Sunday, January 31, 2010

stampin/scraping/sewin divas!

okay -- the first night, unpacking and deciding where to start, Diva Jan (green), Diva Jane (burgundy) and Diva Becky (contemplating) --- these Diva's do not travel light -- it was car loads of stuff .... and i mean car loads

okay unpacking the tools and supplies and believe me they have a gizmo for everything!

Diva Jean -- deciding on something...

  It was the weekend of food, projects, movies and laughter -- and I managed to work both days too!  I'm trying to talk them into a summer retreat -- atv riding and projects .... time will tell.

Diva M

ps -- here's the deal Diva's these are the only pictures I took that aren't blurry --- so, you'd better share yours!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Working Stampers

   The stampers and scrappers called to make sure I was indeed working this morning and I am.  They worked into the early morning hours and are up and at 'em too. 

   I made 35' of black bias tape last night -- today it will be encasing the clothesline and my project will start to take shape. 

   We did watch the movie "mama mia" during the work hours last night -- cheesy, but entertaining.  Sometimes thats all we need.  Tonight is "titanic" -- I'm not sure why but everytime I see that movie it's -20 ...and then the bodies are floating amid the ice  ..... gets me everytime.  I love the music in Titanic -- I have both CD's and they are favorites on my IPOD.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Scrapping, Stamping & Sewing Weekend!!!

  The stampers and scrappers have a fun filled weekend planned for the House.  I'm going to be sewing.  Tonight, tomorrow night and part of Sunday !!  The mystery project will appear when it is finished as will my photo  documentary of the weekend !!!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Working Diva

  Still at the office -- backup tape is spinning away and I can't leave the building without it.  One of my rules ... it got a late start.  I had a late start today too.  Overslept.  Not allowed. 

  Crazy world I live in.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yoga Day

so the first session of yoga is done.  hope to learn lots.  already have cramps in my toes....

not sure why i was whining about the cold yesterday, it's worse today and tonight is to be ugly, but since february arrives next week, it'll be warming up fast!



ps.  cousin Kathy M needs xtra prayers tonight --

ps. January Humor --- had new client meeting this afternoon, and this guy -- says to me "what have you done with your hair?" -- I replied, cut it (it used to be long -- a decade ago) -- and he says "no you've dyed it" -- he thought I was my Mom -- okay -- and I thought I was a young looking 49 --- so I must be a really young looking 69.  I needed yoga after that. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

blah blah blah

Diva is tired, cold and cranky.  There is however a bright spot, the new issue of American Patchwork and Quilting was waiting for me at the farm.  The highlight of my night.

Well, one of the highlights.  The WinVestors bought BirkshireHathoway shares -- we can finally afford Warren Buffet!!! 

Good Night Sleep Well


ps.  check out the "galloping gardener blog" -- the link is on the right sidebar.  it's a gardener touring fab gardens and the pictures are really and growing is good!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Blizzard Warnings

  So, please remind this Diva, why she lives in this part of the world.  This blizzard crap is getting really really old. 

  Actually, I was the only car on the road --- the $17.5 million road -- and they haven't plowed it yet .... drifts all over downtown.  I was told it was barricaded at McD's but it wasn't ..... so I'm home and whining ..... sorry.

  Thinking snowless thoughts.


yep, it was truly snowing ..... stole/borrowed/copied this picture from the free press this morning ... the ap picked it up too --- in the Mpls paper too.... but it pretty much sums up Monday ....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ah .. . . .

  I never bring the yard art in ... this little glass & brass frog toots his horn year around ... actually there is two of them .... a duet !

  Another day on 3rd street -- still a nasty driveway and ugly township road --- tomorrow the "rock" man cometh and things will be better .... as does the snow.

  Busy week ahead -- meetings, yoga, clients, deadlines.  Keeps us hopping eh!


ps.  the question of the moment -- will the sun ever shine again???

Saturday, January 23, 2010

ice ... ice ... ice

okay not sure what i was doing when i inserted the pix ... it's been a day of ice at the farm.  teeth clenching / steering wheel gripping ice.  i assisted elder #1 with spreading rock on the driveway -- or the hill and the mailbox incline -- only fell twice (padding helps) ... then i went to the office -- where the deluge washed away the ice from the eaves ... the big icicles were crashing on the porch roof -- the building was shaking (yep that big) ... so i packed up my box of homework and have been working away at home every since.

took a break and did some pix shooting .... the rain has finally stopped.  elder was out roughing things up with his tractor and bucket ... it's become a wet sloppy mess...when it freezes tonight it's going to be worse...

back to normal -- work at office tomorrow .... too many distractions here on Daisy Lane!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Ah, stop and smell the .....

the roses grown on another continent and flown in....they just don't smell like the locally grown roses.  when i was at the grocery store last sunday -- they had a sale on roses -- $ 9.99 for the dozen.  they aren't the "sonja's" from my past greenhouse gig but darn close. 

the prettiest wedding bouquet ever -- was Kelly's -- sonja roses, white daisies, blush pink carnations, baby's breath and real ivy -- it was gorgeous.  so, mrs. m if you read this  -- it still ranks with my favorites!!!  May of 1981 !!!  I have a thing for dates and numbers (occupation hazard).

i came home early - again.  it was raining hard and i really wanted to get up the hill and into the garage before it changed over to ice.  well the hill is the pits, but I made it -- bessie is in the garage -- can't wait to see what the morning is going to bring -- at least there will be no traffic when I head to the office (like 6:00am) ... things to do . . . .


