Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday in the Valley

so this crimson sweet is plumping up nicely -- it's about the size of small basketball ... growing daily
the sweet dianes/sweet beauties are also growing (as is the corn)

lots of vines in the pumpkin patch

tomorrow is my first day at the market -- don't have much, some beans, cukes, peppers, maple syrup and I robbed sweet corn from Kevin's field (oops, I've now been caught). my tent/canopy is not cooperating so it will stay home -- it's supposed to be windy anyway --- hate to have the damn thing blow away on the first day --- (it's happened before)
ps. surprises are coming in the mail ---

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Redlin vs. Redneck

So I received an email about Rednecks (people ) and it had these lovely Terry Redlin images within the blurb . . . so I saved the pictures and now have lovely wallpapers on my screens. Someday when I have oodles of time I'd like to take a drive to the Redlin museum in Watertown SD --- a couple of hours and I'd be there.

the bikers have come (and are leaving)

the TRAM 150 came to town last night -- 1,000 bicyclists and their support crew (s) -- including a shower truck, porta poo's, campers of all sizes and shapes. They over took Mn Square park --- looked like a tent city ....

Cousin Gayle wandered down to the office and we had visit and supper --

This morning they are rolling out of town -- in a steady stream -- look out New Prague here they come!

happy peddling

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The time has come. . .

to pick!!!! I raided the sweet corn last night (lots of ears to choose from -- 55acres worth) . . so tonight is garden supper. Sweet corn, green beans, cukes, tomato's.....can it get any better.

my first market Saturday is this week --- sweet corn, green beans, cukes, cabbage and maple syrup. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the saturday commitment yet --- last year it was 22 trips to market between tuesdays and saturdays and I was pooped in the end.

at the library last night I picked up Amy Goldman's Heirloom Tomato book -- it is fabulous, last year as my gift to self I bought the Heirloom Melon and Compleat Squash Gardner and well the Tomato book is equally cool. since the libary isn't going to let me keep it -- need to dive off to Amazon and find it on sale!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green Beans -- lotsa green beans

So, 3 pails of green beans last night (ice cream pails) --- the cabbages are ready (all at once of course) . . . and a yellow tomato.

Then on to the "big garden" --- I've tried to walk it everynight instead of my usual drive by on the ATV -- last night found a pretty good crop of "yellow doll" watermelons --- went diving thru the vines to see what was under 'em.

Found a fat juicy cutworm in the stuff I just planted --- one would think I had enough challenges with the weather and the weeds --- now the cutworms have returned. Lots of deer and coyote tracks too. Tonight is scarecrow construction night -- they aren't pretty but they work!


Monday, July 27, 2009

New Day, New Week, New Outlook

okay back to a new week, new day and normal.

nick the wonder cat is already driving me nuts -- evidently he didn't get the behave notice --- then again he's a cat and I'm the master.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hard Working Weekend --- at least for someone

it was the buzzing of a chainsaw this morning on my trek to the clothes line (in my pj's) -- and Tim was cutting away on a really dead elm tree -- Dad went over to assist with the skid loader.

this is Mr. Bread Bandit -- a wily tom who sneaks into the garage and helps himself to whatever he can find -- a month ago it was a new loaf of bread Mom accidently left in her car while unloading groceries.... he's a lean, mean fighting machine....his tail is longer than his body. He sneaks around....
and hides in bizarre locations when I try and capture him in action on film ... hiding in the junk heap here....

Nick's birthday today --- 15 already ... time flies.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Part II

so at Grandma's funeral today -- I was told people actual read this blog --- I find that scary -- people reading the musings of crazy middle aged gardner!

so tomorrow we (mom, jean & I ) are off to Lonsdale & Garfield Gardens for the daylily open house -- grandma would approve . . .


busy day ahead

so, today is Friday.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

okay back to normal

so how does the cabbage grow -- we've never had such a nice looking row of cabbage ... I'm thinking all 6 are going to be ready at once.
so here is Lake Dranttel after the lovely, lovely rain.... by last night it had all vanished -- an nary a drop was left.
isn't this cool -- we had a lot of fog yesterday morning and I drove out (thru Lake Dranttel) to check on the melon patch before heading into the office . . . couldn't see one end from the other ---

last night I spent 2 1/2 hours spraying weeds and bugs.... now that it rained the weeds will be sprouting and the vines are too thick for the tiller .... so it's spray and pull and spray . . . I love my ROUNDUP.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aftermath ---

so I have great pictures on my camera of the aftermath of the rain -- but alas no chip reader here at the office -- I think it (the chip reader) is home with my missing laptop. I seem to be losing things on a regular basis .... yesterday it was my glasses (they were in the car) --- but

I found the $100 I had stashed for the garden --- in the most bizzarre location -- in the paper drawer in the server closet . . . .

