Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Day of 2010 ....

  I must be aging.  I would have never thought 2010 would have sped past at record pace.  Truly, where has the year gone.  Every year I dash out my new years resolutions, print 'em and post 'em on my office wall and every 12/31 the old comes down and go into my daily calendar and get filed away ... I even made the list of 25 things to do before I turned 50 .... only hit a couple of them.  Better start the 50 things before 60 list -- that will give me 9 years and 10 months to actually get 'em done.

So, here's this years version!!!

1.   I will not to complain about the weather.  God has his reasons and evidently it's not for me to know.
2.   I will walk daily.  Truly.  A couple of blocks is better than nothing.  move, move, move.
3.   I will to spend at least one night at the sewing machine.  even when life is very busy.  an
                   addendum -- not to purchase any more fabric ... or at least track how much I actually use.
4.   I will  finish reading the Harry Potter series.  If they can get the movies done I can get the books read.
5.   I will not to trade off the car until it's paid off.  Seriously, it's not prudent to trade off a vehicle
                  that you still owe on the loan.  Dumb.
6.   There will be some sort of vacation in my world.  Maybe one mini one a month.
                  the zoo, Duluth, the lake, a weekend in the City, a ballgame
7.   The clean desk and organized office ... just gotta happen.
8.   I will not lose my glasses any more. 
9.   I will ride the bike to work in the summer.
10. Gotta learn one new thing a day. 

  So there it is peeps, THE 2011 LIST -- hold me to them.  I might even start the Harry Potter #6 tonight .. and squeeze in a little time at the sewing machine.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

this weeks deliveries!

  arriving in this weeks mail !  catalogs, lots of seed catalogs.  helps to think planting amid the snow and ice.  this batch of 4 brings the total to 10 so far.

 ebay was fun -- 2 of the three Kaffe Fassett books ... I'll have them all eventually and I've vowed to purchase all via ebay and not spend more than $10 each!  So far so good.

a couple of the bag projects of old...the floral (not the best pic) was my attempt at a lunch sack .. didn't like it but it holds my backup drives from the office so it has purpose ... the one on the right has a zipper and it holds just about everything else ... into the tote bag it goes... phone, drugs, kleenex, gift cards, spare cash, spare batteries...

and the flip side is a different color  ... left overs from my film strip project (which i need to finish up)

so i'm learning to like the blog now and post it later feature that blogger has....lots of flexibility ... I'm working on the big NYEve blog of resolutions!!!!

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Karl the roof man --

karl the ice chipping guy arrived today .. it was icier and higher than he was comfortable with so ... parts of it got chipped, scrapped and knocked down. 

i have decided to do this project one must be young and dumb.  nuts is more like it...i stopped watching it was just too scary for this old, conservative diva to witness.  although i was running the shovel behind him -- the piles of ice got hard really fast. 

i got home and nick had done the farm house roof but left piles on my freshly shoveled decks.  the piles are hard so i'll be chipping away for days . . . it is character building!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the last day of ...

   end of year tax least my last day of live peeps.  and the ice chipping dude is coming to remove 3' of snow from my roof .. and the ice dams.  oh fun (remember it's a very tall two story shack) have camera .. he's going to shovel my garage roof too ... it should be a fun check to write out.

   weird day yesterday .. in anticipation of my new gig (job/elected post/what was i thinking) I cancelled my health insurance -- I've paid my own my entire life -- it's just mind boggling that I'm getting health insurance coverage from this gig.  even more mind boggling -- no more high deductible health insurance -- that $5,000 deductible meant I've paid it all (of my medical costs)  over the last 50 years and 2 months and still paid the premiums. 

