Friday, October 30, 2009

so, Diva feels the need to

SEW --- !!!!!

The mood has hit and not goofy handbags either -- curtains, quilts, table runners and maybe a fleece shawl or two.....

After all Christmas is a mere 56 days away!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

I've lost my mind

how's this for a night

1. jcpenney (returns stuff)
2.barnes & noble (next door to jcpenny -- gotta go)
3.hancock fabric (only spent $1.33 -- a new low for me)
4.sam's club (copy paper) (3rd time in 10 years) maxx (for the laser toner cartridge that sam's didn't have)
7.hyvee (grocery side)
8.hyvee (deli side)

I still can't believe the quanity, quality and reasonable prices of HyVee compared to gypfoods. The take-out Chinese was even on sale (after 8:00pm).

Evidently, my HPLaser printer is old, Sam's doesn't carry the cartridges anymore -- so it was Office Maxx ($118 - ouch). I requested Dr. Lee to price me out a new printer with the new computers ---

I'm in good shape for winter -- 12 cases of paper in storage and 200lbs of kitty litter. Office supplies are well stocked --- even the dang appointment calendar is bought! Even the coffee is purchased -- Walmart had a sale on the fru fru coffees.

It's raining again -- must have to sew tonight.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am an idiot ... (I know I've used this before)

So, my new glasses (and prescription sunglasses) arrived yesterday -- I've be eagerly awaiting their arrival, especially the sunglasses as my old pair went missing in late August. I thought I lost them in the melon patch -- either they had fallen off Bessie, the ATV, or I had dropped them from my pocket.

I found them .. in with my Investment Club paperwork. I had several words with self. None of them were nice. So Thursday and Friday, this office gets a top to bottom cleaning -- beware no piece of paper gets left alone!!!!

And that cat will need to start behaving --- just dumped my coffee off the desk. Animal.


Monday, October 26, 2009


chocolate mousse halloween PEEPS --- could life get any better!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A slice of life . .

my poor cabbages -- the red ones didn't make it the green ones got ate by a lonely deer ...

the accumulation of equipment parked in the patch --- a semi, tractor & chopper, tractor and grain cart, tractor & ripper and dad's little work wheels ... notice the lack of produce -- all the corn is gone and most of it already worked up ... patch too

the combine in action ...

friday night sunset --- we could see the clearing coming ... too bad the deer hopped out of the picture!

yes, it snowed friday on 3rd street .... i'm tired of the white stuff ...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mall of America ......

so hear the sound of credit card machines --- just zipping thru the plastic

so the Dranttel Women met the Fordice Sisters for lunch at the MOA today --- it was nice visit -- we need to work harder at meeting up oftener!

and get this, we only went to 2 stores (and the food court) -- Archivers (yes, it was $100) and CJ Banks (where it was $0) before arriving at THE MALL, we hit up the Lands' End store in Richfield --- and Mom bought clothes for Dad in the WRONG size; so at some point we'll be going back .....

did a fast stop at EAGLE CREEK QUILT SHOP in Shakopee -- it's been years since I went thru downtown Shakopee -- wow it looks narrow now! we even did the YELLOW APPLE BARN -- where them city people were buying frozen pumpkins and moldy squash --- I tell ya it was a sight. No, the handmade salted nut rolls were not worth the $2 -- but my bottle of Strawberry Crush Pop looks pretty darn tasty!

I'll be recuperating at work tomorrow!

Friday, October 23, 2009


okay, i'm getting more violent as i age but....

death to the little creature who fed Mr. Nick plastic grapes.....damn kid. Mr. Nick's intestinal tract has finally dislodged them. Between the plastic and the mice it's been a long fall on 3rd street.

and it's raining again. combine crew moved back to our acreage last night --- too wet on the heavy ground -- time for the sand.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sleepy (tired) Diva

another National Geographic Pix -- much better looking than the "32 point buck" nabbed at Camp Ripley --

had a conference yesterday morning at the dump -- left hooterville at 5:30 and drove in fog, mist and junk for an hour -- the new glasses can come fast enough! the conference was 4 hours of ethics and it was actually really good -- then drove home to the issues awaiting me....

still have a list before we leave on the road trip tomorrow -- hopefully it all gets accomplished and fast!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

.....ugh ....

okay it's 10:24 am and the only thing I have accomplished today is get gas in the Explorer and got it washed. I think it's been a month since I last got fuel -- that is pathetic ..... and the price went up almost $ 0.10 ---

off to be educated tomorrow -- ethics seminar at the dump, also known as the Thunderbird --- that MOA is might close -- might have to detour -- although I booked a tax appointment at 4:00 (what was I thinking).

counting the days until the road trip.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Over !!!!! for sure for real the end..

