Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Diva

Since the Diva is pooped and the Queen has the day off -- Diva is taking a break from the festivities -- haven't heard from the Queen today -- I'm sure she will celebrate for the both of us.

Diva will be taking delivery of the new work wheels this afternoon -- it is my understanding that the windshield and mirrors are getting swapped to "Red" and a winch for the snowplow is being installed today -- "Green" was bathed yesterday and I think it's already sold.

I've been so busy spending $$$$ I'm not sure exactly what's happening and when -- that is not good for a "money girl"!!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sleepy Diva

I slept in for the 2nd time in a week --- bad, bad, bad. But, the new and improved version of the coolest work wheels was delivered back to the store yesterday! So I stopped in to check it out. Pretty cool.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coolest Work Wheels...

Ahh someone already wants to buy the "coolest work wheels" -- didn't take long! The new and updated version is due to arrive over the weekend. Red! Watermelon Red! Might need to paint seeds on it eh!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What is a Blog?

So Uncle Barry, this is the blog. Check it out.
Diva M

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another one of my "art shots" -- the maple in the front yard. A gift from Joyce -- supposedly a "royal red" -- it's never been red -- in any season. Starts out green, stays green and then gets this lovely gold color. Huge leaves -- almost the size of salad plates.

The sun has returned although it's cold! My blood needs to thin out a bit more. I did dig out the long johns! Helps!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here it comes....

Yesterdays work day was not in vain. I woke up to the howling winds at 4:30 this morning. Per the weather dude -- it may SNOW and the temp with drop all day long. Yuck. This is pix of red or pin oak tree in the back yard -- it too has been ate off many times by our deer so it is more of a shrub -- but a pretty one this time of year.
Off to the kitchen -- I think it's going to be roasting/baking/cooking day. Yes, I can bake (when I feel like it!).

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Putting the patch to bed

So, I put things to bed this morning. No more market and today was a busy day. Zipped thru the squash and found another bushel of acorns. Picked 2 bushel of birdhouse/basket gourds -- dumped them (literally) under a tree for winter -- they may or may not dry out. I also pulled all of my row marker flags -- one last walking of the patch. It's a sorry sight up close and personal but it's time for change. Next year's patch is going to be located at the bottom of the hill (next to the irrigation well and the woods (oh joy!! more deer!!)).
I did grab my camera and shot up a bunch of pix....more to come tomorrow. Evidently Nick's deer cam caught me in action picking up flags and cruising around in my cool work wheels. My choice of wardrobe this morning wasn't appropriate for the camera. Oh well.
Diva M

Friday, October 24, 2008


I've been meaning to add these all week and never seem to have the pix and the contact info in the same location at the same time (still don't -- will have to update the post when I get into the office in the morning).
Ms. Hannah Hermanson is the baker -- she has the Swedish Tea Rings for sale in a variety of fillings -- I've had both the cinnamon and the raspberry and they are wonderful. She takes orders and will bake for the holidays! Even more wonderful. Okay ---email me for Hannah's info -- didn't think I should put it out on the WWW.... sometimes I think "smart" !!
The pepper strings are her works of art also. They are real peppers and really cool. I have two hanging in kitchen at home and one at the office and they are keeping their color as the dry -- I'm guessing she has more of them for sale also.
Dreaming of coffee cake.......


Diva is cold.

It takes a while for the blood to thin.

I never adjust to the darkness.

Spring where are you . . . .


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things that Chirp in the Night

like carbon monoxide detectors.

so opened window and replaced batteries -- had to rob batteries out of my mouse and keyboard so

the chirping quit

so I got up and did chores in the dark -- only 1 egg -- I informed the "girls" to step up the production --- they were sitting in the nests...

needing a nap


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best Quote on the Financial Crisis


Okay -- Some may think it more humorous than others but it hit the spot in this office!

Thanks Gordon!


