Tuesday, July 22, 2014

tuesday's trials

those who know me well -- know that I rarely step outside my comfort zone ... so in the last week ...

I've tried to step out at least once a day ...

yesterday -- wore my maxi dress (coolest thing in the heat/humidity) and walked about town in it ... remember --  it is lime green/hot pink and red paisley and well, I'm not exactly petite.

today -- getting ready to change into my "garden clothes" ... and realized the black bra might be a bit much under the white tee shirt --- at 53 years and 9 months -- it probably doesn't matter does it?   grey shorts, white tee and black bra ... wth, it's color coordinated!

tomorrow I might really take the leap and taste test something nasty like an olive, onion or freeking spongy mushroom.  ....  keep dreaming.



Monday, July 21, 2014

argh -- Monday already

   I really tried to do very little on the 7th day .... but

   laundry got in the way
   a little fabric sorting during laundry
        I have the "what should I sew next syndrome"
        there must be at least 6 things to bind and I'm not in the mood
        3 tops to quilt ... I thought I'd wait -- binding first!
   a little ironing
   a little web surfing
   a lot of crocheting
   a little trek on the ATV and a lot of picture taking
      (they were baling hay)
   a cemetery cruise ...
   and a lot of cleaning ...
I attacked the overloaded bookcases in my bedroom ....  all of the quilt magazines I have accumulated in the last five years ... ripped out the quilts and ideas I liked ... the rest are headed to the recycling bin (3 boxes)

I then moved on to the quilting "books" ... have a pile for the etsy shop and ebay ... (ebay sells faster -- but it's hit and miss) ... anyhow .. the truck was loaded with recycling and regular trash ...

I even sorted out some fabric scraps for Auntie Joanne -- she's in potholder production and they are large enough for potholders ...

HOT HOT HOT weather alert -- so staying indoors today and soaking up the air conditioning  .... that being said ... more cleaning !!!!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

and on the 7th day

 saturday morning piecing ... went to facebook to get color placement advice -- the peeps never give me bad advice ... 

backyard pretties ...

this is why i never take junk home ... someone hoards it and eventually tosses it ... what he did with the rest of the chair is a mystery -- I'm not going to ask.

the end of an era -- the last of the "large" farm equipment headed to the scrap yard ... a section of the mow board plow -- 1/2 of it ... 

So Saturday was entertaining and productive.

1.  finished piecing the above top (twin)
2.  laundry
3.  went to work (and worked)
4.  lunch with Cyndi Lou at el agave (dang good food)
5.  the office weed purge began (the hired dude has yet to arrive)
6.  mini nap (and cool down)
7.  got the truck out and loaded up the weeds 
8.  mowed 1/2 the office lawn.
9.  hauled said weeds to compost pile
        (town weeds go to compost pile)  (farm weeds go to burning pile)
10.  another nap!

Friday, July 18, 2014

tgif ....

  yes, peeps, it is Friday and I am really thankful for Fridays.

  so this week in words.

  a couple of meetings
  a lot of office projects
  a seminar on estates and trusts
  a lot of weeds got pulled in the patch
  a spot of sewing
  and the projects will roll into the weekend.  another couple of hours and all of the patch will be hand weeded ... yep, pulling weeds by hand.  things were looking pretty good up there .. until I discovered a "wilt" ... fungus in the dirt causing the melon plants to "wilt" and die....no treatment -- the good thing -- it doesn't spread ... some variety's are resistant -- some are not.

  need to spend a couple of nights binding.  lots of binding.  brought in a really old Christmas themed top that needs to be quilted.  may not get to it but it is hanging on the rails (hanging is the cheep and easy version of ironing) ..

  spent yesterday in the big City (yes, next door to IKEA) .. thanks to Dave for hauling my old and tired body up there -- always nice to have a "lift" ... I was looking forward to it and it didn't live up to expectations.

  so happy weekend !!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


    the tiller gnome -- tilled up the patch yesterday ... it looks awesome ---- considering it has been ignored for a month. 

   mrs. p -- suggested I hire someone for my office weeds.  great minds think alike ... check that one off the list ... (I've done that in the past also ... just not this early) ...

   dentist (check) ... met the new doctor .. dr jay ... holy smokes the new doc's are getting younger and younger .. this one is young .... teeth are clean and sparkly -- should last a day or two ....

   ready for tomorrow's seminar ... projects for robyn, projects for the car and projects to work on during the seminar ... and the carpool is arranged

  now to get to the stack of crap on my desk ... then life is good.  played with facetime on my phone ... that is kinda weird but effective!

  I watched parts of the World Series ... Minnesota showed off it's best to the rest of the World ... dang it was a beautiful night for a game, the attendee's appeared to be well behaved.   awesome!



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

frazzled diva ...

sometimes the "wonder woman lifestyle" I've chosen to live can get a tad overwhelming.  Monday was one of THOSE days.  I couldn't seem to get my head wrapped around anything productive except filling the trash cans. 
Then a client comes in and manages to point out my office weeds.  I have a lot of weeds and yes, I know that I have a lot of weeds.  The 20 hours it is going to take to make them go away isn't going to happen this week. 
I'm frazzled.  Best description.  Lately the 24 hours in a day don't seem to be enough to actually start and finish projects ... even my quilting piles are growing -- the "need to be bound" pile is huge.
And well, there are more weeds in the "big" garden -- the gnats have kept me out of that one .. tonight it's work up there ... bugs be damned. 
Might need to wear flannel pants to get me out of the mood ...  

Monday, July 14, 2014


Next Project cut out and laid out and this morning I sewed the hunks in rows ... fuzzy phone picture ...

So I was hand sewing buttons on little girl dresses tonight and in my thread box I found these treasures .. spools from Grandma D's thread stash.  Note the price ... the yellow one in front is actually a styro-foam spool and the pink one is wood, ya, wood.

So today was kind of a day of rest ... although some projects were completed.  I spent an hour with the vac in the basement ... Lori cut my hair (it's fabulous!) and Mom and I went to Mankato for a spot of shopping and lunch.  $115 later at Office Max probably isn't a "spot" of shopping.  

Someone needs to explain to me why scotch tape is so expensive.  Ditto, calendars -- It's July and I'm purchasing the 2015 appointment calendar.  

So, bugs be damned -- I went for a walk.  I have cabin fever and need to move.  I used Dad's homemade bug spray -- 1 part mouthwash, 1 part vanilla and 1 part water sprayed from a bottle.  And I followed up with "deep woods off" ... I was quite fragrant by the time I was done.  Worked.