Monday, June 21, 2010

Post # 698 ---

   So the big # 700 is on the way ...... and the elders are off -- to the lake residence (or will be shortly) grandchild will be the co-pilot. 

   I spent most of Saturday with a hoe in my hand (grandma's hoe to be exact) --- the squash and pumpkins got their second hoeing and weeding and looking good.  So yesterday it was calm and still so I spent most of yesterday with a sprayer in my hand --- ROUND UP is my favorite juice this time of year.  Should see some color changes on the weeds (mainly quackgrass) shortly.  Granular TREFLAN is going down with the next tilling ....

  This weeks focus is the watermelon/canteloupe side of the patch.  Oh and it needs me bad.  All part of life.

  My shoulders are killing me.  Way to much lifting, hefting, dragging.  Not to mention a bit of sun.....


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