Sunday, July 24, 2016

progress ...

scare crow #2 --- several years old ... dad made them up -- and they've stood the test of time

scare crows #'s -- 3 thru  10 are cat food and chicken food bags on t posts (that my friends is creative recycling -- and free) ... this end of the patch is generally under water when the downpours occur -- nor did it get sprayed with the pre-emergence chemical so it is weedier ...

the garden "peeps" .. after Saturday's rain (another inch) ... I finished this project and then mudded in two rows of beans and some radishes ... had seed and room so it seemed like the thing to try

oh ya -- she's back -- or rather she's never left. 

So in the heat Friday night I banged out 8 t posts ... with that post pounder gizmo of Dad's (the brown tubular thing in my ATV) ... 15 whacks per post .. farm girl skills.  I also pulled row markers.

Saturday -- finished the t posts and finally got to Menards -- $150 and several bags later --- another sprayer just for animal control, more bug dust, bungee cords, clamps, skeeter control, Rubbermaid dishes, fireball candies, light bulbs ... the list was endless
but NO perfect LAWNCHAIR -- dang -- finding the perfect lawn chair has been impossible.
Today -- I sprayed out 2 gallons (or 10,000 ) square feet of repels all -- we'll see .... pulled more row markers -- took a shower and headed to the CABIN
a nap, a book, some handwork and some cooking ... it was good for the soul.
back home and bug dusted the squash -- a few unidentified flying things happening .. and I want to control them now. 


Saturday, July 23, 2016


 have been banned from Daisy Lane and 3rd Street.

 I spent part of the night in the patch.  102' heat index was ignored I had work to do.  8 fence posts pounded in and 8 scare crows assembled.  Yep, time for deer patrol/control.  After the rain today/tonight -- out comes the repels all. 

 Since the weather is even more interesting today ... rumbling has begun and the humidity is even worse -- I've already spent 2 hours at the Bernina -- sewing, plotting and planning .... I'm headed back down there shortly. 

 Cool stuff to appear by the end of the day.

 Tomorrow is deer control, lawn mowing and a day at the lake.


Thursday, July 21, 2016


not sure if tired-ness is a word ... the V8 moment hit sometime on Tuesday when I kept screwing up an email....

Since Dad's birthday party ...

I've planted and got the patch to the blooming stage ... haven't seen it since
    Monday .. headed out there shortly.
Kept up on the office lawn mowing
de-brushed all the crap growing in the office fence (more to go)
Made it to 3 Saturday markets

Coverted all of our general ledger and payroll clients to new software
Finished up a bunch of extended tax returns
Purchased 3 new computers ...
   2 desktops that had to have set up done -- and communicating with our
          network and software
   1 laptop with Windows 10
Added Office 365 to all of the workstations ...
Converted my Outlook to the new Office 365 Outlook
Started archiving old File Cabinet data to an external hard drive (today)
Purged one entire shelf unit in the basement (8 boxes)

All of my quarterly payroll reports are done (a freeking week early)
Just about all of my monthly financial statements are done
I have 4 Corporate extensions left
I have 6/7 Individual extensions left

Sewed 12 little girl dresses
Finished 6 crib quilts
Cleaned my sewing room
Finished Season 6 of Downton Abbey

Made all but one of my County meetings ...
This week is a heavy County week

Made it out to the cabin most weekends.
I think I'm going to spend all of next week out there ...

I cannot complain -- too much work is better than not enough work .... but
Damn when that vacation comes -- this Diva will be leaping into the vehicle to leave

ahhh .....

84' on Ruby for the inbound commute ... the forecast is for a high of 96' and a heat index of 110'.  The weather geek likened this crap to Vietnam or Thailand -- won't be visiting there anytime soon.  

I'll be the one indoors --

All day --

Haven't seen the patch since Monday night -- Gigs on Tuesday and Wednesday night -- I was going to walk thru it this morning -- alas it was still dark at 5:30.  Couldn't sleep -- came to work.

Stay smart and stay safe -- it's a corker out there.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

after the rain (picture heavy)

Critter Cam is back in action -- #1 is busy ...
3.1 inches of liquid gold fell -- and fell just in time.   needed the rain -- now with the forecasted heat -- stuff is going to grow!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Market Day ... with video

Market Video ... So Soderlund Productions did a mini video at market today .... kind of fun.   Jerry is the rock star -- the silent star holding up the PICKLES. 

me and my orange tent ... it's colorful -- pumpkin orange!  anyway the dresses hang from a tent stave ....haven't mastered the how to display the quilted stuff yet ...
the drying rack appears to be working ... if it isn't windyt

orange -- aren't the carrots gorgeous.
ditto the onions -- the onions are always photogenic

Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday in the Heartland

The only picture of the "finishes" for the week -- but truly -- there are 5 new dresses, 3 crib quilts (quilted, bound, washed & dried) and 2 table runners done for Market in the morning.
Since we are now able to bring handcrafted items to the Farmer's Market .. I decided early on to try some quilts and etc ..  I told Jean it would either be a "boom" or a "bust" ... I've been pleasantly surprised at the number of items I've sold.  It's been a good stash buster. 
Crib quilts (not fancy -- but durable), pillowcases, dresses, lots of dresses -- same pattern for all -- just different sizes and a mish mash of fabric ... table runners this week, some note cards ... a little bit of everything. --- I'm kind of in between seasons in the melon patch -- their growing and I'm attempting to control the critters ... until harvest it's watch and wait process, so I try and sew an hour a night ....and yep, mass produce (easy when I use the same pattern) ..

raining at the cabin last Sunday -- so I sewed -- and finished out Season 6 of Downton Abbey ..
Mom and I went out to the cabin for supper on the deck -- calm, calm night on the water ... I sewed buttons and basted bindings ... she read.

Linking up with Crazy Mom's Finish Up Friday ... check out the show -- it's always good ... link in on my daily reading (sidebar) ...
Happy Weekend y'all.