Thursday, February 22, 2018

thursday ....

somewhere in cyberspace I read it's "National Margarita Day" ... seems like a good plan today .. although it needs to be warmer ...

I didn't get the weather memo regarding the 0' start to the morning and well, I'm under dressed.

Back in Courtland yesterday -- MVL to be precise and will probably be returning this evening for the public open house.  Snow is forecasted so that might be on hold.  I do need to work sometime.

I know the route well.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

58 days and 57 nights to go ....

so the daily desk shot -- monitor #2 -- caramel rice cakes (damn tasty) , flowers (on sale from Econo) and my pencil/pen/tool cup

and oh -- Jon's shot of the bridge I nabbed it from Facebook a couple of days ago -- I change my wallpaper often - this shot was pretty cool -- might need a print of it ...

Attitude adjustment was the grocery store -- and I thought only old people went there for entertainment -- well $38 later .. it was flowers, caramel rice cakes, veggies, ham salad, chips, ice, salad dressing -- croissants (mini ones), butter ... and a walk thru the store .... and I braved the self checkout which promptly blew bells at me ... ugly thing.

Somehow I missed the weather memo, I thought the crappy weather was a late afternoon start --  and came home at 3:30 with my box of work .... most of it is completed ... the weather is suppose to arrive early morning.  freezing rain.  oh joy.  let's hope it snows instead.  

So, time to put the clean clothes away, make the bed, take a shower and hit the hay. 

Later Alligator ....

I said "see ya later alligator" to my new friend Harper, who is about to turn three and she promptly replied -- "My name is Harper, I'm not an alligator" ... so in a while crocodile.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

5:30 am working Diva

so today I'm going to control this out of control chaos on 3rd street

just gotta do it

Friday, February 16, 2018

control -- such as out of control

life is out of control here on 3rd Street.

the wacky are wackier
the nut jobs are nuttier ...

and I lost control.

$175 worth of fabric this week -- Connecting Threads had a gorgeous batik quilt on the sales catalog cover and of course -- I had to purchase coordinating yardage ... there was some control ... didn't buy any thread :)

my friends at Lands' End keep sending me 40% discount coupons and I must use them ... summer tee shirts, shorts, jammies -- a dress or two ... a pair of sandals -- why limit to just clothes when shoes are available

then -- the network card on MY workstation took a dump late yesterday ... argh.  called the geek .. and he's bringing lots of new technology next week ... beefier routers -- beefier hard drive -- new network card to replace the "band aid" fix ...

all in a days work eh!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

and 7 days later

my work "pod" ... 6:30 am on Sunday -- two monitors -- quasi box of work (leftovers / undone's from last night) .. tea, watermelons -- iPad (soon to be streaming netflix) ... not enough light, glasses -- and a peek of day break in the window (dead center) ...

Actually, Saturday was extremely productive -- Mrs. H and I started, and finished a whole heap of work!  It was however a 99 hour week -- so that's like 2 1/2 regular 40 hour weeks in one 7 day stretch.  Someday I'll have a 40 hour week ... not sure when, but someday.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

This life I lead

crocheting while attending MnDOT Conference call ... my hands were busy and my ears were listening -- truly

breakfast of champions on SuperBowl Sunday 
it works ...

after 3 loads of laundry, a shower and a fast bedroom cleaning -- I was at the office by 7:45 ... so this was breakfast (out of milk at home) ...

Nick's truck after a road trip
Needs a bath 
Must have been a heck of a trip.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

my view

yep, this is my daily view (or at least 12 hours a day view) .. no, I don't stare at my blog ... but one can get the drift.  The tissue box was for the previous visitor ... they come even when sick.

the wind has switched to the north and started to blow -- the temperature is dropping -- back to the nasty for a couple of days.  we're tough, we can handle it.  wrong.  I'm tired of it.

the piles of returns are arriving -- I (we) seem to be keeping up -- kind of weird -- I moved more furniture this morning ... and ran the vac ... cleaning is a stress reducer.  wrong.

so back to the projects .. they await me ...