Tuesday, May 22, 2018

i'm a hoarder ...

they probably couldn't film a tv episode about my hoarding habits.  but some things I never toss until they're well used.   Above is the front half of a tattered birthday card from my parents.  It's been holding credit card receipts in my desk since 1996.  22 freeking years.  it finally wore out and split in half.  I almost taped it together ... instead I tossed it.  good grief -- it's been thru a desk change, a tornado and a move .... egads.

I also tossed all the old credit card receipts that I hadn't matched up to a credit card statement.  At least they weren't 22 years old.  seriously peeps, I don't know what gets in my head.  I keep shit.

I hoard paper too ... cute little note pads, post it's with funny quips, lined, unlined.  there must be a therapy program for said addiction. argh.  

I bet some of that fabric in my stash is at least 15 years old.  ya, it's a disease, there is no cure.  

and the beans are up!  got to see them on my evening walk.
must walk more 
must walk often
must must must

Sunday, May 20, 2018

life amid the birds

I may be a discombobulated mess ... but I've been lucky with the bird pix ... way to lucky .. there are a lot of not so good bird shots too.

Finally took a road trip to Mankato to my least favorite places, Menards (just drives me nuts), Joann Fabrics (I spend too much) and HyVee (all grocery stores are evil) ... 

so, I bought RoundUp (must eradicate burdocks), 
flannel (new quilt technique) and 
food (which included takeout Chinese) ..

I went to the cabin this morning with the intent of cleaning -- I put away groceries and read the paper and finished my book.  The windows had already been cleaned.  The plan is to spend the entire weekend out there just doing nothing.  Well, nothing significant ...

Lots to do before the weekend ... the project list is the next item on my weekly to do list.  

Happy Sunday ...

Thursday, May 17, 2018


def: (Marie's version)

the art/ability to  ---  topic/job/project hop, the inability to finish a task before hopping to the next task -- argh.

the solution -- I don't have a clue ..


edit/addition/more chaos 
so I took my evening stroll -- truly -- strolling not walking, just out looking for critters .

While standing a couple of rounds in ... at the location of the last patch ... I came to the realization I kind of miss the patch ... I miss planting, I miss the nightly walk thru's looking for "stuff" -- blooms, bugs, fruit, whatnots ... I miss picking ...  I miss getting my hands dirty ... 

and then I saw this when I got back into the yard -- I was headed to the lilac to pick some blooms to bring indoors ... and ya -- the four legged buggers where watching me ...

I don't miss fighting the four legged buggers -- or the gnats, mosquitoes or chiggers ..

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day !

so my Mom has been drooling over this 6' tall chicken at Tractor Supply for a couple of years .. on Friday afternoon -- elder #1 bought it for her for Mother's Day -- and since they had the Envoy --- it was a return trip on Sunday with the truck to retrieve it ... and then began the "where should we put it?"  

well the front yard won - it's sitting on a couple of landscape patio blocks - it's anchored with rebar ... it is close enough to the house to keep the nosy deer away from it ..  well, it's large and larger ...

Thursday, May 10, 2018

epic equipment failure

(this is the new version)

my adding machine of fifteen years -- lost it's ommph yesterday -- 15 years ago it was a $400 adding machine ... amazing, simply amazing that I paid $400 for an adding machine.  Several years ago they were on clearance and I bought 4 -- (home, office, offices) and well, it was good to have a spare ....

even though it is almost the same -- it doesn't have the same snap/feel/pop to the keys -- give it 15 years and it will feel the same!

so I wonder just how many ink ribbons and adding machine tape rolls I burned thru in 15 years .. 
oh boy!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

and the birds have arrived

the Oriele's have arrived and oh my they are hungry --- my camera battery died -- but when I left this morning there were 6 of them fluttering at the jelly feeder ... one was even attacking an apple.

i tossed a wrinkly apple out the back door for the deer on Sunday and it was still laying in the grass .. who knew the Oriele would be going after it ...