Monday, May 31, 2010

the 3rd day of nada

  well day two was pretty productive after I wrote the blog entry --- all of the plants were purchased for the pots (note I didn't wait until July when they'd be on sale) .. came home and planted 'em.  they look nice.  hauled dirt in from the aged manure pile (like 20 years of aging).  watered them all. 
  we, mom, jean, nick and I finally got to the Olive Garden for supper Sunday night -- where it rained and rained hard.  I received my second shower of the day -- dashing from the parking lot to best buy.  we had good food and fabulous deserts -- in fact I brought mine home and had it for breakfast.  raspberry cheesecake is delightful for breakfast.

  today, I was awake at 4:15 and started sewing at 4:30(a.m.) -- my 3rd warm window quilt is almost pieced.  batiks -- a Hoffmann bali - pop jelly roll that I purchased on line -- "kiwi" is the color.  imagine.  it's pretty darn cool.

  after lunch I went to the office.  it is impossible for me to not work for 3 entire days, especially since I'm going to be gone 2 days next week.  seminar - continuing ed (next to the MALL -- and IKEA -- might need to make a detour). 

  happy memorial day ... give thanks and count the blessings, we live in a pretty good place!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

the 2nd day of Nada ...

 i've been taking pictures of this old roadgrader for decades -- it's been related to the row of unused farm equipment the moss, etc growing on it is kind of neat

  17 pots planted -- dirt hauled in for the balance -- garbage tossed into the burning pile . . . time for a shower and OLIVE GARDEN for supper !!!!  

  and then I hear the call of my sewing machine ---


Saturday, May 29, 2010

the first day of Nada

  I'm sure glad I had a project list for this weekend.  So far only one item has been done.  This is the "worm" killing machine and it's operator.  Mind you this ATV came to America on  the Mayflower.  But the cutworms should be wiped out by now.  It was an evening of mixing, spraying, unplugging nozzles, spraying, unplugging nozzles.  But the critters are dying.

  Elder #2 and I went to Mkto -- another $100 of fabric.  I should have enough fabric to open my own store (and soon).  Blocks for project #1 are ready to sew together into a top.  Project #2 is laid out and ready to cut / sew.  Project #3 -- is in a pile. 

something was plugged...

need any 6" or 8" aluminum irrigation pipe -- the piles have 2 miles of it....

and now a bird just nosed dived into the patio door -- one less bird -- all in a day on daisy lane


Friday, May 28, 2010

aaahhhh Friday .....

The weekend project list continues to grow.....

Big Garden
   Hoe, hoe, hoe  (first time thru)
   Spray for cutworms (Dad's going to do this morning)
   Dust the squash for bugs...

Little Garden
   Hoe, hoe, hoe
   Replant the cabbages (yes, varmits)
   Put up the fence (no more varmits)

Other Gardens
   Plant the 22 tubs of what-nots ....

3rd Street
   Finish mowing the lawn
   Chop weeds out of flower beds
   Start priming the upstairs walls
Daisy Lane
   Move bedroom furniture
   Move home office furniture

Fun Stuff
   Inventory at the House
   Olive Garden (finally)
   Hello, are you my sewing machine
   Finish viewing the Quilt Blogger Show
   Finish overdue library books

whew -- I had thought it would be a sit on the tush and do nothing weekend....I might need to schedule a nap in here to rest up for back to work on Tuesday .... Holiday Weekends become work binges....


Thursday, May 27, 2010


   All a part of my crazy life.  Today I have 2 (yes, 2) audits happening at the same time.  An IRS agent to finish up an audit that was previously started and an MN Unemployement Auditor reviewing a payroll clients records.  One will be here allllll day and one will be gone in 30 minutes. 

   Wordless Wednesday was spent getting ready for audits.  After yoga and farm chores (I'm not sure feeding 8 chickens and 12 cats is considered farm chores) -- I loaded up the water buckets and watered the experimental tomato plants in the patch. 

   Seeds and weeds are popping out of the ground daily.  It's just a hoot to walk around and check them out!
   Elders delivered their camper to the great north yesterday -- made it in 9 hours they called from the border and it had been an uneventful trek to that point.  They'll be back today to retrieve boat, atv and a truck load of "stuff".


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whooey !!!

the watermelons are up!!!!  I dodged the rain drops (there really weren't enough of them) and checked 'em out!!!!! The squash and pumpkins are getting their second set of leaves ... time to spray for cutworms and dust for bugs -- and of course rabbit control measures!!!!

It's attempting to rain....

     I do think however the storm front is going to split and miss us on both sides.  We need rain.  I haven't been out to check the patch ... if it quits raining, I may.  Not fond of lightening and thunder while on the ATV. 

