Friday, June 11, 2010

yes, two posts in one day

mom frowning at the weeds and other stuff at the famous Rock ... since it was closed off to motorized traffic and converted back to native prairie it's turned into a weed pit -- full of thistles and wild raspberries and other obnoxious stuff
she won't be pleased to see her pix either!

the famous "Rock" in my neighborhood.... the big debate .... is it in the proper location --- don't know  --I wasn't there in July of 1851 -- when the famous (infamous) treaty was signed.

can you spot the grazers? ....  "are the canteloupe ready yet? "  i had words with 'em

(hint -- enlarge the picture -- they show up )


Rose said...

Yes, I spotted them; the question is, did they listen to you?

Marie said...

they better --- we have many chats over the summer months ....