Thursday, July 31, 2014

this old shack (more renovations)

this is how I communicate with Mrs. H .... email her a picture of the calendar with the days I need her to work .... I'm losing it.

so after the screen porch came off this old house ... I wanted to cement in a mini patio / landing pad for some steps ... the cement crew was working at the bar and they agreed to do my project at the same time! 

the commute home from Nicollet Minnesota was nice last night ...yes, I was parked (at the stop sign)

and the metropolis known as Traverse Minnesota
where the dogs and cats outnumber the people ...

and behold -- a cement truck ... imagine my delight when I came zipping down the street and saw it parked in front of this old shack ... I had a later start ( laundry and chores this morning) and almost missed it all

and the pretty new patio ....
now to get Dad to construct some stairs .... haven't put in my request yet ....

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A finish (a throw for Patty)

another crib / toddler quilt for a silent auction ...
every row has different stitching -- lime thread from connecting threads ..
I like that stuff!  it's reasonably priced and the long arm likes it!


and below is Patty's quilt ... Patty works at the garden shop up the street ... a month ago she had and aneurysm (brain bleed) .. and is alive and well today -- modern medicine is full of modern miracles.  She gets to go home after 2 more weeks of intensive therapy.

I've shared this one many times before thru it's process -- started it on a girls weekend and finally finished piecing and quilting ... found some more kaffe fassett and bound it over the weekend.  

it's not very large, it's not square, it's not perfect but ... it's bold, loud and pink.  Since Patty has three sons ... she could use a little more pink!

Go Patty!!!!  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

another day in paradise (warning picture heavy)

Saturday night at the long arm ... got this one loaded ... it's a project I started eons ago ... 4 years? .. anyway figgy pudding ... I was planning for it to be our Xmas table cloth ... the PLAN was to quilt it with burgundy on the top and white on the bottom.  Wrong.Just.Wrong ... so

I'm thinking it's going to be grey in the bottom and maybe the variegated reds everywhere ... the back is a hunk of 108" muslin I had on hand ... .... hopefully the grey works ... time will tell.

then I thought I needed to upgrade my ipod ... so they were on sale and it seemed like a good use for my ebay and etsy money .. (remember no new fabric) ... well -- technology has improved the ipods ... it has an fm radio ... sounds good too.

I spent the first 3 hours of the morning attacking the out - of - control vegetation on 3rd street ... 2 more truckloads to haul out tomorrow ... I may never be able to bend again ... and yep, the neighbors where headed out in the green bus ... always good to have an audience while working and sweating and swearing

nothing like getting attacked by thistles and burdocks. enough said.

where's ruby?  detoured during the ipod shopping for a little flower viewing ....

no this is NOT my old shack ... although it could be -- gorgeous isn't it ..
Blue Earth County Historical Society's "Hubbard House" ...
free public garden
tired Diva


Saturday, July 26, 2014

so, when I can't sleep - I sew

bound -- crib/toddler ...

bound -- crib / toddler ... orange is my new favorite color

just toss 'em over the rail ...
made from a layer cake chopped in half ... wavy quilting stitch ..
fast and durable ....
quilted on the longarm.

my favorite swirl and whoppy loopy freehand on the long arm ...
I even used orange thread to quilt ...
yep, orange is the new black.

the newest member of the clan ...
So, I couldn't sleep this morning or rather I got up at my normal weekday start time and headed to the sewing machine ... finished the binding on the above two, there's another one done and in the dryer ... and made the binding for the 4th ... #4 is special ....
Have a productive weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

drama in the 'hood

  so the neighborhood drama continues.

  road detours and safety concerns ... lots of safety concerns.

  I've been chatting with many.
  Let's hope the people in control hear.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

tuesday's trials

those who know me well -- know that I rarely step outside my comfort zone ... so in the last week ...

I've tried to step out at least once a day ...

yesterday -- wore my maxi dress (coolest thing in the heat/humidity) and walked about town in it ... remember --  it is lime green/hot pink and red paisley and well, I'm not exactly petite.

today -- getting ready to change into my "garden clothes" ... and realized the black bra might be a bit much under the white tee shirt --- at 53 years and 9 months -- it probably doesn't matter does it?   grey shorts, white tee and black bra ... wth, it's color coordinated!

tomorrow I might really take the leap and taste test something nasty like an olive, onion or freeking spongy mushroom.  ....  keep dreaming.



Monday, July 21, 2014

argh -- Monday already

   I really tried to do very little on the 7th day .... but

   laundry got in the way
   a little fabric sorting during laundry
        I have the "what should I sew next syndrome"
        there must be at least 6 things to bind and I'm not in the mood
        3 tops to quilt ... I thought I'd wait -- binding first!
   a little ironing
   a little web surfing
   a lot of crocheting
   a little trek on the ATV and a lot of picture taking
      (they were baling hay)
   a cemetery cruise ...
   and a lot of cleaning ...
I attacked the overloaded bookcases in my bedroom ....  all of the quilt magazines I have accumulated in the last five years ... ripped out the quilts and ideas I liked ... the rest are headed to the recycling bin (3 boxes)

I then moved on to the quilting "books" ... have a pile for the etsy shop and ebay ... (ebay sells faster -- but it's hit and miss) ... anyhow .. the truck was loaded with recycling and regular trash ...

I even sorted out some fabric scraps for Auntie Joanne -- she's in potholder production and they are large enough for potholders ...

HOT HOT HOT weather alert -- so staying indoors today and soaking up the air conditioning  .... that being said ... more cleaning !!!!