     The elders are packing up to deliver the camper to their favorite fishing hole.  9 hours away and 90 miles into Canada from International Falls.  This is the first cruise with this camper/truck combo.  Once delivered and set up they plan on returning home immediately and then back for the week -- and then back for graduations and the end of school.  I'm tired hearing about the back and forth.

     The weather seems to be changing for the better.  Please scroll down to my post on the quilt bloggers festival -- clicking on the emblem will take you to the show -- 570 quilts strong.  They are fabulous, I've enjoyed "clicking" thru them.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 24, 2010

PBS' Next Documentary

Minnesota Weather -- How Wacky Can It Be ..... how's that sound for the next reality TV Show.  97' on my trek back to the office to work this evening -- too hot to be outdoors....

Thank the Lord for air-conditioning.  I know last week I was running a space heater -- just to take the chill away .... now it's A/C ---- and it's not shutting off.  I swapped heaters for fans .... and wind - dang things are blowing over!!!!!!

Next up in our wacky world -- must be a summer flood or two.  The T (as in tornado) word is not allowed.  Already happened here it can happen somewhere else.

I think things are growning.  Didn't go out to check tonight.  Maybe tomorrow morning.  If the giant GNATS don't carry me away. 


Sunday, May 23, 2010

on the 7th day ....

   the Lord said -- keep planting until you are done .... I'm almost done -- having a coffee (iced tea) break as I type.  Bushel basket gourds, golden delicious hubbard squash and Jack be little pumpkins are all that is left.  Yippeee.  I was up at Jean/Lee and Nick's yesterday planting canteloupe when the sky turned black and started to boil ..  yep 2 miles from home, no cell phone -- no keys to their house -- and nasty weather -- I made it home just as the huge drops started to fall....went back this morning to finish. 

   on yesterday's posts are links to the Bloggers Quilt Show and the Friday Night Sew In ..... if you like quilts and have time check them out -- the Bloggers Quilt Show has 400 quilts so fun fun  and the Friday Night Sew In is a bit less formal but just as fun.  

   The first planting of squash, pumpkins and early melons are up and smiling.  !!!! 

Diva .....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Quilt Festival ...

okay not sure if this is going to happen -- but here is my entry to the Spring Quilt's a lap quilt awaiting quilting -- I purchased the kit at Gruebers Quilt Shop in St. Cloud a while back.  I'm so overwhelmed by the fabric choices at Grueber's I never know what to buy !!!  so on this particular visit -- this was it .... and then it got windy/cloudy when I headed to the clothesline for a pix....all part of life in Southern Minnesota !!!


insert link here idiot .... (notes to self) (and dang I think it's working) !!!

Friday Night Sew In ...

so -- I finished piecing the string "window" quilt.  the batting is purchased and I undecided on the backing .... when it's done it is going to hang at the office - in the window between the back hall and the really ugly garage ... much better view and hopefully keep the drafts out too.  It's 60" by 30" -- I used muslin for my foundation backing so it will be a light batting (flannel) ...

the link below should take you to the other friday night sewers....hopefully -- I have no clue what I'm doing.  The only thing I know -- is every friday night is going to be SEW IN night for me!  I also finished dresses for the Diva's on Moore drive -- 6 dresses and 2 pairs of watermelon capri pants.... fittings this afternoon after nap time!

and yes the link works -- happy viewing

Friday, May 21, 2010


   The pumpkins are up !!!  At least they are cracking up thru -- I took pictures and then thought I was turning into and idiot.  Shoots popping up thru the corn stubble do not make for good viewing.  The light rain this morning will help them break thru the soil crust even better.

   Grandma's Little Acre facebooked me -- she's looking for help with her 12 acres of pumpkins.  Needing tractor driver etc... they use a planter of sort that 2 people ride while planting.  I volunteered Dad ...  gotta love retiree's with tractor driving skills.  I think they've got it under control. 

  Nick, the cat, has been on mouse patrol all day and he's eyeing up the fireplace as I type.  Damn rodents.  I don't put out mouse poison because of Nick ... so he'd better keep up his job. 

 Happy Friday -- it's Friday Night Sew In and the On Line Quilt Show begins --- I have link to both on my sidebar -- great links for a couple of hours of quilt viewing ! 


Thursday, May 20, 2010

ah Nick ....

   as much as I complain about Nick (the cat, not Nick the nephew) ... sometimes he's okay.  litter box duty is the pits...his expensive food is over the top,  he's way to social for me,  yet today .....

   a dead mouse was waiting on my chair.  isn't it lovely, he left it on my chair.  and it was a large one, can baby mice be far behind. 

  more planting tonight, tomato's, peppers, zuchinni, zinna's and sunflowers.  one can never have too many flowers ..... need to clean up the perenials that were transplanted to pots last fall.  


