Thursday, June 22, 2017

rainy days and

  always make me tired.

  I left the girls at stitch and bitch last night and took Ruby across the field road home.  My newly detailed clean shiny Ruby -- took a 1.5 mile cruise on a minimum maintenance road.   Across the prairie, down the hill and around the corner -- ya, nuts.

  I was tired and not in the mood to drive around.  It works. 

  I was struggling to stay focused yesterday -- so I dragged a "no long in use" piece of trash file cabinet --  out of the file room to the parking lot .... it's free if anyone needs one.  I cut a truckload of weeds out of some of the flower beds -- there is at least another truckload to go.  And I did all of this in a skirt and sandals -- argh.  But at least if felt like I was accomplishing something.

  Something.  Better than nada.



Monday, June 19, 2017

those weekends ...

  are killing me ...

  cramming everything into two days is dang near impossible

once the office planters got planted, the groceries purchased and my body transported to the happy place -- the sewing begin ... here I am turning a bodice and basting before pressing ..
sorry the pincushion was my first (and last) attempt at a pincushion

by late Saturday afternoon the clouds and wind rolled in and it was COLD.  Nor did I have long pants in my stash of clothing .. out came the blanket ...
Sunday was a repeat of Saturday -- although in reverse order -- arrived at the happy place had coffee and the Sunday paper (un-interrupted and didn't have to share it) and then a cabin cleaning binge -- vac'd, washed down counters, scrubbed out the sink, washed down the patio furniture (leaf trash was stuck to it) and finally got my book and comfy chair -- and it started to RAIN
 ... so I came home -- and planted planters at home, took my nap, did laundry, sewed up 5 more bodices and a bunch of adorable skirts ... and got served LEGAL PAPERS ...
ya, it was a freeking entertaining afternoon.   someday's being a commissioner is not all it is cracked up to be!

Thursday, June 15, 2017


the scrapping Divas thought bingo was a cultural event ... so we went to the Legion Club for Bingo ... 17 games of Bingo ... I won the "lucky 7" game and ended up splitting with 2 others ... $32 ...

so it was supper at the Legion (fried greasy stuff) pop (no Tea), and kettle corn and the company of the scrapping Divas ...
our next cultural event will not be Bingo at the Legion Club ...
so it goes...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

so ...

so, remember this shot (still a favorite)
well all the work of planting, hoeing, weeding, dusting, chasing critters, picking, praying for no frost, selling, hustling, praying for frost has been replaced with
this -- the peaceful easy feeling of the lake ... I thought I blogged about my "farming" retirement earlier but 'tis true. (oh, I did -- but it wasn't very clear) I knew I was done last October and even after 15 seed catalogs arrived, I was still done.  Dad asked me one day -- where's the patch, Kevin planted everything.  "there is no patch" ..  I think he was the most disappointed but not so much
truly I've enjoyed spring so far -- ya, I did miss the plotting, ordering and the planting -- but well, all good things must come to an end and I knew it was time -- it wasn't fun any more -- it was work ... and well, work needs to be fun too ...

Monday, June 12, 2017

zee storm

hit somewhere else.  I did however pop into the office at 7:00am on Sunday to shut down the server and the copier and unplug stuff.  moved the plants under shelter -- stashed the trash curbies in the garage  ----  stopped for McD's for breakfast -- fed the cats, stashed the home patio furniture .... and waited ...

ha -- it rained --- that's all folks -- darkness, wind and rain -- thankful for the rain.

this one was (is) floating around facebook -- somewhere in the NW metro (Coon Rapids?)  personally it's going to melt -- and that move is really hard on the grass ...

this one is also floating around facebook -- shared 19,000+ times to I'm sharing it here.  It was creepy moving in ... total darkness before the rain started ...

so the cleaning binge was exhausting -- after the above mentioned rain event (ha) ... I came back to work and keep on the project list -- it was too sticky for anything else -- the elders made it back from trip #1 to Canada --

finally got back to the sewing room -- the pillowcases got their seams surged -- pressed 'em up and stored away 10 - sets and 5 more cut out and ready to sew -- my dress patterns arrived and I cut out and partially pieced a new dress -- freeking cute.  Using the serger to finish the seams .... really does a nice job -- the Bernina really isn't a good zig zagger .. odd --

after tonight's meeting will finish it up and try the next one (or two) ... I have an entire tub of cut out dresses out at the cabin ... my favorite pattern I spent an entire afternoon cutting them out ... and have been slowing sewing them up ....

Happy Monday (and the rest of the week) ...



Saturday, June 10, 2017

huh ...

  ya, easy living at 94' with a heat index of 101' ... and wind, freeking wind.

  easy living June -- working on Saturday -- it's the coolest place to be .... the plan was to work and watch pbs tv all day -- and frack -- it is pledge week so my favorite viewing has been displaced.  dang.

  easy living June - I attacked the home office, purged, moved the furniture, lots of cleaning the computer / modem / technology actually worked when I hooked it all back together (wow) ... I filled the back of Mom's wheels with trash, recycling and thrift shop. 

  I moved on to the bookcases in the bed room -- a good start but a pile of trash came from there also .. I'm on a purge roll.  

  There was a couple of loads of laundry in there also ...

   Left to do -- a lot of final vacuuming, final dusting -- need a small bookcase for a printer stand -- hello amazon, one more small closet purge --

   Eventually (this evening) the sewing machine(s) and I will finish up the pillowcase production run #1 ... 10 sets.  A quilt will get loaded and quilted (I'm totally out of crib quilts) and I might attempt my book.

stay cool
stay safe.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

easy living? wtf

So, Wednedsay I had a continuing education webinar -- I parked my tush at my desk for 8 1/2 hours and watched the screen -- it was split -- the manual, the speaker and a q/a box .... argh.  I did manage to clean out all my desk drawers while sitting there!  

I crochet a spell and actually almost finished a scarf ... I crochet anywhere, even the life seminars

and today, the day of easy living -- I wore a dress (2nd time this week) and forgot my sandals at home -- so it was the lawn mowing Nikes ... it could have been worse.
So I worked Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night it was a spot of fun with the scrapbooking divas and I just got home from the office -- the weekend forecast is ugly hot and humid.  Will be working then too...might as well -- it's the only way to keep cool.