Monday, November 30, 2009


  okay this is blog post #500 --- not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing? 

  the happy stampers & scrappers had an afternoon of productive work yesterday -- my Christmas cards are ready and I have 1/2 the binding on the window quilt finished. 

  it's monday -- so I'm grumpy.  monday's are always chaotic.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

B I N G O =

okay i played BINGO for the Santa Anonymous cause.  never again.  $19 and 2 hours later --

it was DULL  --- i fail to see the attraction

i guarentee it will be my first and probably last time

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday Night

So I fell for Black Friday Shopping (after working most of the day).  I left for Mankato at 6:00 and returned to the farm shortly after 8:00.  It was an adventure I care not to repeat.  One of my favorites, JoAnn Fabric's had a sweet little sewing machine table on sale -- GONE, and their website was crashing all day.  Some yutz was buying up every yard of fleece they had -- i shit you not, while i was standing there i watched them cut at least 75 yards of FLEECE.  ugh. 

So I then braved target for the $3 appliances -- GONE, which I expected.  The Susan Boyle CD -- GONE.  Next stop, Herberger's, they wouldn't honor the "doorbuster" prices until morning.  So I left.

On to Hobby Lobby -- bargins, bargins, bargins and really really tired clerks.  Scrapebook paper --- dirt cheep.  Album's ditto.  Next door is Hancock -- so I had to go.  I bought a sewing machine case on wheels -- or Santa did and will be wrapping it up for me. 

So no more shopping until after Christmas.  People are nuts.  The prepaid debit card is looking like a really nice treat.

Off to the office -- the paint roller is calling, then on to Bingo at the Redmen -- Bingo proceeds are for Santa Anonymous ..... this will be the only time I ever play bingo.  


Friday, November 27, 2009

Sunny Friday

-- yes it is "Black Friday" -- I prefer to think of it as "sunny Friday" -- I managed to sleep thru sunrise but it's shaping up to be a beautiful day.  Shortly there will be a paint roller in my hand -- Skylar start painting in the file room and I'm going to finish it this morning (can't stand the chaos during the process -- so just gonna do it). 

-- off to Mankato sometime today -- JoAnn Fabric's has a deal on sewing machine tables and Ott lights --- too good not to check them out.  The elders went to Gander Mountain last night (still can't believe they were open) -- needed lead for the balance of deer season.

-- Lee, Jean, Nick, Shelley (Lee's sister) went to the movie last night -- the Blind Side -- it was good -- I can't remember the last movie I saw in a theater -- need to work on that.  (Haven't rented any either).

Happy Sunny Friday

Thursday, November 26, 2009

gobble gobble gobble

happy thanksgiving

only 30 days 'til the next big one !!!

(and 36 days 'til year end)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wild Wednesday

okay after yesterday's lack of productivity (yes it was that bad) -- today will be better -- note it is 6:10am and i'm typing away --- perused all my favorite quilt blogs -- yes, already this morning --- there are some really talented stitchers out there ! ! ! 

i'm off to the shower and then off to work --- once i decide just exactly what  to wear --- this should not be the decision of a lifetime ---

SNOW by morning ...... I'm ready (maybe)

Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Wishes.....



okay the Thanksgiving poetry came from Cousin Gordon ( -- it hit my funnybone at the time -- I was tweeking the blog layout yet again.  Working the idea of a quilting blog -- not sure why I never seem to finish anything anymore.  Have oodles of fun however, reading the quilting (quilters blogs)  -- they seem to finish lots.  


