Sunday, February 28, 2010


  So, I'm taking the night work, no work, no work.  Actually, it was a pretty calm day.  I'm guessing the crap will hit the fan sometime tomorrow and well.....

  105 hours on 3rd street last week.  2 1/2 weeks crammed into 7 days.  Gotta make changes.  So my posse -- should I or shouldn't I is the question of the night.  If I should and it happens it's going to be major changes to operations.... if I don't there is going to be major changes.  Email your votes....

  So, that was a bit of rambling.  Sorry, if you're in the posse, please vote.  I'm waffling and no waffling is allowed. 

Good Night -- sleep well (and VOTE)....


baby jake and his toy -- he's scared of me.....but he's growing .... needs a babysitter over the weekend ...anyone need a gig!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

ugh, ugh, ugh

okay this is an almost live shot for the webcam a top the courthouse --- looks brighter than it probably is ... fog is rolling in -- the weather geek claimed it was above freezing today -- i have not left the building since i arrived 15 hours ago -- time to leave  -- laundry and sleep are waiting....

Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh What a Week

  So, Diva's had the busy busy week.  She is pooped.  The help have all left for the evening -- and the controlled chaos starts all over tomorrow.....the work is getting done.

  I'm in my pink flannel jammies and ready to work.

  Coffee is ready too.

Happy end of February.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hump Day

  'twas hump day on 3rd street -- uncontrolled chaos is more like nick was his usual charming self, entertaining the customers -- especially the little people...

this is the "damn you my dish is empty" stare....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

wow ....

  warm up dang it
   i need spring

   i need a lot of things


Monday, February 22, 2010


  song titles are running thru my mind ....

anyway it's 9:45pm and i'm eating warmed up baked beans, typing away and headed for bed.  learned lots about septic systems and ordinance changes.... big business in human and animal poo...


Sunday, February 21, 2010

w2's and 1099's

 .... are a lot of behind the scenes work.....been sorting and signing the IRS copies all night long.  getting ready to ship them off .... no it's not just hit the button and wait for them to pop out....maybe i'm just a bit crabby

.... but our 1099's and w2's look fabulous ....

.... worked all day -- 6:00am and forward --- had a tired/headache/nasty moment but my drug of choice (advil) seemed to chase it all away -- 3 at a time does wonders I was numb


Saturday, February 20, 2010

6 times 15 per day

is way too many busy days in a row ... 6 ... 15 hour days in a row.  yes I am grumpy ... going to try to hold it to 11 tomorrow... and monday it begins all over again.....

at least the queen mum is keeping up with my laundry .....
now if i only had a cook ....


Friday, February 19, 2010


the seed -- the seed -- the seed

the mountain of snow at the office
can't wait for this shit to melt....

i took a brief break and dashed to the library for the Ewniquely Quilt Guilds annual show at the St. Peter Public Libary today  --- it's kinda crammed in and hard to take good pix's (amid the screaming toddlers) ... but more to come -- it was good for the mind and soul.  I may get to sew again someday.  Fabric treats arrived yesterday .... drooling over them.

I've lost my mind

   I'm just plain nuts. 
   The world is getting to me.
   I really need attitude adjustment or
      maybe a different occupation.

  Not sure -- gonna be thinking on it
      a lot in the upcoming months.


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'twas a really interesting day for a Thursday...lots of things to think about.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the big blower

  the boys in the big yellow equipment moved all the snow off my sidewalk and boulevard this morning... the big blower filled 6 trucks on my side of the block alone....I was very happy to see them....might need to get them some treats....

  more snow over the weekend.  just plain cold today.


I failed to mention -- the snow removal was at 5:30 am ....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tara .....

 as in Scarlett O'Hara, as she returned to Tara, Thank God I'm Home....enough said .... another long day on 3rd St (but much is done)

 and Oh Shit, as in my Dad, it's going to keep on snowing --


Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, it happened

  the battery went dead on my faithless FORD -- again .... hasn't happened for a while --- DEAD ......  so I walked up the street -- found the parents and his's home in the garage awaiting the charger tomorrow -- one of these times it's going to poop out at a bad time.  going to have to purchase my personal booster/starter/gizmo (elder carries one with him) ...

  miss skylar's spiffy well used beemer is in the extra side with my atv ... too bad she didn't leave her keys -- i could be cruising in german style -- all during our lovely winter weather!!!!  

  and frankly it can quit snowing and blowing any time now... this craps gotta start melting (and soon) ... seed order #1 was shipped today ...

ho ho ho

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

   So is there a game today?   Sorry, football is not high on my list of favorite viewing.  It's snowing and blowing already. 

   My homework awaits me....another day in my crazy life.


  so I've blown off my "home" work ..... sorry, your returns won't be done tomorrow ... instead I just finished ordering SEED ....... yes, there will be a PATCH in my future!!!  $400 later and I'm not done ....ugh.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


damn, it's gonna snow for the next three days...enough of the white shit -- bring on SPRING !!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

So, just how exciting

  is this Diva's Friday night.....

  I'm still at the office -- I know the excitement is overwhelming .... but the advance weather forecast is not looking good and I have a family event to attend later next week .... so if I keep hitting hard might be okay in the end.

  Miss Skylar was quite the trooper this afternoon ---- she had to deal with the walk in customers, the wack jobs that call --- why would my software company call and try to sell me more -- during the busy season -- they are driving me nuts, they already get $10,000 of my money.  

  Okay now I'm whining....sorry.....just a tired diva....


Thursday, February 4, 2010

early to rise early to ....

  no it does not work that way.  but i did chisel my tush out of bed at 5:05 this morning -- hit up McD's on the way by at 5:30 -- office and working hard .... lots got done today .....

  too bad i didn't leave early -- the freezing rain is starting to stick and get a bit ugly.  as soon as the defrosters were warm i rolled for the farm. 

  31' and freezing rain -- i'm really hoping the rodent (the groundhog) was wrong.  after all it is a rodent isn't it.

friday be coming (in 2.2 hours)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hump day / yoga day / beginning of hell month day

   diva just needs to get more hours into the day .... doesn't seem to be happening.  it probably doesn't help when i take off for yoga (session #2) -- kinda liking the yoga --- the hour seems to fly by  -- there is a friday night session too ....

   not sure what's up with the weather but i heard freezing rain spoken ... don't really like that statement -- melting would be better....

   i'm still lobbying for the st paddy's day queen position -- i am part of the royal court on 3rd street -- and i'm told irish has nothing to do with the job !!!!   after all i've only missed on parade ever!!!  (1995 when I thought I needed a mid tax season break and went to LasVegas -- i musta been nuts)


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tuesday in diva-dom

  cold, fresh snow, but the sun shone brightly.  i hope it lasts, the melting needs to begin, slowly.  it was another wacky day in my world, so i came home early -- 8:22 vs 9:22 --- time for some web - browsing, my book, then bed.

  sleep tight -- don't let the bedbugs bite ....


Monday, February 1, 2010

Kathy McA

  It's extra prayers for Kathy McA this week.   She's been fighting a battle and well -- needs all the assistance she can get.