Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I think we dodged the frost ......

Only 40' on my car on the trek in this morning.....

So I missed the frost -- but the rest of today is kinda the pits.... need to head outside for attitude adjustment.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Truck Conga Line

they thought they needed to stop next door for lunch -- and then they stayed a while ....
fast becoming a bad habit

they even parked across the street -- one of them felt the need to try and park in my driveway --- i'm a crabby middle-aged, menopausal woman -- i came a bit unglued.....

oh and did i mention this blue truck left his motor running and his gumball was just divine!!!!

Now close your eyes and imagine

the noise . . . the conga line of dump trucks just went past the office -- sometimes I think it would be better to be in the "zone" --

getting in and out on the north side -- is one very skinny lane of traffic -- I braved it this morning with the fully loaded/ready for market truck -- not going to attempt that again.

they start pouring concrete today --

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Market Customers...

jean g - she really didn't think I was going to take her picture .
john m ...


marlys k -- now she knew i was snapping away

melon customers -- one was okay with it, the other not so okay .

I managed to get 3 loads of stuff picked before the wind got wicked --- it's really blowing out there! A bit of rain too. Make that 5 loads of stuff . . . 1 load of ornamental squash, 3 loads of pumpkins, and 1 load of pie pumpkins -- lots more to pick -- I'm cutting in roads as I pick -- there are some whoppers out there.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Market Wares

okay -- here's the pumpkin, squash & wackie line up
here's my trusty (well, trusty this year) truck and not so trusty canopy ---- it's a lotta stuff crammed into one truck.. the pumpkins take up way to much room.

last week i attacked the canopy with chalk and totally forgot about it until I downloaded the pictures from my camera -- who needs an expensive sign, when sidewalk chalk does the job!

I'm just about out of watermelon -- there are quite a few little ones in the patch and the rain will help -- but the "F" (frost) word is in the forecast -- my weeds will help, but......
According to elder #1 -- who is down and out on the couch with the beginnings of the crud --- tomorrow is supposed to be windy --- like 40mph winds . . . batten down the hatches....thar she blows......
Yes I need to go to bed I'm getting weird (weirder) . . .

Up and At'em (sorta)

Well I'm ready for market -- stuff is heaped on the truck -- the tailgate is even down and crates piled on it --- pumpkins take up way to much room. Not sure on the weather yet --- the view from the window is fog --- ventured to the basement for laundry and in here to type -- next up is wardrobe. Layers.

Jean and I are exploring the idea of "the great Pumpkin event" -- details to follow. Lots to do (pick) before then -- she has to finish her stamping house project too.... so many projects so little time....

I've been exploring the craft blog world (nights when not sleeping) -- I added link to -- she has some beautiful quilts.

Diva M

Friday, September 25, 2009

. . . . . . . (pitter patter)

Diva hears the pitter patter of rain drops (or really heavy leaves falling) -- so any bets on whether the good fairy shut the car windows.....or the office windows . . . and the coolest work wheels are sitting outside too....

What ever it takes to make it rain . . . .


Diva is a lucky woman -- someone shut the car windows last night---helps to leave the keys in it. The pitter patter is still falling and it's soaking in nicely. I'm guessing the combine will be idle today ---

Thursday, September 24, 2009


It appears THE FLU has attacked a resident of this old shack. Upstairs, CP! Better her than me. Get out the LYSOL (personally -- I like the wipes with the antibacteria killers in them) . . .

Then again, sometimes I think we should all have it a once -- get it, get well, get on with life. I just spent 16 hours with 400 people in close quarters so. . . my chances have increased. Perhaps the nasty food they fed us will keep us healthy.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Off the Road

Home (Office) looks pretty good after two days -- 16 hours of continuing education and 4.5 hours traffic. I carpooled so it could have been much worse. Watched a lot of planes taking off and landing -- the runway in service was just east (?) of the dumpy hotel/convention area.

Nasty food too.

So it roll.s

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the Road

Diva is on the road for two days. Tax Conference in Mpls, well Bloomington actually. I'll be able to see the MOA --- but have no time to visit.

I'm at the office waiting for my car-pool riders to arrive. Gotta love 5:30 am at the office. Nick can't handle it!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to the Real World

So it's Monday --- after a busy, crazy, wacky weekend, Monday should feel good. Actually I should be resting after the busy, crazy, wacky weekend.