(( big sigh ))

  this diva is having a bit of trouble trying to work today ..... i've got my reports done for my investment club, my stock study done, called tech support and hopefully got the computer issue resolved (damn machines) .....

  and it's still dripping -- could be worse it could be snowing.  i'm not in the mood for holidays or snow -- i really liked the 50' weekends --

  so back to work and working on the attitude

happy tuesday

Monday, November 23, 2009

wacky weather weekend

can you believe how nice it's been -- we were into projects -- the office basement and garage have been cleaned out (and the 7 cases of copy paper carried down) ... ready for winter ....

the porch and garage at home got the same treatment -- although  one of us really doesn't purge as much as the other two -- must be in the hormones. 

i'm back on my healthy living kick -- walked outdoors this morning -- up to the park and back -- got to see the new construction for 6' away --- lots of finishing work to do yet

so back to the numbers (they never go away either)


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Office Treasures of the week . .

I found this little pail amid the junk at the trailer house it's about the size of an ice cream pail -- no holes, no rust --

i thought the closet computer needed a new desk last week -- so on short notice I checked out both of the thrift shops (where else do you buy furniture in st peter with 15 minutes of notice)  i didn't find a small enough desk -- but i found this cute little drop leaf table -- it needs a bit of tlc.  next summer the many coats of pait will come off -- all for $27 -- the deal of the week

my christmas cacti are thanksgiving cacti -- actually they bloom from thanksgiving thru christmas and then again at easter -- i never move them -- joy waters them -- I bought them at sam's club 8 years ago, repotted 'em and voila --- they really like the south window (which is like a north window since the bar is so close) ...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


 lee -- the computer dude in action --- at least I got the front side --- he really doesn't like the computer "closet" ....

A busy week on 3rd Street

not sure what happened but when the pictures uploaded they were all in html code --- computer speak .... couldn't add

here is the landscape looks nice.

A busy week on 3rd Street . .

okay John is watching the boys in action...the rock is about 4' in from the cement -- a fine place to park the snow and let it melt (shouldn't kill the grass)
okay John is still watching the boys in action (note: hands in pockets)

okay -- starting the edging ---
i shot the pictures thru my office window (thru the plastic window kit and the dirty window/screens) ...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Project Runway .....

Okay, the wrong woman won ..... Irina (aka: the Russian Princess) is a bit of a snob -- at least I thought so. Yes, she could sew and had some nice details -- but who would wear that SHIT and it was all BLACK.

Yes, I am a fan of Project Runway -- next season starts in January ----

Need to work on my own "project runway" this weekend -- the mending and altering is piling up at the sewing machine ironing board. My quilted sweatshirt project is also waiting .... details to follow

Happy Friday

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Whew ....

what a wednesday ! !

the landscaping project is done and it looks good !!! really cleans up the parking lot and yard -- now next spring need to plant some shrubs and transplant some daylilies .... and some more paint ! like all the trim --- ought to be fun --- two stories up . . .

the computer geek was here -- the old info got swapped to the new server (and it works) .... a new workstation at my desk --- and all the info from the old one to the new one ....

and I got a haircut !!!! and the cleaning diva was here too !!! looks fab inside and out ....

can't wait to see what Thursday brings .....


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


this is this morning ----
shortly after 6:00pm 11/16/09

this is 4:15 pm --- look CARS !!!

this was 11:30 am ... still has barricades ....

this was October 13th --- a long way to to

okay I promise enough with the road stuff ..... it is so quiet at the office this morning -- no shifting, starting, reving, honking, you get the idea. I haven't taken time to "cruise the main" yet -- might have to over lunch!!!!
the pictures are from the webcam atop the Nicollet County Courthouse --- it streams live video via their website. It's kinda cool.
so, more to come in spring, but it won't be as bad as last week! I shouldn't complain a lot of work was accomplished in 5 months, not sure how effective/safe/prudent it was --- I can't wait to see what next summers nasty project will be -- probably be 3rd street next !!! then I will be up the creek without a paddle!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The House