  I also froze my tush off all day long.  I just couldn't get warm.  Well the sneezing has begun.  Shoulda known eh!  Bring on the tissues it's going to be a long rest of the week!


heaping up the snow -- moving it from one side of the parking lot to directly on top of my tulip bed tractor -- red tulips -- it was evidently supposed to be

the finished heap == 12' tall -- yes that dark grey spotch is the bird bath

looking north -- the frost was cool yesterday morning

wade bringing me my Kaffe Fassett books -- ebay was fun on Xmas Day!

another heap in the street -- the lovely neighbors always dump their snow in the street .. and the rest of us end up paying for the pickup of their snow .. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

let the games begin

   so my camera batteries pooped out on the way to Oshawa and no extra batteries here or at the office.  because this hard working diva came to work on 12/26 ... shoveling, cleaning and bonding with that cat.  i even sat thru 3 hours of a self study continuing education seminar ... an hour to go then the exam and that project will be done. 

   today begins the onslaught of work.  it's go go go until April 15th ... and the wackies have already started calling this morning.  (insert smiling face here) ... it is good to be me!

   it was a great holiday weekend ... lots of food, fun and relaxation, with a little work on the side.  i even managed to hit up McDonalds for my iced coffee and THE car got gas in its tank.  when i zipped into McD's the gas station looked relatively calm ... when i got over there it was a disaster but i got the job done up to $3 yesterday ... i can remember the $ 0.75 days.

   tomorrow starts the NewYears Resolution Planning!  Lots to work on for 2011!!!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

pssst, is it still Christmas

   it is at this shack.  off to Oshawa for a post holiday coffee. 

   have camera will travel

   i'm sure the snowpiles out there are huge too

   took a drive about town last night

   not many homes decorated for the season this year

   bring on the new year!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas ....

   for those of you who know me it's rare for me to take an afternoon off between Turkey Day and 4/15 .. but yesterday I did -- it was snowing and that was my reason for leaving the office early -- the trek home would have been a bit better if I had waited an hour ... but .. I had a nap, cleaned and walked around with camera for some fresh air .. it was actually quite nice out ...

oh, what the elder does every afternoon -- move more snow around -- the piles are getting rather large

grain bin w/soybeans in it ... piles are 10' tall ... note the icicles, me thinks the beans be cooking in there ... the fans are running to cool 'em down ... look closer and the turkeys walked all over the roof ... didn't notice until elder mentioned it and i enlarged the pix ..

path to the house from the shed .. never did bring in the clothes pins ...

just before he got stuck (again) -- it's a daily occurance ...

working on the perfect pic for next years xmas cards!

merry christmas

(peace, glad tiddings, good health and melting snow be in our future !!)

Friday, December 24, 2010

oh Santa ...

this is what I want for Christmas .....
rave reviews in todays paper ....
unfortunately, I need to (a) rob a bank or (b) win the lottery

  and well neither is going to happen anytime soon!

2011 Ford Explorer -- totally redesigned ... ooohhh.....much better than old bessie and well a whole lot better than current bessie!

I'd look good rolling down the road in one! 

Merry Christmas Eve ....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

whining .... wa wa wa

  the forecast changed == we're gonna get walloped again.  santa's really going to have trouble getting here!!!! 

  i'm keeping up the chanting ... "let it melt, let it melt, let it melt" ... it doesn't seem to be working.   evidently santa doesn't have enough clout.


A walk on the wild side

turkey in tree -- he was afraid of my slippery auto

tree at the neighbors ... probably should have been worrying about driving not about the pix

elder clearing snow in the back yard.... wouldn't want it to melt into the basement and well 5 sec later he hit the bird feeder pole and knocked it all over.... oops ...

fuzzy headed out of the yard.... eating everything along the way

okay, i'm an idiot this was supposed to auto post in the am not happening ... all part of wacky wednesday

happy happy happy

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

slip sliding away

  So this Diva went to Lafayette Minnesota today ... nasty roads to Lafayette Minnesota.  Slid up with some Santa A packages .... the 10 miles from the USHwy 111 & Nic Co Rd 1 to Lafayette were awful. 

  Lafayette is a little community on the Sibley / Nicollet County Line ... passed Bernadotte on the way ....  little dots on the road map with big names! 

  Santa is almost done for the year ....

aaahhhh hump day is almost over also ....


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holy Shit

  it flippin SNOWED again.  Another awful 6" for a season to date total of 33".

  rescue me -- I'm coming unglued (unsewed) at the seams.