It's just my crazy life.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grandma Dranttel

So, today was Grandma's last day --- 97 years and 10 months --- so, it's been quite the day --

I made my last trek to the Grandview Hilton tonight -- it's gonna be odd having my Saturday Nights free -- the residents and staff won't be treated to my collection of colorful flannel any longer --

I'm sure sometime over the weekend we will have a "grandma road trip" -- shopping, lunch and maybe a casino -- I still can't believe 14 years ago we took her to Las Vegas on vacation ! I had to drag her and Mom to bed at night --- frankly I can't believe I went to Las Vegas during tax season -- control freak that I am I left Gigi and Laura in charge --- seems like a lifetime ago ---


Aaahhhhh rain. . .

it rained, it sounds good, it smells good

so in 2 days I'll be weeding, mowing and whining about both


Monday, July 20, 2009


Well, it's going to be a long day and possibly night in Diva's World.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

They're on the way

sweet favorites.... football sized....
raining in the backyard

and raining in the front yard....if we didn't have this elaborate system of sprinklers we'd have no flowers left --
every 45 minutes - it's out and move to another spot .... dad thinks we are wearing out the well....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dance Blanket

okay, so the dance blanket in the case behind my shadow and Judy's head . . is the dance blanket from Antiques Roadshow -- it was a gift to Joseph and Jane LaFramboise for their wedding ... 1845, which according to those in the know -- was one of the first, if not the first wedding at Traverse des Sioux. There was some talk that the blanket/wedding happened during the signing of the Treaty in 1851, but I do believe it was earlier. The family brought the blanket for a program at the History Center several years ago -- I'm not sure where it is now -- might be at the Mpls Art Institute ... for a while it was at the Sleepy Eye Museum (before they knew what it was worth - $250,000)

today's trivia -- when was that treaty signed?

on the Minneapolis Institute of Arts web page I found good pictures of the blanket -- the stitching is invisible -- and this probably appliqued without the use of steel needles -- it is silk on wool.

triva answer . . . July 21 or 22 of 1851 . . . I need to look up the date to be exact -- but I'm close. Hey, I know what went on in my neighborhood !!! Okay, I looked it up, July 23, 1851, not necessarily a moment (event) (occaision) to be proud of -- but neighborhood history --- I tried to paste in a current picture of Traverse des Sioux but --- beyond my skills. I usually walk the trail, once a month, so will have to take my own pictures. The "restored" prairie is blooming -- the bugs aren't too bad -- no excuse not to walk it ...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mom's Pots

it's been the year of the pots/tubs/containers here on Daisy Lane -- the cool dry weather has helped.... I tried to get a sampling of them --- I bought, Mom planted, now she's deadheading and watering hourly. .


so, 52' is cold.

i planted a flat of Yellow Doll watermelons yesterday --- a treat from the Greenhouse --- we'll see if they make it. they are blooming but will go into a wilt down and may loose the blooms before they perk back up.

i also picked up 16 more cabbage transplants -- seems to be the easiest thing to grow these days.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More hot shots !

The Camera's Back in Action . . .

me and my really cool work wheels went for a drive after supper .... it's well supplied with flags, water, gloves, and of course a sweatshirt tied to the roll cage -- keeps mama cat from nesting on the sweatshirt -- still needs a bath my stargazer lilies are blooming at the office -- there must be 20 blooms on 2 stems -- smells divine --
the garage moving project -- attempt #1 getting off cement slab #1 -- dad & nick and the first of many pieces of equipment . . .

okay -- it's moved a couple of inches at this point . . . .