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tomato Tuesday

  Dad planted for me:
1.  Black Prince
2.  Striped German
3.  Oxheart Red
4. Amish Paste
5. Striped Cavern
6. Green Zebra

I planted a short row of leeks.  The new veggie I'm trying this season.  The irrigation system is set up and running as I type.  The little garden is pretty dry, in fact the whole farm is pretty dry at the surface.  Mom and I took a tour on the ATV attempting to track down the kid tresspassing and riding anywhere and everywhere he pleases.  Found his trails --

Still have ankle issues -- swelling again tonight -- off to elevate and ice. 



Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday ....

   So, when Joy told me, Lois' broke ankle didn't hurt -- I though I should visit the doctor -- a bad sprain is all.  Compress, Ice, Elevate and STAY OFF YOUR FEET.  I admitted I planted the watermelon and mowed the lawn after the crash. 

   So the week begins....


Sunday, May 16, 2010

and on the 7th Day ...

  this Diva
      planted more squash, pumpkins and watermelons (once elder works up the acreage at Lee/Jean & Nicks will plant the canteloupe) ....

      went to the office and mowed the grass.... and Karen's Flowers....time to plant the blooms

       and is now packing up the supplies for an afternoon of sewing with the scrapbookers and stampers....

       there will be laundry in the near future too....

ah, the day of rest.....


Saturday, May 15, 2010

saturday from HELL .... serious

  so I dashed to the office bright and early -- friends had plant sale in the parking lot to raise funds for their Relay for Life team --
     I helped with the set up.
     Delivered my filthy rugs to the laundry mat.
     Actually worked ...
     Picked up my rugs ...
     Fell in the street ..... not sure if I sprained or broke something
         the pain is gone ....
         swollen and tender ....
     Went home and bonded with ice and advil
     Ate lunch
     Planted 400 hills of watermelon seed.....(on the bad ankle)
     Watched the Preakness... gotta love a good horse race!
      Ate again (more Advil)
     Went to Nick's National Honor Society Induction
          (walked a block)
      Bed is calling .... and more advil and ice!

  Tomorrow has got to be better!

Aching Diva


Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

I had a late start, home late, supper out, back to office to unload treats from Grandma's House (a few years later) -- back home, finally to the sewing machine.  'twas a crazy night.  Top picture is mystery blocks -- if tomorrow goes as planned the mini top might get pieced.  The dress if for the youngest of the mini-diva's that reside on Moore Drive -- isn't it cute!  All 3 dresses are the same fabric -- the trims and sizes vary a bit. 

Good Night -- Sleep Well

oh my, it's ....

the SUN

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Diva's New Diet

so here's the plan  . . . .
   1.  less facebook (facebook really sucks you in)
   2.  less TV -- another waste of time
   3.  less blog reading --- i read quilting blogs for 2 hours last night
   4.  less procrastinating -- no time for waffling

   5.  more time to sew
   6.  more time to read (overdue library books are not good)
   7.  more time to garden (when the weather cooperates)
   8.  no more shopping (a reoccurring theme)
   9.  no more McDonalds (way to handy0
            (and I LOVE the iced coffee)
  10.  only one bag of trash per week
            ( I just gotta recycle more)

so, we'll give it a week !


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

eeeekkkkkkk a mooooouuuusssseeeeee

  yes, a MOUSE greeted me in the garage at 5:35 this morning.  I couldn't sleep so I got up at 4:30 -- stripped (striped?) the bed and started laundry, did a body rework, tried to find warm clothes, pieced a quilt block (waiting on laundry) put away clean clothes from yesterday and decided to come to work (via McDonalds for breakfast) ...

  anyway this creepy little dude was hanging around the bird food .... so I left the door open.  the hope is the barn cats will wander over smell him and hunt him down.  not likely, the barn cats are fed way to well. 

  it's 40', raining and well, just plain nasty.  I can't believe I have the furnace running and my space heater running -- but per the weather gods -- warmth is on the way ....

  super skylar has job interview in the BIG CITY today -- keep your fingers crossed, she's moving up there over the weekend and well, needs a JOB!! 


Monday, May 10, 2010

TGMO (thank goodness monday is over)

  Actually for a Monday, it wasn't too bad.  Except the weather -- damn, I don't like running the furnace and a space heater in MAY.  50' and rain are not a good combination.  Hot coffee all day instead of iced coffee.

  My aching body has somewhat recovered from yesterday's bending and planting 600 hills of pumpkin and squash is a lotta bending. 

   I did accomplish one of the new year's resolution -- I submitted a bid thru the FSA for entry into the CRP program --- 11.3 acres for the next 15 years... it will come out of the program on 10/1/2025 --- 8 days before I retire and begin to draw my social security -- some of us baby boomers must wait for 65 to even begin to draw -- kinda stinks.  So, check that one off the list.  Oh yeah, a signing bonus and cost sharing on the seeding helps get it's a wildlife bid -- so it's a mixture of grasses and wildflowers....should be fun to redevelope a part of the prairie that once covered this farm.