Busy Diva

Diva's still an early riser -- did my 20 laps at the Community Center's walking track - round and round and round. Gotta be a better route (so I found the one above). I really get funny looks when I reverse and go the opposite direction. They have rules about direction up there --- even/odd -- clockwise/counterclockwise ---. I get them mixed up all the time --- I pray someone is there before me because if I get it wrong -- someone will comment!
Diva's upgrading ATV today -- red (as in fire engine red) -- the Henderson Fire Department's ATV is back and ready for me! Green bessie to get cleaned up and sold. Pix to come (camera went to Branson with the elders -- it will be a while for the pix).
So I'm whining about laps and direction -- time for a "life" coach. Suggestions are always welcome (I'll be whining about them)!


Monday, October 20, 2008

The Meaning of Life

enough of the grumpy's -- this is the attitude we all need. my favorite customer in her Grandpa's pumpkin patch! Can she possibly get any cuter!! Put's a grin on my face! Thanks for sharing the pix's ! :) :) Will have to start her Diva training soon ---!!!!!

Ohhhmmmmm (my yogi chant)

So I've calmed down and will no longer waste my time, energy or breath on the yahoo's next door on 3rd street. It's just not worth it.... will need my ohmmmm chant if and when the blood pressure rises. Good thing I have low blood pressure to begin with eh!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day of Rest

Wrong . . . .

Day of Vandalism!!! First at the office -- some yutz pulled down a section of the antique iron fence -- really set me off (especially at the neighbors) (this is a much nicer version of my anger) -- then at home.

But I did get out of town and loaded up on the necessities in life, paper towels, Kleenex, toilet paper, copy paper, kitty litter, bottled water, dish soap, kitty chow. Kitty is a high maintenance dude so it's pet store chow (at $25 for 20 lbs) ---- Area rugs, plastic window kits (it's gonna get cold ya know) -- so in all this spending -- no shoes or clothes.

Working on my Halloween duds -- a Diva must look the part!



ps. Teresa the hot dish recipe is on September 1st.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Diva's final day at zee Market

Dear One's .....
It was my final day at the Market, so I snapped pictures of myself and everyone else. Top picture is Miss Hannah .... lots of cool strands of drying peppers and coffee cakes to die for (more on that tomorrow), next pix is Crystal from Nicollet, next pix is me notice the trailer load of pumpkins....., last pix is Grandma's Little Acre (more than an Acre) .... the honey and maple syrup vendors were there also -- I'm saving for the next blurb.
It started out cold and stayed cold.... my layering technique -- turtleneck, polartech jacket, windbreaker, scarf (new one from Nutters) and finally raincoat to stop the wind.... my hands and feet never did warm up ....
At 11:00 am $1 day began and everything I had left was a $1 -- the pumpkins flew off the trailer ---- I'm down to 15 pumpkins and 2 bushel of squash -- oh happy, happy day.
So it is time for a cup of hot coffee, a piece of Hannah's coffee cake and then a NAP!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

We're Ready (the truck and I)

So I'm loaded and ready to roll. It was too dark for pix -- but have camera for's a sight.


Friday Update ! (it's raining)

So was I the only one who didn't know it was going to rain? The truck is loaded with 10 bushel of squash --- if I really tried hard I'm sure I could find some more small ones in the patch and if it warms up I may do so. The small trailer is loaded (really loaded) with pumpkins of all sizes and shapes and colors. I didn't know I had that many colors of orange. There are a few pumpkins left in the patch -- but alas -- still had lots of green or a deer nibbled on them.

I forgot to start the truck during the week so -- going to be proactive -- hook up the charger and then be ready for morning. Hopefully no rain tomorrow -- my tent lost another stave last Saturday so it's ready for the retirement bin. 4 years on a used tent is pretty good.

I will be sleeping in next Saturday!!!!! I'm guessing dreaming of pumpkins......

Diva Marie

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birrrr ----

Okay -- the Diva spent an hour picking squash in the wind last night --- a atv load -- then I heaped some pumpkins on top of the squash --- then I was so wind whipped and tired I left them loaded and parked "bessie" in the shed! Tonight will finish up the pumpkins and the pickin' be done for 2008 --- couldn't happen soon enough.