becky b hard at work on her xmas cards
no so busy work tables

expensive tools

more work in progress

so it was stitch, stamp & scrapebook weekend --- the deer hunters widows weekend and I don't think any of us were deer hunting widows...but 2 days of work time was nice.
i managed to get 42 blocks pieced for a wall hanging --- curved piecing and yes it was outside my comfort zone! today i played around with color/pattern combinations for a twin sized quilt and wasn't happy with any of them.
i did get the binding on the pink table runner and started whipping out yo yo's for a yo yo project.....
Jan made lots of spiffy gift tags and spice jars.... some of them will have glitzy balls on them -- if she finds glitzy balls, Becky organized photo's from scrapfest and got all of her xmas cards done, Ann popped in and finished her xmas cards, Jean worked on sample cards for the card class on Wednesday night ....
So, it was productive!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stitch and Bitch Weekend

the stampers and scrappers have a deer hunting widows weekend planned . I will be sewing .... hear the buzz of the bernina?

Time will tell


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home at last

48 hours of crap . . . .

the tax seminar did not deliver what it promised -- overpriced for the content ..... lately that's been the trend

the hotel could have been cleaner ....

Gruber's Quilt Shop was kinda disappointing (it too could have been cleaner -- dust bunnies and fabric do not go together very well)

CraftsDirect had a lotta lotta stuff in it --- we were frugal --- a good thing

we didn't dine at anywhere fancy (we should have) . . .

mom had trouble getting bessie started this morning (flooded -- oops!)

and driving home in the wind was like a bobber bouncing on Lake Mille Lacs with a slight walleye ripple . . .

so it's good to be home!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ready to roll

the bags are packed
the projects are done... sorta

the vehicle has gas!
the purse has cash!

we're off ......

Monday, November 9, 2009

so, it's another week in paradise !!

just kidding -- actually I think it is supposed to be a nice weather week ---- today seems pretty nice . . .

my week:

monday/tuesday --- at office as usual
tuesday --- drive to St Cloud -- late afternoon/early evening
wednesday/thursday --- Income Tax Conference
(I learn -- Mom Xmas Shops)
(Not sure but I think Jean is going along also)
friday --- back to work & food shelf aid
saturday --- the big day in St. Peter (the road party)
sunday --- a large mound of laundry
monday --- planning & zoning

.... I'm tired typing about it!


it all happens in 7 days.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

garden season is really over

Ever notice just how much we seem to cram into the weekends. No wonder I hate Monday's by the time it rolls around I'm pooped. Saturday was pretty dull -- I did go back to the office and work after supper -- I didn't want to waste daylight -- although I can't seem to remember just exactly what I did...

Today was clean out the little garden -- dig up the remaining gladiolas, check over the cabbage and finally toss the remaining pumpkins for deer food. I dumped them in 3 different locations at the edge of the building site. The deer will find them eventually. They were starting to "cook" on their own so it was time to dump. All of the tubs, baskets, tools and props are put away for winter. The acreage has all been worked up (see below). The basement bathroom got a fluff & buff job --- needs more.

At 3:00 I finally got to my sewing machine. Attached the binding on the window quilt, machine quilted a couple of table runners and got their bindings on ..... and cleaned up the sewing space.

Bed is calling ....

this is a little fuzzy (batteries were failing) but here is dad disking up at Lee, Jean & Nick's -- I had canteloupe and the fancies planted up there ... it's so moist that even our light soil turns up black .... note the old tractor (like a 1948) and grandpa dranttel's disk -- the one we ended buying back for way to much money .... a long sad story.

here's the melons/squash patch from the top of the hill -- really looks bare doesn't it.... the pine trees in the neighbors CRP really stand out ....

getting ready to go over the hill -- lots of popping and snorting -- the "M" only gets used for this project and grading the road ....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wouldn't cha know....

today is probably going to be the most beautiful day of fall 2009 -- and the leaves are GONE .... and it's opening day of DEER HUNTING SEASON --- so no hanging around in the yard . . . or the patch or just cruising on the ATV . . . .

i managed to knock out one item on my to do list --- but need to add a couple more......dang -- hate when that happens......

i hear laundry the computer and hop to it.......


