Monday, October 20, 2014


  thankfully it's Monday (liked I'd ever admit to Monday)! 

  another gorgeous week ahead. 

  more projects:
     1.  mow the office grass
     2.  finish up the q's and fs's
     3.  bind the crib quilts (and get them donated).
     4.  get the treasures to the thrift store.
     5.  Monday night meeting
          Tuesday travels, wake & funeral
     6. maybe paint the kitchen.
     7. move some more furniture!

  I registered for the fun run/walk on Saturday but I think I'm going to volunteer instead -- one should maybe train or prep for said events .. walking from the car to the garage does not count.



Sunday, October 19, 2014

wow -- it was an everything kind of day ...

 the raccoons arrived -- in multiples -- and well, elder #1 didn't like seeing this picture on his "cat cam"
 some one is eating the sunflowers, birds, mice or squirrels  (probably those damn raccoons)

#1 digging holes for the head goose hunter ... goose blinds .. I keep telling him to just use my atv ... the geese like me ... (insert grin) ... neither of them see my point of view ...
the long arm has been relocated and the sewing space purged -- 5 bags for the thrift shop, 5 bags of trash ... 2 vacuum cleaner bags ...
and Nick asks me tonight "what the hell do you do with this thing -- sew parachutes" ... evidently he needs a new quilt for Christmas.

the tubs on the piano are empty!  The green tupperware bowls are a future shower gift ... the fabric cabinet is overflowing .. although the bottom shelf is scrapbooking stuff ... the box and pile under the bulb free light fixture is stuff listed on ebay (ya) and a couple (7) crib quilts to bind ... need to find a home for the batting boxes ... bulk batting is the only way to go ... and oh -- notice the box of trash bags !!!!
Another day of labor on the other end of the room and the project will be almost done.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

what was i thinking ....

since I bought the long arm (June 2013) she's been residing at the office (in the front room off to the side) ... not a bad place to be ... except when I was in the mood to sew and needed to come to town to sew ... and during the winter months I tore it down and it became a storage table.

she came home to roost today .. and damn, she's bigger than I imagined.
Nick helped me load and unload .. the table weighs a ton (literally)
I managed to set it back up and on the last rail pinched my finger and then proceeded to bleed all over everything  ... so this was the disaster before I started the PURGE.

see that tall cabinet with the goodies in it ... it got moved (twice)
a smaller (skinny) shelf now sits behind it ...
coming along ... had to remove some ceiling tiles to move the storage cabinet
and yes, that damn piano had to get moved too.  I'm getting way to good at moving it.  The cedar chest (in front of the long arm ) will fit under the long arm table and have more storage ...
dang it's a lotta stuff.  Sorted the pre-cuts into the must keep, might want to sew and sell piles.  The thrift shop is going to love me.

Friday, October 17, 2014


the cat cam -- has a possum on it .. an ugly possum
and 6 hours later a raccoon arrives ... I think he's probably saying something to the camera ...
Nick's maple tree -- planted when he was a baby ... 20 years ago.
matches the new ice fishing truck ... yep, a truck to drive on the ice

grandma's maple trees ... she would approve
and Nick's truck (the one he won't be driving on the ice)
my sad sad patch -- it always looks so forlorn at the end of the season ..
and east bound on the road to no where --
well the wind blew today -- blew most of the leaves off the trees -- the leaves were drifting across the street on the inbound commute ..
fall doesn't last forever
the long arm move is in the works .. she's broke down in pieces and ready to travel
now the fun begins.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

sunflower kind of night

a beautiful day in the Valley means -- finish picking ... so the final variety  of squash, a bit of patch "gleaning" and the sunflowers got picked. 30 minutes of fresh air and attitude adjustment 

this one is black seeded and the texture on it was amazing.  looked better in "real" time.  the birds and mice had already discovered them so they are a bit nibbled ....

I lined them up on the roof of the chicken shack "yard" ... they are for the birds anyway ... and didn't think we needed that much mess in the back yard or more mice in the garage ... they are so cool.

A little time on the atv and in the patch is good for the soul / mind ... then I went home to "oooo hhhh sss ooooo slow internet and added the 17 Microsoft upgrades -- took two hours ... and 50 pages of my library book!

Life is good.
Happy Thursday


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


what can I say -- it's Wednesday ...
specifically the day extended income tax returns are due  .... and I actually have one client with an appointment who thinks it will get completed today ... hello -- wrong again.
and well Hallelujah -- the garden dudes have arrived to clean up my yard of fall -- the translation ... cut down the 8' tall weeds in the flower beds -- I'm not kidding the front ones are at least 8' tall ... and I trimmed in June. 
The furnace dude came Monday for a fluff and buff ... so we are ready for the next season of Minnesota.
I'm become irked about yesterdays experience.  Adults need to behave like adults -- all the time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

and here be Tuesday

  let me preface this post by saying (writing) ... this blog is really my personal journal ... since my junior high days I've been a thought scribbler and this is just one media that seems to regularly and easily capture my thoughts -- and frankly not many peeps read my ranting anyway (well, very few, and I'm okay with that -- this is for me).

 so onward ... goofy Tuesday ....

 I hope I'm not the only one who has noticed the ill behavior of adults.  Good grief -- if adults can't conduct themselves in a fitting matter in a public setting -- what are we teaching our children.  One must lead by example ..  that being stated -- I think I need a "do-over" of today. 

 I think it takes a lot to shock me but as I attempt to work this afternoon -- I'm even more rattled with the passage of time and well, thought. 

 So, go out and lead by example.  It is not a crime to be nice, polite and respectful.  Even if you may or --  may not agree on a point of issue -- you can still be nice, polite and respectful.

 The End.