Tuesday, August 26, 2014

damn ...

  it's 3:27pm on Tuesday ...

  Monday is a blur
  Tuesday was way to long of a meeting ....
   It's a gorgeous day -- and word on the street --- the detour is coming off late Thursday ... ((((  big sigh ))))   !!!

edited to add some pictures....


Sunday, August 24, 2014

season of change

  I'm going into the end of summer and beginning of fall -- kicking and screaming.  WTH where did summer go -- I really haven't taken any time off and it's beginning to show.

a nice looking tomato ...

soon mr sunflower, soon ...
still in detour mode - another week, long, long week ... god willing
I saw this giant mushroom (fungi) of some sort last week along the driveway and tonight remember to snap it's picture -- it is the size of a dinner plate ... there is a dried up dead leaf next to it ... crazy looking thing.  No I did not touch it (or sample it).

truck week -- ruby needs a bath and well, so does this one.
I am cute -- sorta ... although my mama thinks I should be more independent.
and here is my sibling -- there was one more I think the neighbors dog got #3 -- it's not a good topic of conversation ...  but #2 (above) has a red tinge to his coat .. and a yellow spot on his chin.
fall.  what more can I say ... high heat index today and tornado watch is posted ... but it is snowing in Montana (only 800 miles away)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dots! Lots of dots!!

dots!!! lots of polka dots!  I snapped up some mini jelly rolls both large & small dots ... I was going to chop them up into something else ...  but by now ... it's only stripes peeps.  I like strip/stripe quilts.

close up of my freehand quilting .. insert another grin
you are lucky  -- I had 8 pictures of this one ... and everyone was pretty darn cool. 
I have a fairly good idea where this one is going ....

Friday, August 22, 2014

Twins -- on the way ...

A colleague up the street is awaiting their first grandchildren -- yes, grandchildren, TWINS, next week ... identical twin boys !!!  So I thought they needed crib quilts ... same color scheme yet different.
Left over jelly roll batik strips zipped together and added some mossy greens to lime greens -- not the best picture -- it was sunset.
And various leftover hunks ... see my quilting it's getting better and believe me, the long arm is the best investment I've made.  Love it!

This crimson sweet will be the first watermelon I pick -- we have a family gig on Sunday and it just might make it in time!  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.
My goal was to piece/quilt or finish 7 quilting projects this week -- so the
1.   above two got bound, washed and dried. 
3.  I pieced a bunch of leftover strips into a crib quilt .. blacks/greens/orange
4.  I found a wild jelly roll and stitched it up
5.  I bound the polka dot crib quilt (no pix's yet)
6.  I found some amy butler jelly roll strips and pieced them together
7.  will happen shortly.
Happy Weekend
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

aahhhh rain ....

  I awoke the rolling thunder and lightening ... even with the a/c on it was loud and wonderful.  An inch ... a whole inch.  Since July 10/11th we've only had 1.5 inches ... not nice.  Need more.  Might be too late.  Who knows.

 So my not so productive week continues.  I'm predicting gridlock to start at 12:34 today and continue thru labor day.

 After starting the kitchen garden irrigation system (Dad's hose set up / gizmo ) I took an atv ride up to the patch .. looking okay .. slow but okay.  I then headed down to supervise the road construction on 169.  Again --  I was ignored.  I have pictures of some woman using a shovel ... a garden shovel on a state highway project.  Odd.

 I went home to laundry and a jigsaw puzzle on the iPad .. my latest addiction ... iPad jigsaw puzzles.   

 While disconnecting the irrigation system the largest deer ever wandered thru the yard .. he (and his rack of antlers) was freeking huge.  Fuzzy pictures are on my phone and the bugger was standing in the garden again this morning ... during the rain! 

 What a disjointed bit of post rambling.  Sorry.  Describes my week, month, well, life.



Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Semi Wordless Wednesday (I'm never silent peeps)!

  picture from the fair ...imagine quilting yellow on the blue ... steady steady sewing ...

the coolest folding chair on the planet.

I've had a crazy busy week so far (and it continues) Ruby and I made a stop at the garden last night before heading home (via the field road) ... There is nothing growing in the weedy patches and I wasn't wasting chemicals to kill 'em ... hopefully tonight I can spend some time up there .. there is a few spots that need attention. 
The dreaded squash vine borer has made an appearance -- I only have 25 hills of squash ... you would think Mother Nature would give me a break.
Monday -- meetings until 10:30 ...
Yesterday they (the meetings) started at 8:00 and ended at 7:00 in New Ulm