Wednesday, October 29, 2014

oh George !

what more can I say -- New York, California or the Italy ....
(thanks Teresa)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

fall sights on the road

dad & kevin
"is the bin full yet?"
"now what?" 
always fun to meet on the road

and they get bigger .. and faster
and this bugger thought he should stand in front of me .... he'd dent Ruby

oh, thanks for the light, I'll have an acorn snack, since it's lit up

me, you want me to move .... think again

and it didn't move -- I yelled at it, I honked at it
it was bedded down and sleeping this morning on the inbound commute

Sunday, October 26, 2014

sew ... a

   little time at the Bernina and the long arm over the last 8 weeks has produced - a whole lot of crib/toddler quilts for charity ...

a kaffe fassett with a stripe
an orange/coral paisley with brown dots

a kaffe yellow paisley -- plain pink back

a yellow with blue dots and floral front ...

hard to see but this is green with slices of watermelons

a pink and green floral ..

and the pile ... there were 6 more that have already been donated and I bound 3 more after I took the pictures -- these crib/mini toddler quilts have taught me so much -- confidence/skill  on the long arm, patience in squaring them up and my blind binding skills have improved dramatically ... it's also helped with the fabric purge ...
I have a couple more planned but they will probably be larger throws .. I'm taping odd hunks of batting together to make larger batts .. dang that batting can get expensive.

oh shit...

I blogged about the fun run on the wrong blog.

Hello, Good Morning, Happy Sunday.

I'm going back to my sewing machine ... so far that has went well.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Patty's Quilt

so one day -- Facebook (who else) shared the news that Patty had an aneurysm -- at home and had been rushed to Minneapolis for surgery .. it was a long couple of days and nights -- but she survived.

we all waited -- holding our breath for each CaringBridge and Facebook post ... and well our girl Patty -- is WONDER WOMAN !!  A lot of therapy and a lot of hard work -- she's with us ...

so I finished up the WIP one weekend -- Patty (and her sister Karen) are Karen's Flowers -- every spring their blooms bring zillions of smiles to us gardeners.  The blooms and veggies they sell -- nourish our souls and provide the veggies to keep us healthy.

 A couple of jelly roll batiks stitched and chopped and flopped together .. sometimes I just let the fabric do the talking.  Quilted by me on my long arm (just an all over swirl) ..
Linking up and entering Amy's Quilt Bloggers Festival ...
see the rest of the quilts at the link below ...
grab your coffee and start the viewing !!!

Modern Quilts in the Show

I'm tech challenged today -- but here is the division in which I entered Patty's Quilt

flea market fancy day 2

and the progress continues -- I knew the one block at a time was going to drive me batty -- so I started laying them out and mini chain piecing .. so far I have enough cut for 20 blocks ... I think I'm going to quit with 20. 
should finish them up tonight.
then I think I need to make a new cover for my mini ironing board eh?
left the office early to check out the eclipse last night -- ended up on a atv ride around the farm.  the eclipse seemed to make the sun "sharper" ... hard to explain -- or -- I was tired and my eyes were wacky.
on to the Friday projects
and the weekend projects
life goes on and on

Thursday, October 23, 2014

project Thursday...

  got to the hardware store and bought some new tools
      (and vacuum cleaner bags)
  got to the library and swapped out the reading material
  got the plumber called ...
  got the computer parts ordered for the re-configured spaces
  got the home internet working
     (it fixed itself -- I just swore at it)
  got 3 quilts donated for a raffle/silent auction
  and I volunteered to work the fun run ... a "course marshall" ...

  and last night I actually sewed 7 blocks on my flea market fancy quilt as in a quilt for myself -- going block by block instead of chain piecing .. I want to make sure there are no duplicates or matchy matchy prints ... so far so good.

   I've had this picture saved for eons ... mine will be a 4 x 5 layout -- maybe 5 x 5 if I have enough fabric ... I keep finding more of it ... buy and stash ....