Not enough daylight hours anymore to finish all the projects I need to complete before it starts to snow -- I finally broke down and turned on the furnace at the office -- it was gloves and coat this morning too. Lastly, it was hot coffee at McDonalds on my way in -- not the lovely iced coffee!

So, Saturday approaches and the fun comes to an end. Another chapter begins -- after all April 15th is only 181 days away! If you think I'm grumpy now -- you should see me then!

Diva M

ps. Stay tuned Joy and I are working on our Halloween Duds -- the Diva and the Queen will be fabulous!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

okay I spun around and here is looking north to the watermelons and yummy canteloupe that my friendly deer ate. Last Friday night at dusk, there was 9 deer in the yard munching apples -- off the tree not the deadfalls under the tree!

I finally copied pictures from the home computer to CD to bring to office --- here is looking south in the patch -- squash, pumpkins and a lot of weeds!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Happy

So, the final pour on the cement is done -- the troweling is happening as I type . . . . can driving on it be far away? I have pictures but can't find my chip reader . . . all part of my confused life.

Okay, I found the chip reader -- nothing like a picture of a slab of cement! Wet from yesterday's rain . . . I know I need to get a life --- I've been refering to this project as my "new car" ---
Happy Tuesday

Monday, October 13, 2008

Grandma & Pooch!

okay it took a couple of phone calls and a couple of emails --- but here is pix of Grandma Dranttel and pooch! The pooch is a regular visitor to Grandview and well the pix turned out pretty good too!


All Good Things Must Come to an End

So my friends -- here's the deal. It's looking like Saturday October 18th will be my last day at the St. P Farmer's Market -- I'm skipping this Tuesday (weather). I had call yesterday and someone wants to buy all my pumpkins left over from Market (yipee!!!!). Between that and the History Center -- I won't have much left. I will be scouring the patch for squash and other treats that may be hidden in the weeds...found a pail of tomato's last night (salsa anyone?) . . .

Them damn chickens are still not laying enough eggs to pay for their room and board. 2 a day from 12 hens is not sufficient! Good grief it takes 3 days just for breakfast for the 3 of us! The butcher was hinting about the roosters on Saturday but after hauling home the "pig" from the meat market --- the freezer space is at a premium. Had pork roast for dinner from the new "pig" -- tasty.

So thanks for all your patronage -- see you Saturday for the last blast! I'll be the one with the rusty truck (that still doesn't start without assistance) and the shiny aluminum trailer.

Diva Marie

ps. parking lot pictures on the way I remembered my camera . . although it's raining -- I don't think the boys will be here to finish up. On Saturday they dug out the 50 year old dying rose bushes --- it's looking fabulous.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Market Day

Today I met a Princess at the Market --- she must have been all of 4 !!! Shopping with her Grandparents and little yes she is a Princess!

It's thundering -- snow in North Dakota and Eastern Montana -- can winter be far away ... better keep picking ----

I think next week will be my last week of market -- a trailer load blow out of specials ... just getting tired. I shouldn't complain -- it's only been 2 1/2 months of Market -- for some of my co-sellers it's been 4 months....

I hear the rain drops.................

Diva Marie

Friday, October 10, 2008

'Twas the night before

Okay, diva has picked, knocked off some of the dirt on the squash, swatted enough box elder bugs to last a lifetime and has her truck loaded. Alas, I went to move it to the front machine shed -- less of a trek in the wee hours of the morning -- and the damn battery was dead. It hasn't moved all week long -- I should have known. This is the first mechanical issue all year long. So, on goes the charger and by morning she'll (it) should be ready to roll. If not someone will be getting out of bed to lend me a jump!

The cement project on 3rd street is almost completed -- sections 3 and 4 were poured today == one at 8:15 and one at 4:15 -- looking pretty spiffy. Can't wait to start landscaping. Here come the lilacs, the daylilies and hopefully a trumpeter plant.