Saturday was a 5:00 am start -- needed to finish loading truck for Market, sat thur Market, got home --- reloaded truck for family reunion --- made it the Party (in Marysburg) --- a great time! Then back to town to visit with cousins --- in between was several body reworks and clothes changes! Got up yesterday and started the whole process over --- picked canteloupe -- delivered stuff --- grocery store --- laundry --- cleaned house for visiting relatives --- cooked --- visited relatives....finally got to bed and slept!

Morning came way to quickly ---- but IT'S GOING TO RAIN TO DAY!!! Start the party now -- we need it so bad.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

hannah h and crystal b . ...

lisa & kathleen (green shirts)

sara k

susan ... we like happy customers!

the massive bushel basket gourd i picked and sold!!!!! 60 solid pounds of gourd. It will take at least a year to dry . . . and special thanks to another customer who carried it to the buyers car!

Sunday's 3LW

Diva is pooped!

market and family reunion was way to much excitement for these old bones! it was a fun day and some of the fun continues today ---

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday's 3LW

Too Much Happening Today
(okay this one needs a bit of === market, funeral, anniversary party and family reunion -- all in the next 12 hours (and it's 5:41 am) --- plus there should be a payroll waiting in my email inbox! so......
I'm going to market extremely early -- walking to office for payroll (after set up) -- back to market -- missing funeral -- home to change -- hit the Anniversary Party -- on the way to Reunion (with melons)..... it happens.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's 3LW

chain thyself to desk
enough said

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Pictures.... no words just pix

okay need words -- i forged a path thru the squash to the watermelons....bad weeds

bessie amid the weeds kinda loaded with squash, canteloupe and my tools

sun at my back headed home from the canteloupe patch -- the canteloupe are a mile from everything else...

the wildlife feeding area -- i toss they eat .... sorry it's kinda gross

dad feeding his livestock --

Tuesday's 3LW

Need more sleep!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Three Little Words

I've become a fan of the "3 Little Words" segment on "Good Morning America Sunday" -- so I thought I'd give it a try this week -- 3 is difficult so I may take liberties and expand it to 5 (just to get to the point). Life is going to be busy for the next 10 days, markets, family reunions, continuing ed seminars (after all I have a real life too), office projects. So.....

Monday's 3 Little Words:

It's a beautiful sunrise.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Market People

miss macy and her baby

the holtz's --- front side and smiling!

still can't remember their names....

the kid from Arlington

patrick --

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Market Treats!

these are red/yellow and white onions ....pretty aren't they . .

beets -- always cool

fancy squash

heirloom tomato's

can anything be better than a fresh raspberry?
So it's the Rock Bend Folk Festival Weekend....lot's of extra visitors to St. P (and more traffic chaos) -- enjoy . . .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally Friday ....

I'm beginning to dislike holidays and holiday weekends. They just screw up the entire week --- and since Iwon't have any more until May 1st, it shouldn't be a problem.

The FLOOR is looking much more respectable -- the south 1/2 will get done this morning and tomorrow, the furniture will be returned!!!!! I need my space back.

I picked a bushel of canteloupe last night -- divied them out -- late this afternoon will pick for tomorrow. I started picking pumpkins too. Dad is digging out his big trailer so I can start stacking -- I haven't sprung this on him yet --- but working on pumpkin sale and will move it to the very expensive acreage next to the mailbox. He needs to mow down there and relocate his fish house so we have a "sales office". Sounds good to me. He'll have other ideas.

So on to another productive day!

Diva M

okay it's been 4 hours since I muscled the furniture with the kid -- and then I went to the garden and started picking -- now every bone in this very old and weary body aches.....must be a change in the weather .... IT HAD BETTER RAIN FOR ALL THIS PAIN!!!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things are looking up .... (or down)

The downward view on the floors is much better this evening. Went at it with a different type of polyurathane (sp?) and it seems to be evening out .... it's not perfect, but it's not blotchy either. And I managed to actually crunch some numbers.

Tonight is picking night -- squash/canteloupe and a couple of pumpkins. I picked 12 canteloupe last night -- 2 went to the uncle/aunt, 6 went to the goose hunters (yes they are still there), 2 went to Jan/David and we got 2. So I'm guessing there will be 12 more tonight and tomorrow....

No rain here last night -- and darn we need it. Scary dry out there.


Newspaper Day!

okay today is good reading day..... 3 newspapers

Minneapolis --
Saint Peter Hearld
Lafayette Ledger

can it get any better!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday ....

Diva made it to Market yesterday, me, Grandma K, Dan, Flower Dude and Lisa -- a light vendor turnout. And well, even less customers --- it's a good thing I picked light -- and didn't take any garden produce from Gordie.

