Saturday, August 1, 2015

Projects and Progress

Laundry (why, why, why) ... bedding today.

Livestock chores - complete with a newly emerged wasp colony at the chicken shack ... out came the wasp bomb ... the girls must have thought I had lost it ... but the wasps are gone and they got fed.

Picked fat green beans and fed those to the girls.  The girls are eating well today.

Patch tour ... did a bit of spot spraying ... deadheaded the sunflowers (and fed the deadheads to the chickens ...) cleaned out the back of the Rhino ...

Garbage run -- filled up the Rhino with old sprayers, trash from the house garage, junk from the porch, junk from the storage shed .... and tossed it all .... hmmm let's hope the dumpster is emptied before elder #1 realizes some of it is gone!

Test drove a new ATV ... power steering ... heaven on wheels.  Nick wasn't happy I drove it down a gravel road.  He'll adjust.

Finally got cleaned up and got to the cabin.  A brief retreat -- supper and then back home for livestock duty.  Cats this time.

Hoping for a spot of rain tonight -- we need it  .... can't believe I typed it, but we do need regular rain for at least another 3 weeks .. then it can dry out.

Tomorrow's List:

1.   Office homework.
2.   Water the kitchen garden
3.   Respray for deer in the patch.
4.   Turn vines in the patch.
5.   Sew!
6.   Vac & Dust

Friday, July 31, 2015

ah, the life of a Diva

a synopsis of yesterday ...

1.  shower and head to office  (forgot to feed the chickens and the cats)

2.  start the de-forestation of the flower beds -- 2 pick-up truck loads to the compost pile.  Mind you -- it was only 1 1/2 of the beds.

3.  take shower and attend meeting -- wouldn't want the assorted attendee's to faint from the aroma wafting off of me. 

4.  grocery store at 5:00pm  I must have been nuts.

5.  into the patch to spray for deer ... spraying the smelly stuff ... and yes, the sprayer nozzle had issues ... and it was a bit warm and ...

6.  get everything cleaned up and put away

7.  and shower #3 on the day ... wth.  3 complete changes of clothes, 3 showers ... but

flower beds look good
6 rows of melons and the cantaloupe smell unattractive. 
chickens and cats got fed -- late, and they all lived thru it.
5 bags of trash got dumped ...

I'm on a roll peeps... can't wait to see what happens today ....


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015


  So last night I was planning out the clothes for the week (ya, I'm that anal) and plotting the wardrobe against the meeting calendar (see previous comment) ... and realized.

  Something has happened every single day in July.  No wonder I'm tired and extremely cranky --- I've been complaining whining about not getting my project pile done -- there is a reason.  So far next week (as in the first week in August) looks mostly empty. 

  Seriously every freeking day in July had a meeting, a client meeting, a family event .... a deadline .... 

  So here I sit typing and whining about it.


  I added new quilts to the "50 quilts in 2015" page I'd link to it if I know how (more whining) ... I finished a spot of binding Friday night.

  Saturday was dedicated to the patch ... finished spraying out a bit of weed control (emptied the tank) and sprayed out a bit of deer control .... then I pounded in 12 T posts for the scarecrows .... they are "dressed" and in service.   There is pictures over on Facebook ... find the Watermelon Diva page. 

  Sunday was lake day --


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nick's Birthday!

waving the flag at President Bush and the motorcade (a pretty big deal here in hooterville)

birthday bash ... evidently white t shirts and denim shorts were the norm

at the NASCAR race

serenading us at the farmers market 
that only happened once

serving up root beer floats at the Relay for Life 

fishing with the Grandparents

fishhouse parade

goose hunting -- digging pits/blinds

at the cabin ... 

it's been a fast 21 years ... 

Friday, July 24, 2015


All week long -- in my spare  time I've been binding crib / toddler / throws .... I started out with 11, yes, 11 to bind.  All of the crib/toddlers are DONE. 

 Before tonight's binge.

and I washed these two and add to the stack ... there are two more in the washing machine and shortly headed for the clothes dryer ..

Linking up with Crazy Mom and Finish It Up Friday! 

I took an ATV ride to get the kinks out of my neck ...

the sunflowers are blooming -- at least the ones not ate off.

a green "envy" zinnia ... and some weeds.

and every trip to the patch includes a pit stop to visit the girls 
eggs to follow ..

Since last nights deluge (2 1/2") there are no fresh deer tracks in the patch.  Keeping my fingers crossed because I know the buggers are sniffing around the edges.

Have a safe weekend -- it's going to be hot and sticky 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

dress diva

yes, this diva is wearing a dress today. 
Millie's funeral -- if the schedule allows -- I'm dressed for it.

So -- spent a fast hour spraying the "repels all" in the watermelon section of the patch.  $26.99 and 3 1/2 gallons later ... lets hope it works ... will need to re-apply at least once a week .... other measures will be installed over the weekend.

I will win this battle.