Another Dry Day

so it rained in town last night --- but not at the farm (1.5 miles away) --- my weeds are turning yellow -- the chemicals are working -- the coyote was howling last night

i thought i'd make it to the market this weekend. but, mr mayo's funeral is on saturday, so I'll occupied

mr mayo taught me the fine art of propagating geraniums !! for 5 years (25 years ago) I worked with him at the St. Peter Greenhouse --- back in those days everything was grown locally -- geraniums, mums, orchids, easter lilies and even the pointsettia's . . . my feet were never dry (from too much watering) and my thumb still has scars from taking cuttings . . .

so life is


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, I came to the office early --- after a jaunt to the garden (never got out of the wheels) -- where the weeds are dying --- our favorite construction project is in full swing mode this morning. The sidewalks and trees on the 100 block today, I'm a full block west and my building is shaking (the cat is hiding) -- and the dirt / dust / poo is flying in the air.

It's gonna be a great rest of the summer eh.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday in the Valley (ho ho ho)

day 4 -- from 2nd floor office window (Mr. West's window and picture) -- he commented the building was shaking...

okay first Dutch Elm wipes out the trees, then the F4 tornado knocks a few over now these zealots are CUTTING THEM DOWN..... this really irks me ((*&^%%^&*( -- do the yahoo's in charge realize it takes a while for a tree to grow ....
sorry found the pictures and needed to vent....
Should be labeled -- Another day in the Valley without rain.....damn it's dry. Our lawn (both at the farm and here at the office) is brown and crunchy. No bare feet in these neighborhoods.... even the weeds are wilting.
I still think the chunky guy and the bike is a hoot!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

elysian triathalon

okay, i am not joshing -- this pix came straight from the Mkto Free Press about the bike leg of the Elysian Triathalon -- not sure if the bearded gentleman in blue (the chunky one) was part of the race or not . . . . the pix was the headliner of the sports section ....

for some reason i find this just hilarious -- poor dude is now famous ... on a Saturday cruise....

i know i'm bad .....


And on the seventh day....

I hoe
I weed
I dust (for bugs)
I spray (for weeds)

I hoe some more

I take ice tea/coffee breaks

I really need a shower . . .

but first
the coolest work wheels need a bath . . . (might make it rain) . .

then . . .
off to the office for a couple of hours of work in the silence of no construction (or less construction) . . . should have batteries there for my camera

no batteries -- no pictures and this morning I found some "Sweet Favorite" watermelons just begging to have their picture taken.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday . . . .

Since my Saturday's will soon be consumed by the Farmers Market I thought it wise to cram as much into this Saturday as possible. So far. . .

4:30 am -- listen to Roosters, watch TV, finish Library Book
5:45 am -- head to the patch to spray (it was perfectly calm and dewy)
7:15 am -- back in for breakfast (the wind had picked up and it was too
windy to spray
8:30am -- check out Gordon's garden on the way to the office for weed work
(Gordon's garden if fabulous)
9:00am -- check out the Market --- it's okay . . . lots of customers (that's good)
10:00am - finally get to the office to load up the weed/trimmings/etc
- spray for dandelions, thistles etc (they are the only things growing)
- feed Nick and get the mail ...

11:00 am - home/unload brush from truck
11:15 am - start tying (tieing) up tomato vines (its colorful)
11:45 am - on go the sprinklers
12:29 pm - I need a nap!!!!! alas -- back to the canteloupe to hoe . . . and dust for bugs . . .



ps. I may make it to Market next week with Maple Syrup . . . . I'll scope out my week and the weather.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Road Construction

Hell has begun.

Within the first hour -- there was an accident in this neighborhood -- on my trek to the office this morning -- you would have thought 169 was the route for the "dash for the cash" .... gotta slow 'em down and keep the trucks on the truck detour.

They're already tearing down street lights across the alley . . . oh joy -- darkness -- "come rob and vandelize us -- no one can see you " ---



Thursday, July 9, 2009

All is not Lost....

So it's been quite the month . . . .

The missing digital camera from last Labor Day (10 months ago) has been found -- it sounds like elder #1 thru out the book and cables . . . . but I'm sure I can find them on ebay . . . to bad 10 days ago we replaced the camera .... so there will be a permanent digital camera in the camper (which might be a good idea).