My gardening/produce/hobby is over for 2009. I spent yesterday afternoon and part of today -- hustling produce in lovely (not) downtown St. Peter --- I parked at my State Farm neighbors parking lot (perfectly located on the DETOUR) and did my thing.

This is the remaining inventory:


2 bushel of Acorn

2 bushel of Carnival

6 or so Austrialian Butternut

1 bushel of Butternut

1/2 pickup load of pumpkins (really large ones)

2 1/2 bushels of fancy squash/pumpkins for decorating only

15 ears of squirrel food

15 Large Argonaut Butternuts (unripe -- decorating only)

25 -- birdhouse gourds and/or bushel basket gourds ....

(I'm sewing up burlap and making bags to dry these)

It was a great garden season -- I'm blessed with good customers and the market has a great bunch of vendors -- ...... time will tell for next year -- I never know until spring what's going to happen.

Email or call if you need any of the above .....



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Market Babes !!!

okay -- here are 4 of the market babes --- Andrew's girlfriend, Hannah Hermanson, myself and Jodi Holtz

note the attire -- another chilly day at market -- at least the sun was shining and the winds were calm. It was the last day for the 4 of us ... if the weather is nice next week I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of vendors return -- this Babe is going on vacation!!!!

my produce truck will be at the corner of 3rd & Broadway tomorrow from 10:00 - 2:00 --- the $1 deals continue --- Mom will be there selling -- I'll be next door -- I'll be the one with a paint brush in my hand ... can't pass up a good painting day -- still have trim work to finish up ... gotta do it while we can.... and the grass needs to be mowed and the garage needs to be cleaned out and the ..... the list is endless -- then we come home and start it all over again


Friday, October 16, 2009

one word ... this is usually a facebook thing

One Word !
I usually don't do these, but Kitty (Green Tea asked me) asked me so nice and I really didn't have anything else to post.The challenge: answer the survey below…you can only use one word answers!

Where is your cell phone? LOST
Your hair? SHORT
Your mother? LIMPING
Your father? COMBINING
Your favorite food? ITALIAN
Your dream last night? SLEEP
Your favorite drink? COFFEE
Your dream/goal? RETIREMENT
What room are you in? OFFICE
Your hobby? QUILTING
Your Fear? TORNADO
Where do you want to be in 6 years? HERE
Where were you last night? LAUNDRY
Something that you aren’t? THIN

Wish list item? TIME
Where did you grow up? FARM
Last thing you did? EMAIL
What are you wearing? JEANS!
Your TV? OFF
Your pets? NICK
!Friends? FAB
Your life? WACKIE
Your mood? CALM
Missing someone? USUALLY
Vehicle? SUV
Something you’re not wearing? JEWELRY
Your favorite store? FABRIC
Your favorite color? CHANGES
When was the last time you laughed? TODAY
Last time you cried? YESTERDAY
Your best friend? BUSY
One place that I go to over and over? LIBRARY
Who is the person who emails me regularly? JAN
Favorite place to eat? LIVING ROOM!

*I'm supposed to pass this on to six other bloggers, so if you're up for it...*

.....sun oh glorious sun where are you ....

another one of national geographic's "best of the best" I assume it's Victoria Falls -- I shouldn't assume -- I'm generally always wrong.

okay road construction update -- the Minnesota Ave/Broadway intersection is now closed for 21 DAYS --- so the wonderful powers in charge have now rerouted east bound Hwy 99 traffic past this old shack --- between shaking from the traffic and shaking from the construction demolition ---- I need ADVIL. Yesterday a southbound medvan/ambulance/blood truck came thru with full lights and sirens -- it was scarrrry.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

damn weather -- it's raining again

bob, the semi-retired undertaker sent me an email with the best of the best pictures from National Geographic and this family portrait was part of the group -- what a gorgeous group!

and this misbehaving dude was pawing at my home office window this morning -- food and shelter -- Bandit only gets to come in and eat -- evidently he's been prowling lately and has missed out on the "treats" --- so I buttered a piece of stale bread and he gulped it down. Mom actually toasts the bread for him. I think he'll be living indoors shortly. Although, he's a little old to be moving in.....tom kat's have bad habits.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

