Sunday, June 26, 2016

1st Market of the 2016 season

since the fruits and veggies are no where near ready ... months to go ... and some market changes were favorable to non-produce items ... I brought 11 crib quilts, a bunch of pillowcases and some left over kids clothes from past sewing binges ...
and the above sold (and some pillowcases and some dresses.)  I told Jean on Friday night it was going to be "boom or bust" ... I was pleasantly surprised -- really surprised.
it was freeking, and i mean freeking hot.  I left at 11:30 -- got home and slurped down another quart of water and napped.  the heat zapped any energy ... and the endless wind. 
all my stuff fit in the back of Mom's SUV -- my truck was buried behind other sets of wheels and hers was handy (and dirty)

once the front moved thru I took a little wander thru the yard (with a camera) ... it's a weird year things aren't blooming on a normal schedule ... perhaps it's just I

Thursday, June 23, 2016

so, I

think I should rename this blog ...

"this crazy life I lead" .... I'm sure someone else has already claimed the name ...

I made it thru manic Monday by embracing manic Monday -- including the Board of Equalization and Appeals ...

Tuesday was Department Head/Board Workshop and finally --finally, Mr. K cut my hair --- I have half as much hair and finally do not resemble a brillo pad on legs. 

Yesterday -- was the dentist -- the jury is still out on young doctor B --  and last night was a return trip to Mankato for R9 meetings --

So this morning -- at 5:55am ... I started out the day with an ATV/walking tour of the patch I hadn't been there for 48 hours!  It's still there.  The sweet corn is done.  Dried up, burned up, too much nitrogen -- gone --

The rest of it seems to be plodding along -- I keep reminding myself (a) I planted late -- and that was a good thing since we had hard frost on May 14th and 15th ... another hoeing and some weed control over the weekend will tidy things up a bit. 

so next up ...
Conference call
Meeting ..
Clean out the F150 for Saturday ...



Monday, June 20, 2016

embracing a Monday

for real -- because I truly HATE Mondays.

So this morning I was rolling for the office at 5:38am.  Freeking early.  By 7:30, 2 big payrolls done, 2 sales taxes done ....

By noon -- another payroll and I mowed the grass ....

by 2:00 pm (now) my 2290's are done and ready to mail and the final sales tax info has arrived.

Next up -- a shower -- I have meetings at 6:00ish ... need to smell pretty -- not that cut grass and lawnmower gas are fragrant ... but ...

'tis good to be me.....


Sunday, June 19, 2016

'twas a busy day

the patch -- elder #1 ran the digger thru the rows on Thursday night -- looking okay ... since I planted two weeks later than normal -- things seem to be slow .. plus we've had the wackiest of weather ...

I dumped (planted) all of my left over watermelon seed as end caps at this end -- these hills were planted almost 10 days after the first melon hills -- and they've caught up to the first planting ..

the weekend goal was to spend as much time as possible at the lake -- well at 8:30 last night I took 25 pictures of the petunias - some of them turned out pretty well ...
I would have stayed out there but I ran out of clean clothes -- it was a tough wardrobe day .. 3 shirts in 9 hours ... 

by 8:00 the lake was like glass (and the mosquito's were beginning to arrive)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

memories ...

just an empty spool of thread
325 yards Talon Color # 33 (dark pink)
29 cents ...
12, 13 maybe 14 going on 15 years ago when Grandma moved to the nursing home (the Grandview Hilton) ... I got an entire shoe box of thread -- all sizes of spools and all the colors known to sewers everywhere ....
I've been piecing and quilting with that thread all these years ... I wound bobbin after bobbin and sewed it up into oodles of quilts (large & small), curtains, clothes, tablecloths, pillow cases, fancy little girl dresses ....
This morning -- the last yard of the last spool ---
strip piecing some hunks of pink
who knows where the strip pieces will end up

I think this empty wooden spool was destined to be the last spool.
and soon it will be re-purposed into something equally loved
and it will bring up oodles of smiles and memories.

Friday, June 17, 2016

ah the sound

  of an old tractor puttering along.   and where is said puttering ..... oh no .... he's in the patch.

  Dad ran up and down the rows with the digger ... not the tiller, the digger --- sometimes he and the tiller get a bit out of control.

  looking good out there -- every hill was hoed Wednesday or Thursday night ... squash and pumpkins dusted for bugs ... sunflowers and zinnias are up ... deer are already nibbling on the pumpkin vines. 

  life is good.

  summer the season of endless sunshine -- it's wearing me out I'm on the go from 5:30 am 'til 9:15 ... I feel the deck chair calling my name.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

oh ya ..

so, this little quip from facebook wastebook does a dang good job of describing me lately. 
the scrapping divas and I had a night out last night -- a little (well, a lot -- the portions are huge) Mexican Supper and beverages ... and a lot of catching up ... we all seem to lead extraordinarily busy lives
the wild weather seems to have moved east.  7 inches of rain in 7 days is crazy -- I didn't make it out to the patch to see if it had survived yesterdays deluge --