Thursday, June 21, 2018


 spelling isn't my thing today -- the meaning of the message is the thing.

 I road tripped it up to Ecumen for a "housecall" with a new client.  Mrs. E was one of my high school teachers and a really good watermelon customer -- so when she called asking for assistance we made a date and I met with her.

She led me into her "study" complete with piles and boxes of documents and said -- "just take what you need toss what can be tossed" .. oh my -- we chatted and I started sorting.  grabbed a pile -- then she says ... "our door is always open" come back and take whatever you need -- no, Mrs. E, I will always call first ....

I am grateful she called and asked me for help.  Our visit was priceless and I hope to become a .regular -- we all have so much to share with others .

Last night my table mate at the Region 9 meeting was a young woman from Somalia -- we're having .  
coffee tomorrow afternoon.

  Tonight was a public meeting with residents regarding the update to the Counties Comprehensive Plan I barged in on a table of gentlemen from various parts of Nicollet County -- it was a spirited, yet respectful conversation about our futures!


pretty deep for a Thursday eh!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


is yikey a word .. hope so, or if not it is now...

so ... here's my week

monday -- ditch gig in the am, board of adjustment & appeals in the pm and planning & zoning and a bit of payroll in between

tuesday -- department head, board workshop, transit joint powers board, comprehensive plan public input meeting and a bit of payroll/chaos in between

wednesday -- chamber gig, r9 annual meeting and a bit of payroll in between

thursday - more comprehensive plan public input

friday -- relay for life in the park ... if i get there -- i think i'll need a spot of lake time by then more than a spot of lake time ... maybe a lake weekend.

and the usual shit in between the meetings and the payrolls .. lots of shit.
shit shit shit

ya, I need that spot of lake time. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

24 hours of excitement - part 2 (still picture heavy)

and on Saturday morning .... Jan and I attended the Minnesota Quilters Annual Show -- the 40th Anniversary show -- it was kind of quiet ... we got there when the doors opened ... and it was busy but not so busy ...

quilt above and detail below
the triangles were about 1.5 maybe 2 inches
lots of pieces

modern double wedding ring above
fabulous quilting on it .. below

more to come later ...

Saturday, June 16, 2018

24 hours of excitement (part 1) warning picture heavy!

I'll just let the pictures tell the story -- here is Friday's adventures

Thursday, June 14, 2018

this old house

has a lot of character  .. but the hedge to the north is gone
the overgrown shrubs out front are gone ... 
thankfully the snow is gone

In winter the windows are drafty and I work like a mole in a hole .... 

Evidently summer isn't much better -- wth --- I took the blinds down when I put the plastic up and never put them back up ... need to find them and soon.
crap sitting all over my desk and on every other freaking surface

So then I went to the other side of my desk
holy shit it is worse

the purge began this morning -- the first move was to shut the door to the closet and the server room that Hollie Coulter pink paint still remains in that hole.  

the bookcases have been re organized
the rug and quilt on the window are down (or will be after I post this) ..
that shelf in the hallway ... on the move

just  wait for morning!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

life on the road

I was trying to recreate something ... didn't work ... not so nice shot of my dash reflection .. do not drive and snap pix

hmmm -- equipment not moving .... not good, not good at all.  at least I wasn't driving with this shot

Dad and 3 of his toys -- the ancient ATV (1983?) his boat and his truck ...