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Freezing Rain

  Needs to fall somewhere else.  I bailed from town and am attempting to work at home.  Way to many distractions around here. 

  Back to work.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reflections . . .

 Another deadline in my crazy life is done and gone!   One more this month and well, it starts all over again in February.

 It was starting to rain when I left 3rd street for the farm.  The Highway (the 17.5 million $ road) was wet and well salted ... but our township road left lots to be desired ... then the driveway (the uphill driveway) -- actually wasn't too bad.  Can't wait for morning -- the downhill slide is always fun. 

 I still remember the year when Mom, Joyce and I were headed uphill when we were actually going downhill -- thankfully a snowbank slowed down the spin.  That had to be the winter of 1995 ... my first winter of self employment !!!  The trek home that day was awful .... I got to the approach of the garage -- got out to help sand, fell, and the wind was blowing and the idling car slide into yet another snowbank -- all on its own.  I crawled to the house and elder parked it. 

 Funny the things we remember --- Joyce called early that day (like before 6:00am) and asked for a ride to work -- no wonder !!!   She's been in our thoughts a lot lately.  Must be the aging gig -- it's been a couple of months of reflection.  It is the year to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of my 30th birthday.    

Good thoughts !!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday (Monday the 2nd)

it 'twas another day of fog and frost -- this is the handle on my gate at the office -- it is so cool -- the frost really brings out the pattern -- dad's says it's cast iron -- i thought brass (what would I know!)

nick was supervising, Jim, the plumber -- the flapper on my crapper (Jim's version) was not flapping properly and the toilet was flushing itself (fairly often) -- I was torqued enough on Monday night to cut the water to it -- I didn't think I needed to pay for all night flushing !!!  So, it started up again tonight about the time I was getting ready to leave for home.  Damn thing.

I think it is haunted by the ghost of Peanuts Coulter (the shack's previous owner -- also a plumber) !!!  Peanuts was flabbergasted that I actually replaced all of his 1940's toilets with low flush efficient ones!  He really got excited when I ripped out all the carpet and stripped the multiple layers of wall paper!!!  He really flipped when I replaced his steam boilers with new furnaces and air conditioners ....

It was a second Monday, I just couldn't get my act together, poor Robyn had to put up with me.  I think the staffing dilemma has been resolved.  Bodies will be working --- 3 more months and the chaos will be done!!!!!!

Crabby Diva!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday (eeek)

  for a Monday, it really wasn't too bad of a day.  I didn't get enough done, but honestly, that happens every day!

  I think we've almost conquered most of the sidewalk ice -- 120lbs of salt later, something should have melted.  chip chip chip ..... gone --- it's going to take a month of 35' for this stuff to all melt and leave -- or a couple of days of rain. . . .I'm imagining the next 100 year flood -- after all, 1965, 1993 and 1995 were all 100 year floods.  Kinda funny when they happen 2 years apart !


Sunday, January 17, 2010

ah, life

 so, here's the deal, i vowed to blog every morning before leaving Daisy Lane and heading to 3rd street -- well, it ain't working as well as I hoped so, i'm switching back to nights.

 another busy (translation:productive) weekend at the office.  'til the phone rang.  i like to hide out on weekends and just work.  but things are getting done.

 the body is ready for bed, the clothes are laid out for morning (yes, i'm that anal -- there is a wardrobe list for the entire week), and desperate housewives is a mere 15 minutes away!!!  hopefully, i'll be awake thru the entire episode, the commercials tend to be nap time and i forget to wake up.

  the Vikings won.  I only watched the last 3 minutes.....enough to know the outcome.  must have been a party at Patrick's the street was full. 

happy sunday!

and on the 7th day . . .'s up at at 'em.  although not very perky or very early.  it's still dark out -- i'm getting tired of the darkness.  i think we had melting action yesterday -- other than my dash to the bar for lunch and home for supper i never left the office. 

   i'm hoping for more melting action today -- it will be happening with the 4 additional bags of salt i purchased during the refueling moment.  it 'twas a busy friday night, haircut, gas stop, supper, 4 loads of laundry  . . . and WHAT NOT TO WEAR was on TV.  

   today is back to 3rd street, yesterdays project list was finished and i'm dreaming up more work for today -- lots getting done, unfortunately our friends in government can't seem to get software approval done and 2009 Corporate forms released !!!!  makes life a waiting game!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

and on the 16th day

  january will be more than 1/2 gone and well more than 1/2 the work is done -- going to hit it hard over the weekend and next week should be less hectic  . . .  or that is the plan

  the first two tax returns are done and transmitted .... no issues so far !


