Friday, February 27, 2015

Break Time

So one of my favorite blogs to read is Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts...a link to her blog is in the daily reading list....any how she took a break / sabbatical from blogging for a month and it got me thinking ....
a time to rest / reflect / contemplate / re-charge
and well, I'm damn busy with the real things in life.
so, I'm taking off the month of March from blogging -- I'll be saving up the good stuff for April.  I do believe I'm giving up Wastebook (Facebook) also.  although, in a town with no local radio Facebook is our news station.
I'm hoping when April arrives -- the limited snow will be gone and the temperatures will be above zero!  Still freeking cold here.
Chill Out -- see you in 31 days.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Travels ....

yep, the prairie was on the move today ....
Nasty stuff.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

words ...

yep, taped on my wall ... in the front room and my office

 also taped on the wall -- been a crazy busy week
 been taped on my wall since NYDay ... after the credit card went AWOL ...
my buddy Cameron finished his new puzzle in a flash ....

winter working conditions ... my new (old) lap robe ...

and my latest fabric acquisition -- Hawthorn Threads had "words" fabric and a lot of choices .... can't wait for this self imposed lent gig to be done -- I'm drooling over their selection.


noun, verb or adjective

all 3 are perfect for Sunday's on 3rd street.

I procrastinated at home before I left for the office.  (7:00am).
I'm procrastinating on the nasties laying on my desk that need to be finished.

Procrastination = the art of gracefully accomplishing nothing.

so, back at it -- the projects await me.
(which includes a couple of cool pictures to download from my phone)

-11 with a -25 wind chill -- might have something to do with the procrastination issue.


Friday, February 20, 2015

a wee bit of snow and drama

Less drama has been my winter theme. 
So, last night -- made it home by 9:15 (which is late by my standards -- I started at 5:30) ... and promptly drove back to the office to shut off an appliance. 

So a wee bit of snow has fallen or is currently falling.   Seems to be a lot of heavy equipment rumbling thru the streets for a "wee" bit of snow. 



Wednesday, February 18, 2015


okay -- don't laugh

I'm giving up fabric for lent. 

no, I'm not catholic -- it's not a Lutheran "thing" ....

I was surfing fabric on the internet while chowing down my lunch ... and I promptly closed the window  (quit laughing Mrs. H) ...

I did order some on Tuesday morning.

no laughing.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


what more can I say -- someday's are just butt ugly.  actually today wasn't too bad -- the normal whining. 
we had one client in shock today -- they owed $190 ... the next one owed $40,000 and politely thanked us.  what can I say --
sometimes life is good and sometimes it is not