Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Breaking Silence -- again

So, breaking silence ... again -- this silence gig really isn't going all that well.  At any rate, last night was the St Peter Women Celebrating Women Event -- it's dinner with speakers, fellowship and each year an honoree ... unbeknownst to me -- I was selected as 2018's honoree ...

The introvert in me -- does not like the spotlight.  Seriously -- speechless in front of 400 women.  I'm still speechless -- so many people to thank ... 
it is humbling, very humbling.

Margie, Jim and I

The fab 6 -- we've attended almost every year of the dinner -- and every year we get our "portrait" taken -- Bex, Me, Jan, Jean, Mom and Deb ... we are normally the noisy table in the back of the room .... the quip of the night from Jean "so, maybe we'll get to sit up front next year" ... oh boy.

I almost didn't attend.  We had an issue with a client on Monday night and he was scheduled to return Tuesday afternoon and I did not expect it to go well -- Tuesday morning he called -- found what he was looking for and cancelled our meeting.  My conversations with him Monday night were not pleasant and I'm very concerned about him and his welfare.  

Sunday, March 18, 2018

 Life in small town, rural Minnesota is pretty cool on St. Patrick's Day .. nothing better than a parade of kids, characters, old cars and firetrucks .... especially on the first warm day in months.

sunrise is pretty cool too.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


3/3/18  -- three days into Operation Silence and I feel the need to share my discombobulated thoughts.  Big word for tired and jumbled .. so it rolls on 3rd Street

3/4/18 -- even though I was discombobulated I got shit done.  Lots done.  and now the Fancy Ford is groaning/growling ... elder #1 diagnosed a brake issue -- and told me to "drive it"

3/6/18 -- 8.5 inches of snow... really Mother Nature, I'm not sure that was necessary ... up by 4:00 ... here by 5:00  -- bed can not come fast enough.

3/7/18 -- received the news a client was diagnosed with ALS ... perspective peeps -- it's all about perspective -- it (this news) is kind of rattling all of us ...  .. we just keep plugging along doing the best that we can in the time we have.

3/8/18 -- today MaryAnn and I enrolled Ruthie in hospice.  it was kind of a surreal experience -- she's ready and she's failing -- my only hope -- she is pain free and comfortable on her journey.

3/10/18 -- and the software went down for 3 hours yesterday -- I mean down, like really down ... at the Eagan server -- wth -- they could have at least sent out an email blast. 

so, evidently I posted this rather than save it ... let's just say life is full of technology challenges -- or I can blame it on daylight savings ... or .... or .... or....

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

operation silence

starts tomorrow -- although in the grand scheme of life -- I've been pretty quiet lately .. so I'm giving up the blog for lent (two weeks into lent) . I should be giving up food -- as I sit here typing and scarfing down McD's breakfast sandwich. 

meals have been elusive lately -- pizza, McD's .. yesterday a client brought me Chinese from HyVee ... it's in the fridge and I'm nibble my way thru it.

young computer dude installed the final fix to my desk top yesterday -- new network card and drive ... I'm supposed to notice the speed -- not sure if that is necessary but ... it's speedy.

May begins the migration to a new router and firewall, new enterprise software,  domain and hosted emails .. my head was spinning thru the entire discussion ...

so see you in April ..

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

it's a

dress kind of day here on 3rd Street

black/white striped dress
black leggings
black boots

grey tweed sweater
jewelry ...

shaggy hair (in dire need of a trim)
dark under eye circles
cranky disposition

and a freeking tired body ...

my goal of the week was to wear clothes from the closet -- clothes I hadn't worn ... clothes of which I own too many ..

today I vowed to look good, feel good and have a better disposition!

(we'll see won't we)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

critters ...

this is the new critter invasion ... and this is why we cannot have nice things in the garden on Daisy Lane ... argh .... 

it's a freaking herd ...

I was having a stare-down with a deer ...

103.5 hours spent at the office, the home office, at the Government Center or on the road for the County ... I was a little punchy this morning and that might be why ...

5 inches of snow -- Thursday into Friday and 6 more yesterday into today.  Snow is really overrated ... melt dammit, melt ...

Thursday, February 22, 2018

thursday ....

somewhere in cyberspace I read it's "National Margarita Day" ... seems like a good plan today .. although it needs to be warmer ...

I didn't get the weather memo regarding the 0' start to the morning and well, I'm under dressed.

Back in Courtland yesterday -- MVL to be precise and will probably be returning this evening for the public open house.  Snow is forecasted so that might be on hold.  I do need to work sometime.

I know the route well.