Friday, September 19, 2014

Thursday Night Travels

It was a beautiful night on the prairie -- I headed up to check out the unfrozen section of the patch and did a spot of picking ... and enjoyed the ride to and fro ...
the boys were goose hunting in the crp -- they may not have been happy watching me pass (and making noise) ...

this dead tree caught my eye on the return trek from the patch ... I've probably driven (rode) past it a hundred times this spring/summer (not yet fall) ... and never noticed it 

harvest is approaching quickly ... the touch of frost last week sure sped up the drying process ...

sunset was awesome ...

thankful for my digital camera's -- I shot 26 sunset pix and all 26 were in focus and gorgeous

the cat cam caught a "not so pretty" visitor -- a fat and sassy raccoon .. we'll see how long it takes to trap this unwelcome visitor
Have a great weekend all ....

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hospice Quilt

once upon a time ... this was on the long arm ...
after completion it sat over the summer ...

pretty blacks, limes and greys .... all from the "scrap bag" (box) I ordered last February .... with some dots and extra lime yardage tossed in ... 
no pattern , no rules,  just chopped up into various widths and sewed together ...added the "dots" to give it some more size ... dots for the binding too ... muslin on the back ... had some wide stuff so used it up
please ignore the weeds ...

and it turned out pretty darn cool
I'm donated it to our local Hospice to use as an auction item for their fundraising event in November ...
it even looks good in a heap on the railing ... no ghosts ... that's my foot print on the stoop ... and of course more weeds.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

twin moose calves at the Minnesota Zoo 

Monday, September 15, 2014


  I don't know about the rest of the world but I could sure use a nap!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Frost! Party!

yes, Mom, that would be frost.  "Are you sure?" -- yes, Mom, I know frost ...
 yes, that is a live trap under the tree .. an empty live trap ...
renaming Dad's wildlife camera as the CAT CAMERA ... Mrs. Grey -- the large hairy blob in the center decided to share her kittens with the rest of us.  here are 4 of the 5 ...
So, we had frost -- spotty frost.  Late Saturday afternoon I finally got up to the patch.  The west half was hit .. the west 1/2 is the "low -- down in the hole" half with heavier richer dirt -- so the zinnias, sunflowers and squash took a hit -- squash really don't like frost.  The watermelons on the east (higher half) seem to be okay ... weird.
Last night was our annual block party - and we were the hosts.  Lots of food, friends and laughter.  Lee and Dad fried walleye -- it was a hit --- lots and lots of fish got consumed -- and the cheesy turkey -- lots leftover (will be freezing today) ... ditto the scalloped potatoes -- neighbor Steve gets the taxi driver award -- he took Bessie, my ATV and took all the kids for rides .. they all had fun. 
We were sitting around our version of a fire pit (grill with hunks of wood) and all I could hear was giggles from the front yard -- the kids had collapsed in a fit of giggles -- fun!  And no pictures exist!  Too busy cooking and cleaning and then I realized  I'd left my camera at the office -- phone was dead and iPad keyboard was dead too.  Sometimes it is good to be unplugged!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Market Saturday

live from downtown St Peter... -- wireless internet at the new laundrymat makes this Diva happy 

I've picked a couple of atv loads of melons and have them in the truck ready for morning.  I always take my trust step stool ... helps get me into the truc box.  The white blob is my canopy  .. I just tossed it in last week ... it really needs a bath.  The faded red paint bucket to the left holds my canopy weights ... 6 10 pounders in that little bucket and the handle hasn't broke yet.  

Not sure if I'm going to market or just going to hand out fruit to the neighborhood.  Morning will tell -- it is supposed to freeze.  damn weather.

I've been banned to the back shed -- which I get to share with all the other old shit.  It works (the parking arrangement) the old shit sometimes works!

Later alligator!


what more can I say -- long Friday of projects at the office -- before the play time begins. 

I did manage to pick an ATV load of melons last night -- no more nibbling by deer ... I'm not sure if I'll be attending the market on Saturday ...

big doings on Daisy Lane Saturday afternoon/evening.  the Block Party of the year ... turkey and walleye are on the menu ..

lets hope we'll be ready -- I haven't been much help ... but I'll have a vacuum cleaner wand implanted in my palm by 6:00 tonight.