Thursday, June 10, 2010

< groan > < sigh > < sigh >

   this Diva is home and off the road and ugh my body is tired of sitting -- sitting in the car on the way up, sitting thru the seminar, sitting in the car on the commute home (traffic was ugly yesterday) .... I was good on Wednesday, it was not raining, so on every break and during lunch I walked the circle around the Hotel complex -- fresh air was lovely.  I was so close to Ikea I could smell it !!!!  Next trip. 

  I did tour the patch last night == stuff is still growing, hopefully I can start hoeing this weekend (rain / dryness permitting) and maybe even spray a few patches of weeds. 

  First up is the mess of stuff on my desk -- I hate being gone -- and, and  today is ......  appliance recycling day in Nicollet County --- I have a load of dead tv's, computer monitors, scanners and the like -- I'll be headed to Nicollet with my checkbook!  Been piling up the junk for a year. 


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