...... (sigh)

kind of sums up our deary weather doesn't it ... awaiting the next snow storm --- first I'm off to deliver 100 pumpkins to Kids Corner -- lots of little bodies waiting to help!

more roadconstruction detours.....can't wait for the dudes to finish and leave town .....with $17.5 Million in Stimulus Money....our tax dollars at work eh!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Road Construction

okay -- now it is more interesting to get here.....

it gets better --- the parking lot south of me is now getting tore up and new drains and hopefully replaced.....

maybe no power this afternoon -- so i should have planned on going to market ..... but i need to work

walked 3 xtra blocks to get to the hardware store of a new (and very important) coffee pot...and had to jump a barracade to get there -- the construction dude waving at me wasn't waving because i was well dressed either

but the sun is shining brightly!!!

happy sun day

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Great Hunters...

okay Jean and Kathy were out to get the pocket gopher who had the nerve to flip out dirt while we were standing there visiting.... they didn't accomplish their mission but -- the gopher disappeared for the balance of the day....


enough with the snow !!!!

i'm tired of it!!!!

so here is the list of leftover produce ......
the trailer is still full -- 3/4 squash & fancies 1/4 (and the heap) large pumpkins
the red/white pickup is loaded with 125 little and medium pumpkins (for Kids Corner)
the blue/white pickup is loaded/heaped/sagging with large pumpkins
my little garden trailer has pumpkins/squash and six watermelons on it

yes some stuff sold -- evidently not enough so here is the plan --- I'm going to market on Saturday (weather permitting --- warmer) -- and everything will be reasonable -- then after market I'm chatting with my office neighbor (Mr. State Farm) and hopefully will park there (better visability) and start peddling stuff. If Saturday goes well -- might come back there on Sunday -- then it all becomes deer food.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

1st day is done day 2 is yet to come

First day of the Great Pumpkin Fest is done. The snow was not a pretty sight this morning....the pumpkins were covered but a couple of the covers had blown off but they were okay. The trailers got hauled up there, the supplies unloaded --- its a lotta crap to pull this off! Lastly, a fire got lit in the portable fire pit. Kept us warm all afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for warmer weather --- and less wind. At any rate -- the end is near.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Yes, I'm here again.....

This blog is sometimes my personal "notes to self" reminders.

I actually worked up until 4:30 today, Mom helped out and I went to the patch to do a little clean up -- found a couple of bushels of squash, more pumpkins, and lastly picked the Argonut Butternut Squash. The Argonuts are upwards of 20lbs -- they are wacky. Not sure if they are ripe -- I did mistakenly drive over one with the truck -- it looked and smelled ripe! If nothing else they will be cool yard art.

The Twins game was irking me so I came to the computer to do a little work. I started another blog -- just so I could participate in a virtual quilt show --- if you go to the blog link and click on the ParkCity Virtual Quilt Show the entries will pop up -- it's pretty darn cool. The quilting bloggers are neat! Better than us gardening divas.

Hard to believe most of the gardening is done. Sometime in the next week I'll finish pulling the row markers -- and then hack up the remaining pumpkins -- good eating for the wildlife -- although the deer have already found them. I need to sit down and make notes of which variety met my expectations and which didn't. And lastly, decide if I'm going to garden next year. I never know until I order seed. It might be on a much smaller scale -- I just don't know yet.


The Big Day

okay I had a whole blurb about working hard and picking lots and waiting for the big days --- and the blog didn't post. evidently it wasn't meant to be.....

so the sun is shining (3 days in a row) the frost happened and it had better not snow tomorrow -- or I will be mad. and a mad Diva is not attractive!

so back to my project list....


Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Official Publication

Great Pumpkin Celebration revival
The debut of the
House renovations

Saturday, October 10th and
Sunday, October 11th

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

40999 County Road 20, St. Peter

Come and see what the Watermelon Diva and Stampin’ Queen
have been up to all summer!