Friday, November 6, 2009

t g i f .....

dang it's friday already -- my office project pile has yet to decrease .....

i've given up on the home project pile --- i buried my head in a library book and facebook's bejeweled blitz last night -- surfaced in time for Project Runway ---

i'll be having serious chat with self about completing said project lists....

So here are the top 5 on my list for the next 5 days (since I'm leaving Tuesday night for a Tax Conference in St. Cloud)

1. client payroll / payroll taxes (gotta get done)
2. repurpose furniture at the office
3. get that window quilt finished !!
4. 5 nasty's in the nasty pile (at office)
5. clean both garages!!!! winter be arriving.

The cool thing about the St. Cloud Tax Conference ---- CRAFTS DIRECT and GRUBER'S QUILT SHOP!!!! I'm on a budget $25 at each (it's cheating because I have a $25 gift certificate for Grubers) . . .

Sorta good news --- already searching for renters ..... and I think they are might actually be quieter with people living up there .....


Thursday, November 5, 2009


if the weather holds the entire southern half of Minnesota should hear the sound of the COMBINE ... -- stole this pix from today's Free Press ---

we need sun and warmth and wind.....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

not liking Tuesdays either

so, mid-afternoon, renter Brian tells me they will be leaving. as early as February -- so anyone need office space -- lovely downtown st peter -- 900 sq feet -- second floor -- old building -- lots of character -- expensive to heat -- off street parking, might need to convert it back to an apartment (so then i'll need to find a bathtub -- took out the 7' clawfoot when it was converted to office).

my theory -- everything has a reason.

so, the old red/white rusty truck went to it's new home last night. --- so it goes ... no more trash hauling, no more snow plowing and no more farmers market. it served it's purpose. i'm going to miss it more than elder. it was nice to load the market stuff (tables/tent/chair/tags/bags/kleenex/etc) and leave it in there for the season.....

oh, did i mention I'm still crabby. going to blame it on the LACK OF SUN --- did it need to rain again.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


another of National Geographic "best of the best" ... I've never seen a volcano (get real they don't happen in MN) and don't think I need to see one any time soon.

The sun is shining for the 3rd day in a row -- warm weekend on the way ... already starting my outdoor list of projects. Landscaping dude is due in on Friday for the office project ... might need to expand it if the weather holds.


Monday, November 2, 2009

crazzzzzy monday continues . . .

so okay, it's monday, does everyone feel the need to be wackie ..... so far all I have accomplished for the day is drinking a 1/2 gallon of tea.....

that's all folks..... i hate mondays .....

the cleaning projects continued over the balance of the weekend. yard work, basement, home office -- the curbies and dumpsters are overflowing -- tomorrow is the load for the thrift shop .... even the ebay stuff sold and had to be hauled to the post office.

mom & i took an atv tour of the farm yesterday -- lots of cool stuff --- we peeked over the hill at the river (she got nervous -- i drove to close to the edge) -- we peeked over the ravine at the creek -- ditto the edge ordeal -- then found an ash (?) tree with a huge burl on it . . . snuck up the hill via Nick's trail (a little steep for the passenger) -- found the old dump with some bottles .... and finally made it up to the stamping house .... took the road back home and then headed to our bittersweet site and some IDIOT stole all of it.

and i did all of the above without a camera.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

well, in order to sew one must

CLEAN -- 4 hours and 6 bags of trash/recycling/thrift shop came out of the sewing room -- and so far I haven't sewed a stitch. It's a long neglected corner ..... but it and I are ready to rolllllll.
Above is Mr. Bandit -- he thinks he's in charge.
Since the weather is supposed to be tolerable today -- it will be a yard work only day. The pots are ready to dump, no raking (god invented a machine for that), dig some glad bulbs, toss the remaining 12 pumpkins, stash the squash --- all that good stuff needs to be finished today!
I may even head into 3rd street for a couple of projects.