Tuesday, June 22, 2010

busy woman syndrome

so yesterday it was....
   work, work, work
   dentist at 3:30 (no cavities, just a brushing lecture)
   home for chores and supper
   back to town for Planning/Zoning Meeting
   back to the farm
   hoed 2 rows of watermelons (still not looking good)
   sprayed the final row of pumpkins & squash
   back to house for a shower  -- it was 9:15 and light enough to see.....

today it's....
  plumber & carpenters arriving for bathroom event
  noon luncheon with local politicians
  WinVestors meeting at 5:00
  home -- more watermelons to hoe

tomorrow it's ....
  work, work, work
  home for chores
  back to town for Yoga ....

I'm going to need an attitude adjustment day -- I'm thinking it's gotta be Friday .... which I'll probably have to mow the lawn at the office and chop down the trees growing in my flower beds.....

And my sewing machine is calling -- where are you, where are you....


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