Friday, January 15, 2010

T G I F (whew!)

finally friday --- which really doesn't make a whole lot of difference in my world.  weekends are as busy as weekdays, just a bit more relaxed.

the wackies were out yesterday.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Grief ....

  I'm still at the office ....  the project list is growing not dwindling.....

  damn, need to work on that


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump Day

same 'ol
same 'ol

but i think the sun is going to shine today -- at least that's what i'm told
sun will be wonderful


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sleepy diva

this diva can't seem to get her tush out of bed and rolling in the morning ... waking up at 3:00am and thinking too much and then napping thru the alarm.  not good.  not good at all


Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy Monday .....

  busy day at 3rd street and on daisy lane --- more eye surgery today .... then elder #2 will have new "eyes" -- and probably not have to wear glasses for distance

  and according to those in the know -- it's going to be 20' today --- whooo hoooo

  the meltdown begins


Sunday, January 10, 2010

the Day of Rest (NOT)


back to 3rd street
the projects are getting done

lunch (?) suggestions are welcome
walk (for certain)

attitude adjustment break

chip ice
shovel chunks
clean floors

maybe sew?

a busy day ahead

Saturday, January 9, 2010

and on the 8th Day

  it is still below zero.

8 consecutive mornings of -20.  the cold makes me ugly.


Friday, January 8, 2010

ahhh drugs

   they do wonders -- at least the ear issues seem to have let up a bit.  now if i could only get the rest of the body to function better -- especially in the subzero temps.  dang, it's hard to roll out of bed.  according to elder --- by monday i probably won't have to warm up the wheels.  i'm well trained, bessie sits around and warms up a lot.

   on my trek to the doctor wednesday -- i saw old "bessie" -- i still miss that set of wheels. 

   keep thinking "january thaw" -- we could really use it !!!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ears and other body parts

  Another trip to the doctor yesterday.  Ear infection, same ear as last time.  I whined and instead of the HUGE pills got liquids.  I just can't swallow those whoppers --- and by the time I cut them up and chew them I'm gagging, so ...... bubble gum flavored antibiotics are in my fridge.  Not sure it tastes any better but, it is a one shot swallow.

  Kinda frightful looking/feeling out there this morning.  I'm hoping the sidewalks blew clear with the wind...the "power" shovel is not going to start in this cold. 


okay, I'm losing it (my mind) -- I really didn't think it was too bad -- at least the trek in was uneventful -- got my sidewalks plowed -- parking lot is done -- evidently the wind has picked and it's really ugly up on the prairie.  so. . . I might get a snow day too.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Last of the Resolutions

11.  No sickness or disease.
12.  May thru November -- only 40 hours a week.  Ha!

  So as I'm typing, I'm swallowing antibiotic's -- another self diagnosed ear infection and leftover drugs from the last round.  I'm due in for more blood work -- so I'm going to visit with doctor too.  The cold is making me fall apart.
  It hasn't been above zero since NYEve Day.  I think the entire population of St. P is getting grumpy because of it.  Still haven't got my car windows down.  Even after it sat and ran for an hour on Monday night.  So. . . no Mickey D's today either.  (Yes, I could get out and go inside -- but why, the drive thru is so much more exciting.)

  Okay, enough of the whining -- the car is out warming up -- time to roll.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


   9.  I'm not watching the weather any more. 
               Can't control it, can't change it, can't can't can't
 10.  Technology is my friend. 

   So, it's still cold.  I'm cold.  I'm crabby.  In a week it is supposed to be 30', I don't think I can wait that long.  See #9 above.  The last forecast I'm going to actively seek out.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Day #3 of Resolutions

7.  Someday I'm going to live in a warmer climate.
8.  No more fines at the Library (oops).

  Yes, it is very cold, again.  I put my coat/hat/gloves on over my jammies and the car is warming up as I type.  In 10 minutes I'll be at my semi warm office --- a 115 year old building isn't always the warmest building --

   2010 was to be the year of the windows -- time will tell.  Since the renters are leaving and a bit of plumbing needs to be complete to facilitate new renters, windows may have to wait. 

Diva (shivering)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


More resolutions.

4.  I'm not going to complain about the weather.
5.  I'm going to walk more.  (I know this shows up on this list every year.)
6.  One UFO per month.  (unfinished object/project).

So, it's really hard this morning to abide by resolutions #4.  I have yet to turn on the radio or tv.  Nor have I peeked at the thermometer  --- I can't change it anyway. 


Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Beginnings

  So, I didn't make it yesterday -- nor did the resolutions for the new year.  It happens.  We had a day of family, lots of catching up and visiting and laughing.  We all need much more laughter in our world.

  So, my resolutions are going to come thru out the year.

1.  Laugh more.
2.  Work more productive (which should translate to work less).
3.  Sew more (this is an annual pledge).

  Off to the office today.  Lots of payroll reports, W2's and other year end processing await me.  It will be quiet so the productivity will rise (see #2).  Since it is -20' it's easy to dig in and work. 

Thinking warm thoughts!