Saturday, September 24, 2016

another Saturday morning

picked packed and loaded for Market ... zee truck is packed crazy -- it's a disaster -- so set up will be entertaining.  lots of squash and fancies -- watermelon, which is coming to an end ... or certain varieties are almost done.  or the critters will get them.

 my garden shirt is looking pretty tough ... picking in the mud is hard work ...
it also has multiple applications of bug spray soaked into it
had to wear the mesh headgear again last night
yep -- the shoes are almost done too
15 hours after the rain -- Thursday -- (this was taken Thursday night) - and I still have standing water on the field road -- although it's a mud pit now -- drove thru it a lot in 48 hours.

this end of the patch flooded in June, July and again Wednesday night -- so nothing, even the weeds didn't do well down here ... notice the critter tracks -- the buggers are back at it in full force
I have picked all of the pumpkins -- they move in and started sampling --- between the critters and the wetness --- it's a bad pumpkin crop

the view from my chair at Tuesdays' Market -- me and my crochet hook ...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


me and the weather.

the weather is wacked.  flood warnings are posted.  before it rains.  3 - 4 more inches forecasted.  thank you mother nature -- I love picking watermelons, squash & pumpkins in the rain.  it makes me happy -- NOT. 

I went to the Tuesday market -- kind of a bust.  not a lot of foot traffic  -- need to figure out why .. lots of pondering/visiting while we were sitting there ... a grand total of 3 vendors. 

it wasn't worth my time to sit there -- it was good for me -- but I had other things in other places -- I'm grumpy and whining.  need a bit of adjustment.



Monday, September 19, 2016

topsy turvey

it is just not fair.

in amid the weekend brain fuzz - and the Monday morning clarity .. I finally connected the dots and realized who, what, where and when

clients come and clients go - they move, they grow -- change is constant around here, we get excited when they move on to greater challenges

these particular clients moved on to new jobs - closer to home and family in Ohio ... 3 kids and one on the way, beautiful family -- nice people ..

Thursday, they were in a multi car pile up somewhere in Ohio/Tennessee (it doesn't matter)
The two oldest -- girls -- were badly injured

God gained two more angels in the last 24 hours

I cannot fathom the pain of that young family.
Hold your ones close tonight and every night.
We don't know what tomorrow will bring.



Sunday, September 18, 2016

The weekend in pictures ... lot's of them ...

A lot of picking, a lot of selling (truly), visiting with out of town family, trip to Mankato, off to the cabin -- back home.  Out to pick this morning -- too wet, so back to the cabin ... finally home late this afternoon to pick the squash ..
Saturday night at the cabin was gorgeous ... today it was windy ... the end is approaching quickly.  Made it to Mankato Saturday -- need to stay away -- $600 later at Office Maxx...  argh ....
Have a great week ..

Friday, September 16, 2016


yep, this pretty much sums up my week ...
I need to be reminded (daily) to slow down and enjoy life

so - I hope to kick up my heels and make a little dust (well it rained again that won't happen) ... but you get the drift

Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reminder to self

I've been crabby, really crabby lately.  So, I ran across this little ditty and thought it was an appropriate note to myself.

And alleviate said crabbiness -- I picked squash -- bushels of squash.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

and then it became weirder

 oh ya, it was Marie's Mad Monday ...

1.  driving around with the tailgate down.
2.  arriving an hour early for a meeting
3.  said meeting then running waaaayyyy to long
4.  never got to market in North Mankato (see #3)
5.  "no this is not Lagers" -- wrong number Bruce
6.  "no this is not Phil" -- wrong cell number Joe
7.  lost my office/government center keys
8.  found said keys but discovered the 3 blind mice
9.  mice in house garage -- Ruby parked outside last night.

 Today needs to be Terrific Tuesday ..... and I'm wearing long pants (as in dress pants) ( and not loose linen pants) for the first time since early May.  DO NOT like wearing long pants ....

enough -- going off to do my Happy Tuesday Dance.