The Black Diamond watermelons are giving me fits. Either they are not ripe (but look ripe) or they are over ripe and exploding in the field. The only good one I've had so far -- is the one I ran over with the ATV -- had a sample of it.

Last night I chased out two kids on ATV's in the melon patch -- thought they could do spin outs and burn outs in the patch.....they took off when I asked their names -- I was going to call it in .... I do have a good idea who they are --- will be chatting with parents --- and if so --- the monsters will be picking pumpkins for restitution! I like free labor. Yes, I am mean.

The floor project has whipped my tush. Back to square one. At least the paint looks good.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to the usual

Okay -- summer's over -- back to work -- no excuses -- no goofing around. Just work and lots of it!


ps. it is market day -- my truck is kinda full. canteloupe today ---

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Week in Diva's World

skylar and nick -- she paints -- he supervises.... from a top the ladder also nick (the kid) chowing down his fried treat at the state fair -- it had apples on it

nick, his mother and his blue ribbon -- standing outside his 4H project at the FAIR

Nick & Jane, market vendors for Habitat for Humanity -- they sell the famous "rusks" -- lots of rusks

Market customer, Eileen --- she really didn't think I would post this and here it is....I added her to the Market's Facebook Page also .... yes, I can be mean.

Off to evict some hunters -- read the Goose post.

Goose (Geese) Hunters

Diva would love to go out to her acreage and start picking. There are however, several goose hunters in the field just up the hill -- Diva does not need shot pellets cascading over her. Another 15 minutes and I'm kicking them out. Geese have rights too.

Spent the day refinishing floors at the office. Did a coat of varnish this morning -- used a styrofoam mop! Then a second coat at 5:00 -- not as smooth with round 2. The re-fill mop head wouldn't stay attached so I was forced to brush it on == 4 inches at a time.

Next up (after picking squash) -- the shower and my library books -- haven't had a minute to read all weekend long and well, frankly it is time!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Market Leftovers

The popular question at the Market (specially around closing time) is --- "What do you do with your leftovers" -- since I don't have a large refridgerated storage area --- I have to be creative. Last week I left watermelon's at every mailbox along my road --- my neighbors get to sample.

This week Mom turned the leftover tomato's into 12 pints of salsa --- tomato's, green peppers, onions and hot peppers.... I have a few nasty looking (underripe Black Diamonds) watermelons -- they will become chicken feed and I have a favorite dumping grounds for the deer in my area.

The roosters love watermelon and canteloupe .... I swear those birds are human garbage cans -- melon, cukes, sweet corn husks, potato peelings, tomato skins -- they consume it all.

If I have oodles of leftovers -- my friends at the food shelf -- get a couple of tubs. I am a volunteer up there so . . . it works. My next venue will the be the "Kitchen."


Friday, September 4, 2009

Made It

So we made it thru the FAIR -- yes, we ate cheese curds. On my previous fair experience I toured the barns and exhibits, this time around was different. Jean was looking for a particular vender and we walked several miles looking for them. Lots of commercial crap available, why would anyone by shoes at the FAIR.

Sweet Martha's Cookies are wonderful. I did purchase a pail --- Jean and Nick bought 3 pails. 1 for her co-workers, 1 for home and 1 to go fishing. So with 4 pails of fresh cookies the journey home smelled pretty good.

Nick received a blue ribbon on his engine -- did not win the purple -- missed by a couple of points! By the time his judging was done, they were evicting the 4H kids and sanitizing due the H1N1 -- !!!! -- later I found out 2 kids from his 4H club tested positive . . . so it's beginning.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm ready

waiting for the STATE FAIR taxi -- I'm the early riser in this group ---

I thought about giving them a wake up call.....wake up the entire house ...... he he


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Great MN Get Together

Yes, I have lost my mind and will be attending THE FAIR. It has been 22 years since I last attended. Me, Jean and Nick. Nick has 4H project getting judged tomorrow. So -- off we go.

The front room project is well underway. I think by evening there will be paint on the walls!!!!

Whispering Pine is the color --- time will tell.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday -- It's Market Day

I have "bessie" loaded -- a light load. Certain leftovers are better than others and leftover watermelon gets fed to the chickens, the neighbors (they are beginning to love me) and the wildlife.

Picked up the "new, but slightly used" camper truck yesterday. When bessie poops out for real -- when the gas tank is empty will switch to the "green truck". Elders bought a truck to pull a 5th wheel camper. They don't own a 5th wheel camper -- yet, not for lack of looking. Motorhome is still part of the fleet. It's a wacky house.

Cement got poured at the farm yesterday -- nice pad in front of the garages -- will be nice when it is all done.