Monday, December 20, 2010

T G I Monday --- yell it from the snowdrifts...

  I'm trying to make Mondays more tolerable (is it working yet ? )   So this is the scene from our porch door yesterday afternoon .... gotta love the visitors...

fuzzy and his twin wander in on a regular basis ... not sure where (or if) mama is ... they have a schedule ... and most of these are 20' from the house!  he had no fear when i opened the door for pic's .... this explains the open dining in the garden eh!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


  Sunday is not a day of rest (at least until April) ... so, I'm at the office toiling away.  I spent too many hours on Santa A to actually accomplish the projects people pay me to complete, so I'm here.  I had a cool bird moment this morning --- turkey took flight in front of me ... pix's on camera ... last night was a deer crossing.

  Pictures of the week include a whole lotta snow and more is forecasted for tomorrow (in fact a Winter Storm Watch is out -- oh happy happy) ...

yes, the snow is approaching the top of the fence -- the heap is as tall as the chain link on the opposite side of the lovely icy parking lot

I'm just going to keep thinking spring/summer ... think green it will be green!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

   just didn't happen for this diva.  i got home late, rescued the parents (flat tire on their wheels), sent them off in another vehicle, sat down and read a bit, turned on "What Not to Wear" and well fell asleep.  so not a lot of productive time last night. 

  i probably needed the sleep eh!

  happy christmas all

  check out all the other Friday Night Sewers!  here's the L I N K ....


ps.  i'm thinking about a new sewing machine (or an additional one) any thoughts on Juki's .... guidance and advice is welcome ..... my bernina is lovely but free motion quilting is challenging ...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favorite Things Friday ....

  Since we've had 19" of snow since my last favorite things friday (yes 19 ugly inches).  I needed to be reminded of the people who make my life easier/better/more productive ....

Super Skylar -- intern/working girl extraordinaire -- although she abandoned us for the bright lights of the big City and has yet to come back and visit !!!!

this really isn't Joy, my girl monday and wednesday -- but alas I have not yet been able to sneek a picture of here .. beware the camera travels with me and she will be the next victim ... she fresh off cataract surgery so she'll be able to see me coming (with at least one eye)

Mrs. H who keeps me on time and in line and keeps the rest of us moving along.  Even though I keep the thermostat way to low for her comfort level.  I had a cool pix of her and Nick today ... but I left it on my office computer. 

Mr. Nick.  The pest control device.  Unfortunately he eats and poops a lot and creates a bit of work for me. 

Cousin Jan, Mom and Sister Jean.  They keep me laughing, fed and clothed. 

Brother in Law Lee and Nephew Nick -- they keep some of my equipment operating.  And constantly talk trash (nasty) about my choice of vehicles.  Be assured -- I'll get even.

and Dad -- keeps the weeds tilled up, the truck running, and plows my snow (not happy about plowing the snow) ...

So head on over to Mrs. P's blog and check out the rest of the favorite things friday -- here is the L I N K.. it's kinda fun taking a peak at our Favorites!

Stay warm and dry ...


Dear Santa:
   What the hell -- didn't you get my letter!   6 more inches overnight and it's still falling.  Give us a break!!!!  I'm not leaving you any cookies, milk or alchol on Christmas Eve. 

    We were doing your work last night in that mess!  I'm too old to be shoveling or mowing my own grass ... and now I have to pay big $$$ to have the boys with the really big toys to haul it out of here! 

    I'm not a happy elf.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

enough already

  Dear Santa:

   Thank you for last weekend's storm.  It was lovely.  It was a wonderful way to remind us of the power of Mother Nature, however, we've had enough.  Could you please assist in diverting tonights blast either north or south of St. Peter, I'm not sure we can handle any more snow or ice.  I've only fallen once a day and to be candid --  parts of my well padded frame hurt. 

   We have no more room to put any more snow.  The boys with the snow toys are hauling it around the clock and probably need a nap.  They appear to be a bit crabby. 

   And I have one last request -- can it warm up.  Shoveling when it is below zero is the pits.

   Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Diva Marie

Monday, December 13, 2010

Window Warmers & Minnesota Winters

so yesterday I posted pix's of my summer quilting projects.  I made 6 "quilts" for the windows at the office .... at first I was fancy and then well, I just wanted to get the job done....and I tried to use fabrics from my stash store because well I really don't need to purchase any more fabric. 

the windows at the office are as old as the building.  1895 -- they are very drafty.  and it's very cold.  so I made the window quilts, which cover up the plastic insulatiing kits that I put on to attempt to stop the drafts (they do help with the heating bill).  Windows may need to be my next big purchase. 

this is my shack .... a couple of years ago ... currently the snowbanks are 5' tall.  the City didn't come thru and suck them up yet ... I'm hoping the street clean out is tonight .  I'm the main floor and there is an apartment on the second floor ..

this one is string pieced to muslin foundations (I have since found a spiffy tutorial and won't use muslin foundations any longer) -- it is not quilted but has a flannel back.

this one is in the "front" room it is quilted the traditional way.  this is great practice for free motion quilting. i just chopped up a bundle of matched fabrics .. not sure where or why i bought them.

my office -- this was a layer cake chopped up and re arranged and quilted ... during the day the seams look like stained glass.  the room used to be blue .. did't realize how dark pink this particular wall looks until now and yes a lotta crap on top of the file cabinet and typed to the wall -- i've since cleaned 'em off.

my "office" was a bedroom ( i think it was the kitchen when the house was originally built and converted to a bedroom when it was duplexed in the late 1940's) and had a bay window -- the blue/yellow one and this quilt are currently in this bay.  This is the first one and I didn't make it long enough and it's the first free motion quilting I tried -- don't look too close.  Yes part of the trim is painted white.  I was testing out trim finishes ... and never got around to painting the trim (yes, it's been several years) ... and the poor hibiscus -- I brought them in for winter and they've been blooming the entire time. 

so this is where i spend a lot of my time ( gasp) so .... I'm heading into tax season so it will be 95 - 100 hour weeks until late April.  If I got stranded I'd be warm -- I've purchased some really cool quilts via fundraisers and they line the interior walls. 

So those are my window warms -- thanks for asking (and nudging Mrs.P) and enjoy.  It's been a fun project and well more to come. 


Sunday, December 12, 2010

stitching diva

  being snowed in does have it's advantages ... lots of quality time at the sewing machine.  i got to the office this morning -- the drifts were larger than bessie could handle so ... fergie came to town to clean off my sidewalk .... it's just the pits out there ...

the neighbors across the street are for sale -- they're moving to a new building ...

the beginning of the heap - I always worry he's going to wipe out my 100 year old fence

sewing project #1 -- a window warmer -- the binding was sewing on (by machine) and i hung it when i got back after lunch and shoveling -- i kind of like the stained glass look. i managed to get another one quilted yesterday -- ready for binding tonight.  and I have one more pieced and ready to baste ... that will make 6 of 'em this summer and fall ... there is only 12 windows downstairs so i'm 1/2 done.

okay, the ugly rug in the middle window's just gotta go ... but with howling north winds it does the trick -- yes I have a mess on my file cabinet and bookshelf -- but "I can find everything" -- so I told Mrs. H when I couldn't find something -- and Mrs. H I still have not found it .. but hey the basement lights decided to work on Friday!  The joys of an old shack. 

stay warm peeps -- it's going to be an awful week.


the flock (herd) of turkeys made their daily pilgrimage to the backyard and tried to find seed under the bird feeders.... they were all fluffed out and kept hunkering down

then they moved under the pine tree and huddled up before moving on

elder #1 went out at 7:00 ... started working in the yard -- first with his truck and then out came "fergie" ... he's blowing toward the camera

action shot ... stuck the camera to the window and just start shooting -- didn't think they'd turn out ...

another pass ... lots of passes

he just left the house....the dump truck operator is due in at first light so ... that operation will be up and running .... not sure on exactly how much fell ... 15 inches seems to be the amount per the weather dude -- the wind has died down and it's below 0' 

I really don't like winter anymore!