Sunday, October 22, 2017

I am a clothes horder

yes, it is true -- I have too many clothes and I spend too much money on them.

today was closet purge -- I purged a lot.  5 garbage bags for the thrift shop and 2 for the trash -- large garbage bags. 

nothing was sacred -- even the well worn favorites got tossed.  shoes too.  grungy socks.  gone. 

I'm moving on to the quilt magazines and bookcases this evening.  the purge continues. 
I have a tub of quilts for the warming tree .... yarn is also an issue ... my new goal is to stash money every time I think I need something.  I should be rich by spring.

the harvest of 2017 shit-show continues ... per elder #1 the JD wagon train is moving from Le Center to Lake Prairie -- smack dab in the middle of Sunday rush hour -- this ought to be entertaining.  traffic was up the wahzoo when elder #2 and I came home from the cabin .....

no cabin time -- just popped in to measure the fridge space -- I may have scored a free fridge -- one that keeps the food cold. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

bucket lists and project nights

I've been a good worker bee this week.  Every day and every night there has been a project started and finished. 

Monday:  Lots, I mean lots of office projects.

Tuesday:  County road tour day -- me and the troops in the Veterans Van ... once I got home I sorted out all the bins of completed scrapbooking pages by year ... found the EMPTY albums and 2 loads of laundry.  I uploaded, edited and ordered pictures from Walgreens.  (with a 40% coupon).

Today:  Awesomely gorgeous day -- the loose scrapbooking pages got inserted into sleeves and into albums.  Check!  2 more loads of laundry, it never ends.  My projects for the crafting event are organized into a pile.  My tech project -- I went into my itunes and made up new playlists and downloaded them to my iPod ... tunes are important!

Somehow, I don't think this new found progress is going to continue.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Just a Monday Night ..

I got the Redmen after Planning & Zoning and parked Ruby next to Keith's Harriet ...  Harriet is looking really good .. dang she's my new favorite teal color ...

Ruby celebrated a birthday on the home bound commute last night -- serious brain fart going on -- but I think I've had her 4 summers ... which puts it at May of 2013?  dang maybe it was May of 2014?  I should know that ... anyway 12,000 miles on her ...

May 9, 2014 -- I had to go look it up --- 4th summer of Ruby ... and 3rd summer of the lake ....old age can be hell ....

Monday, October 16, 2017

Bison (Buffalo) oh so cool.

I'm hungry and the green grass is along the road --
the bison at minneopa put on quite the show for us yesterday ...

up close they are smaller than I thought
oh so cool.

and a dash cam view --- via mom and my phone .. it was so cool.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

and the Day After Maker Fair

this is the sea of shoppers in the Annexstad building 1 hour into the Maker Fair -- it was a crowded, jumbled out of control free for all ... well, free for all might not fit - but wowzer it was jammed -- frankly I think the organizers needed to tweek a lot.

1.  The aisles need to be wider for shopper safety ... it was nuts.
2.  No strollers -- there just isn't room for them ... 
3.  2 days ... instead of one ... might spread out the sea of humanity.
4.  tighten up the merchants a bit better -- which would probably leave me out of it ... that's okay.
5.  food, need more food and spread it out.
6.  need a building captain in each building -- that stays in the building.
6.  more toilet paper please -- paper towel ... hmmmm

I saw this crochet sweater coat on a shopper -- believe me it looked a heck of a lot better in person ... I creeped (with the telephoto ) and took this shot ... it was cool.  yes, I'm a dweeb.

I got away from my booth in the beginning and bought these twin tin trees.
coolest thing ever.  expensive, but darn cool.
need more.

My truck is unpacked, tables and chairs are put away -- tubs of leftovers are at the office -- I'm going to be a vendor at the Scrap Shacks Fall Crafting Gig next Friday and Saturday .. storing in the back room of the office is less steps than the basement at home.

I'm not sure if I'll do this again.  I was a tad bit disappointed at my booth location (okay, I was pissed) the whole thing was a bit disorganized (okay a lot) .. but the shoppers were having fun and there was a whole lot of them ... time will tell.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Maker Fair

somewhere floating in cyber space is are pictures of my almost fully loaded F150 ... my wares are in the truck .. as are the tables, racks, props -- and other necessaries in life ..

then wandering the basement this morning I had the "what is in that tub on top of the piano" moment -- more finished goods!  two pillows ... damn I almost forgot them.

here we go!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

3rd Day of Old Age

  I knew this week was going to be brutal but WTH.   Extended income tax returns are due on Monday and a few of our clients seem to think they need more time ....  all about the daily drama of 3rd Street ... some of us just lead a disjointed/disorganized/don't give a shit life.  Not my drama.

  Meeting day in Mankato this afternoon -- Transit gig at Vine -- then a 90 minuted layover to the next gig in North Mankato -- what to do for 90 minutes ... hmmm

      zee options are endless but here is the short list:
              Walmart (I only go once a year)
               Barnes and Noble
               The Mall
               Joanne Fabrics

     the Mall just might be the winner -- depends upon the weather -- if it is nice and sunny I might drive down to Minneopa and check out the buffalo ... if it's cool, cloudy and windy I might go to the Mall and walk .... I brought my sneakers with me.

     I sat at the sewing machine last night -- finished a dress, attached the binding to a table runner and finished the back to a pillow and stuffed the pillow in the quilted case ... the zippy bags still need their linings whip stitched together ... if I get home before 8:00 tonight they may get finished and then I'm done!  Thursday night is dedicated to loading the truck .... and cleaning up the sewing space ... really cleaning up the sewing space.