mom's Figgy Pudding .  I did a little web cruising and found the link.  So since 2009 I've hoarded this pattern.  I've got to work on the hoarding traits.

and July it finally got quilted on the long arm -- hmm it matches the rug and the chair
some time between 2011 and July of 2014 it was designated the new Christmas tablecloth .. so it needs to be durable. 
and since the weather was crappy (snow) on binding day ... here it is folded in the chair -- quilted with variegated thread from Connecting Threads ... back is 90" muslin.  Pale blue/teal polka dot binding ... every quilt needs some dots.

done -- next stop -- washing machine ... then

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mr. Harvey

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.
 thank you Mr. Harvey.  thank you for sharing your journey with thousands of 9th graders over the decades .... 
"Miss Marie ... how does your garden grow ... "
Very well, thank you!  .... 

Monday, November 17, 2014

California Girl meets a Minnesota Winter

remember this one I blogged about it HERE ....

I may have waited too long to snap a picture ... the clouds moved in and the deck had been shoveled.  Except the bulge of snow on the deck rail under the green daisy block ..
Mrs. Gray -- wouldn't stand still for a picture.
California Girl fat quarters chopped into 5 x 20 bricks and stitched back together ...
squares, rectangles and strips are my thing.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

and here comes the wind ....

remember me ...

I'm finally done

another beautiful sunrise ...