Pumpkins in 8 varieties – all sizes and shapes
Squash – 6 varieties
Farmer’s Market Friends with a variety of items

Tour the House and check out the summer construction (destructionJ) projects
Great sale prices on in House stamp sets and accessories

Bring your Family and Friends

(rain or shine)

More info
Contact Marie (Diva) at 327-4706 or Jean (Queen) at 995-7342

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the picking and hauling

i had assistance this afternoon and the pumpkins got loaded, driven up the road and unloaded -- I'm thinking JD will never need to see another pumpkin again.

after supper (a eat and run affair) I went back out to locate some more squash ..... done ... picked and unloaded onto the trailer.

all this exercise must have some benefits.

as I was out there at dusk, I had geese flying overhead, pheasants calling at me, and a deer wandered thru -- it was cool.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009



So, it's time

to build the ARK ......

7 days and 7 nights of rain -- only 23 to go before the great flood arrives.

I've started to accumulate my materials --- 3 blue tarps !


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday's Highlights

maple trees at the Queen's House

piles of pumpkins -- the next deluge should rinse them off nicely -- i'm trying to think positive about the rain

another heap -- look closely the sun was out -- at least 2 minutes worth -- love the weeds eh!

the view from the hill -- i tried to take pictures from there all year long ... yes, there are that many weeds down there (it's embarassing!)

I followed elder #1 -- he was going out to grade a couple of roads --- just what every retired 74 year old needs to be doing on a Sunday afternoon --- I was headed out to heap some more piles . . . then it started raining, yet again.

The list of do to (and done)

^ picked and piled the pumpkins
^ picked the orange sunshines
^ pulled the row markers
^ dug the glads
^ watched the Twins Game GO TWINS
^ load up the ATV with squash

^ get ready for more wet weather

To do yet

^ get the pumpkins up over the hill and sorted
^ finish picking the squash
^ mow the office lawn
^ pick some watermelons?
^ nap


Saturday's Highlights

yes, this is a customer .... we sometimes get to see all kinds of headwear! no, i won't share her name ---

the wet load of pumpkins -- since elder removed the hitch from my junk truck -- he had to tote it in and retrive it

the wares of the day ----

hannah was cold too ..... and wet ....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Event --- returns

the Diva and the Queen have an event planned for next weekend. If I was good I'd have forwarded the flyer to home and inserted it here, but I'm not good.

Saturday October 10th and Sunday October 11th -- 1:00 - 5:00
Pumpkins, Squash, & Treats
Market Friends bringing their wares too.....(baked stuff ! ! more garden stuff!!)
The newly renovated House will be open for viewing -- deals on Stamp Sets too
and -- the stuff from the Estate!!!
40999 County Road 20 -- St Peter
(this would be the place for phone #'s -- but I misplaced my cell again -- and it has the Queen's # on it --- shit happens eh!)
rain or shine (it had better be shining!)
Questions -- email me
It was a cold wet Market this morning --- Dad delivered my pumpkin trailer (which is still overflowing) --- and well, I got rained on and sold a whopping $66 of stuff -- and just think, for $66 I could have slept late in my warm comfy bed.
I really need a vacation.

Friday, October 2, 2009

rain --- a lotta rain

well, it rained. a lot. things should green up around here. might need to mow the lawn, i was hoping to avoid that project.

grateful that elder #1 helped pick a load of pumpkins Wed night -- otherwise it would not have happened -- now searching for the large blue tarp --- (i think it's here on 3rd st -- yes i need to purge).

girls night out last night seemed to be well attended. renters had over 200 people schlep up the stairs and drip . . . they hosted a martini tasting .... the pommegranite was really good . . .


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh no .... captured on film

Cousin Jack and I at the family reunion, I brought watermelons. Love the dirty gloves .... and the clean wheels! I have been a good diva and regularly washed the exterior of my -- not so environmentally friendly SUV -- actually Bessie has been behaving lately.

the rain is falling

nancy m -- shopping for patrick's or whiskey river --- shortly after this she got stung by a bee....

2 happy shoppers and lisa w

shirley & marilyn ---
okay i dodged some of the frost --- the pumpkins and fancies took a hit -- but the remaining melons (a few) seem to be okay ---- dad and I picked a wagon, and 2 atv's of pumpkins last night --- the "big" trailer is loaded and ready for Saturday Market. I went back out at 7:00 and picked squash -- elder informed me a monsoon was on the way and it would be to wet to pick for the balance of the personal weather forecaster.
The Great Pumpkin Event & House Renovation Announcement went out on Facebook yesterday -- Save the date -- Sat Oct 10th and Sun the 11th .... lots of pumpkins -- the House should be ready for tours.