Back to the extensions and my movie -- If I have to work on Friday night I get to rent move --- Sex & the City --- time will tell.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alas, the Melon's are Done

Well, the title says it all. I stripped the patch last night and the pickings were slim. If it does indeed warm up -- there might be some ripening of the "big" stuff, but I'm not sure if the flavor will be there. I've been wrong before.

The success' -- Yellow Crimson, New Queen and Yellow Dolls -- seem to be a hit. The Crimson Sweets and Black Diamonds too. The best surprise -- Congo's --- I didn't think I could sell 45lb watermelons but they've developed a following. The least popular -- the Sugar Babies and Fordhooks -- and in prior years they were the favorites.

The Charleston Grey's -- the long skinny pale green ones and the Charleston Jr's just didn't produce or ripen well enough for my standards.

Tonight is squash night -- going in to pick out the big stuff and another load of pumpkins. I did pumpkins in the dark last night -- me, a coyote, 3 deer and a deer hunter! It was a crowd.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Parking Lot

Well, 1/3 has cement and the rest is under construction. Forgot the camera, again.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Parking Lot

So I was off to be educated yesterday (Owatonna -- nice drive in the fall -- too bad it was dark on my way down and cloudy on my way home) --- and while I was away -- the parking lot project began. The blacktop is gone. Gravel hauled in and a skidloader is sitting outside my window! No one took any pictures to document the destruction. Gotta get them trained and soon.

It's currently raining so -- don't think I'll be seeing anyone this morning but according to Dad -- cement truck is due in on Thursday -- lots to do by then!

No Farmers Market for me today -- didn't get anything picked and well -- it's raining and cold. I'm sneezing and coughing so will attempt to warm up and get healthy by Saturday.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mom's Applesauce Receipe

So made it thru another day at the market ...... this week I had several interesting customers.... awaiting the pumpkin/squash soup receipe via email -- I will share it went it arrives.... A request was for Applesauce so -- this is how it's done at my house...

Mom's Applesauce

Pick up a lot of deadfall apples --- happens everyday
Cut away bad spots, core and chunk into pieces
Toss into the large crockpot -- set on low
Sprinkle with a bit of sugar

Let it cook all day (or all night)
Run it thru the sieve or strainer
Add to kettle on stove, reheat, season to taste

Can via your favorite method.

Because she cooks it down with the skins on -- it gets a nice pink/mauve color all on it's own --


Friday, October 3, 2008

Pooped Diva

This diva is tired. Argued with my friends at the Community Center regarding the rental of the Senior Center for Santa Anonymous, went to the food shelf (where I wasn't needed) --- then stopped at Bank to have conference with other Elves regarding Santa -- ended up going to Mankato with Jean for some Boy Scout stuff --- managed to have nice lunch. Came back to office -- where the carpet layers had finished up -- it looks great -- then had issues with the plumber and the cement contractor. Plumber came and went -- cement boys will be here Monday for a full week of project --- then

I went home to pick a load of watermelons -- tomato's, apples and itty bitty pumpkins.

Now I came back to the office to run a system backup -- and enjoy my new carpet! More construction happening upstairs .....

So I'm pooped.

Off to bed for Diva!


Thursday, October 2, 2008


I think it froze......frost on the roof and hood of my car this morning. Time will tell....the 1/2 hour before dawn is always the moment --- and that's now....


ps. My lucky day -- no frost in the patch!!!! Picked an ATV load of squash and pumpkins and cleaned out the truck. The squash crop isn't as plentiful as I had hoped -- poor germination and too little rain. Next year moving to heavier ground. Will help -- need to go back to the old cow yard -- but then I fight the weeds. Don't like weeds!

Happy Night!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Slow Day in the Patch

So, here is Nick, Jean and Lee on vacation at the NASCAR Race last weekend in Kansas City -- they attended with 150,000 of their close personal friends.....
It was much quieter and much more peaceful in the patch.
Happy Pumpkin Picking!

Best Use of a Pumpkin (so far this year)

okay you've been mooned!!!
wonder if this will keep the deer away!
happy wednesday