  Tomorrow is a new day and a new project list.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

planting day !!! (well sort of)

   elder and i were walking around the yard surveying the frost damage this morning and strolled out to the patch, where he promptly hooked up the disk and marked my rows ....

and here he is on the first pass...

so then I proceeded to start planting -- one hill at a time, until he showed up to help and 2 hours later all of the pumpkins and squash were planted ... gotta love the row markers....

like kids standing crooked in line -- i'm sure the rows are crooked too and frankly i think too close together it's going to be a tangle of vines -- he's hoping it will choke out the weeks....(not)

my poor garden shoes filled up with sand -- it was like walking on marbles (they're mesh) .. but at least no mud .... and well, my body hurts bending over 600 times can do that -- next up will be the watermelons, canteloupe and fancy stuff (wacky squash & gourds) but that will be later in the week or even next weekend... lots to do on 3rd street this week. 

Gotta meet the due date for Non Profit Returns -- after all work pays for our hobbies.  The diva's of Moore Dr have new sundresses -- just need hemming -- Alissa, Mariah and Alix are going to be fine looking diva's when I'm done. 

Tired Diva

ah ha !!!

a lot of frost
it's 28' .....

but the sun is shining .... 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

busy diva

 no not planting -- too cold and there is freeze warning for tonight --- hope y'all listed to me a month or so ago -- snow too ... see ... we old  middle aged women are never wrong.

 friday night sew in went well.  last row of blocks are done and added to the quilt -- ready to quilt!  one diva dress is complete, 2 others are cut out -- laundry is done and ironing is done

 mankato shopping trip is done -- new "quilting foot" for my sewing machine -- $37 ..... ouchie ...  now the mssing one will probably re appear.  went to the mankato farmers market to check it out .... interesting, lots of wonderful looking baked goods -- meats, cheeses, crafts and of course perenials, lots of rhubarb, aspargas and spring onions!

 now -- back to work -- non profits await me.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

zee Project is complete

okay the basement remodel / shelve it / sort it / clean it project is almost complete ... all that is left is to vacuum the floor ... super skylar did a fab job on the organizing -- 12 shelve units with up to 8 boxes per shelf --neatly labeled.... no more searching thru piles of boxes -- some of this stuff was boxed up after the tornado (in 98) and never looked at since....there are 6 more tubs to shred in the garage !!!  oh happy happy happy

super skylar and her buddy Nick ...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


  okay life is better this morning....

  mama turkey was clucking outside my bedroom window at 5:00am this morning....much better than a blaring alarm clock....she comes into 5 times a day to eat and visit the bird bath for a drink -- unfortunately she leaves other "deposits" too, but hey -- she's fun to watch

  so it rolls


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

busy diva (s)

  so super skylar has the office basement organized beautifully -- no more searching thru 65 boxes looking for a single document

  the audit from hell is getting worser by the moment sometimes i really hate my occupation people are weird

  but things are getting done and that is good -- one more deadline then a couple of months of less stress

  I hope to be planting by the weekend -- it really doesn't take all that long.  the rows are plotted, the row markers (flags) are labeled -- toss them seeds in the ground and wait for them to grow ....


ps. elder just informed me he planted corn... without asking!!!  finally getting him trained ...

Sunday, May 2, 2010


  Spring is in the air -- or is up at GAC.  Mom and I walked the lilac walk at the arboretum -- it's always pretty (and fragrant) ...

this lilac had a white edged bloom ... deep fushia purple

and the crab apple trees were in "full" bloom... it's worth a trip up there if you are in the neighborhood ...

by now i'm reading the "blogs" for the week but i'm out of sync today -- cleaned closets (I still have too many clothes) ... but winter is put away and summer is out....I went to scrapbooking and finished a mini market album. . . I went to work and paid some clients employee's (always fun) ... I walked the garden and Mom and I toured some cemetary's after supper shower then bed.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day !

the big green machine has arrived....

and the old red one was working up the patch !!!

and as i've said before -- dang -- town's getting closer and closer

  Someone has messed with my home computer so not sure if this is going to work.  It rained again and it's really windy so... but the green machine and it's operators have arrived -- the planter is up top and i didn't have enough gas in bessie to dash up and take pix.  Patch is to be located near the house and road and trees....

  Can't wait -- will start planting this week.....watermelons, pumpkins, squash, and cantelope -- in that order.  On my trek to Minneapolis yesterday, I stopped at a favorite garden center and picked up heirloom tomato's ... will plant them tomorrow.  Lots of cool things. 

  The Lands' End Inlet (outlet) was kinda cool too.  Deals, deals, deals.