The camper is going to Madison Wisc -- hauling the Kienlen & Wenner families to a wedding -- we (elder #1) is feeding the pigs over the weekend while his home on wheels is traveling . .

It still hasn't rained but it's looking positive.

I baked for Martha S's funeral today and left my brownies on the counter at home ---

The road construction barricades are not up yet . . . . no detour this morning!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So 2 miles away they had 1/2 or more of rain -- I had some at the office and well home on Daisy Lane -- 25 drops fell. Then it thundered at supper, so I dashed back to the office to shut the open windows (I was planning on returning to work anyway) -- and it rained another 25 drops on Daisy Ln but nada on 3rd street. Odd.

Nick, the wonder cat, had a treat for me this morning. He's so tired out from the excitement he's stretched out full body on my desk (not allowed) and sleeping soundly. Must have been quite the night. Now if renter Gary comes in early --- the mouse disposal job awaits him.

Haven't seen the garden for 48 hours -- kinda scared to drive back there --- it'll be tonight after haircut!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday in the Valley

4 days with no no, I'm not having withdrawl (I'm enjoying it) . . . it'll be changing tonight -- especially if I can get a bit of rain. Really, really dry. The squash are wilting down bad. It was kinda dewy this morning.

I did manage 2 hours on Sunday at the sewing machine -- and 11 hours at the office yesterday -- if I cram 40 hours into 3 days -- I could justify my Friday afternoons off......


Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to work . . .

Well, this Diva completed no gardening over the weekend. None. The 14 (almost 15, he kept reminding me) year old spent the weekend. We kept him and Dad busy. I am a master Wii bowler (and getting the hang of the golf) !!! He's off to drivers education today --- makes me feel old.

The garage from the trailerhouse site got moved yesterday morning. It took all morning to get it skidding but when we finally got the system down -- it took off and we (nick and I) spotters had to jog to keep up. The first 150 feet were a bitch. So now it needs to be jacked up and have new sill plates (with pressure treated lumber) put under it, a new door needs to be built and it needs to be squared up. I'm thinking for all the effort, stress and well (*&*^^*) a new one could have been constructed and this one demolished.

I haven't suggested this yet, but it would make a great chicken shack. Not ever going to happen -- I can guarentee it!

Still need rain and soon, the squash are wilting down dramatically -- the watermelons are loving the dryness -- they are blooming and vining.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July !!!

Mom and I had a road trip to Mankato (seems like every holiday we shop) ... anyway -- Menards and Joanne Fabric's were calling. I did well. After all, "RoundUp" was on sale --- the fabric store was even better. After our lunch, we did a road tour of Mankato's Sibley Park -- the park has had some major facelifts and is looking good. The pictures are from one of the perenial beds. If it hadn't been raining I know we would have taken advantage of the hiking trail along the river.
We then found an antique store just off the downtown . . nice stuff, clean, no dust bunnies anywhere. Back home for a break -- and in time to cook another meal.
Nick will be here for a couple more days. Jean/Lee are in Rochester. Life with a teenager is entertaining. He's not used to living with the early risers . . . he and Grandpa are off helping wire up the fireworks, then the hotrod tractor pull, back home for supper and back for the fireworks. Busy day.
I have mastered his Wii and become quite the bowler and golfer. I can even bowl left handed!!!
Happy 4th . . .

Friday, July 3, 2009

water, water, water

diva needs a rain (truly) the corn is starting to roll and the squash are wilting --- if it doesn't rain i need at least a night of heavy, heavy dew

it's cloudy and still --

working on entertainment / education for the weekend....


Thursday, July 2, 2009

So it's Thursday (must be song in there somewhere)

So, it's another holiday.

The weeds are still growing.
The grass needs to be cut.

Life just isn't fair.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday (again)

life is a bit topsy - turvey so I found some older pix's on this computer -- mr wonderful on top of the copier (no wonder we need to call the repair man on a regular basis)

ana kate loves those cream cheese mints -- especially the pink "watermelon" flavored ones!!! getting the kids trained early in life to enjoy the treats... after all what could be better than cream cheese, powdered sugar and fake watermelon flavoring ....

ps. my coldwater creek treats arrived via the fed ex man today -- i will be a very well dressed and fine looking diva tomorrow -- always order the outfit on the cover -- it always looks spiffy.