Saturday, July 31, 2010


  32 yards of fabric ....
   'twas a reeeealy good sale!!!

  pictures to follow.....
  after my nap!

  oh and a diva bag....


and here's the "goods" == Crafts Direct had 40% off all bolted fabric.... I had a limit and I achieved it!!!

kona solids in 2 different shades of brown, pink and green ... enough yardage for backs. The fat quarters are various shades of orange ... and the green is a blender.

the hot orange dot print -- jumbo rickrack in cranberry and white  and  a kit for a flag banner ...

the prints -- xmas snowflake in limey green, coordinating limey dot, salmon dot/floral, salmon dot and a daisy print in a softer sage ...

and oh, the purpose of the trip -- Troop 58 at Camp Cuyuna  don't ask who they are ... the tall  one with the black/white hat is Nick -- I think they were looking at pictures on ScoutMasters techy didn't get to bring technology with them --- so

Friday, July 30, 2010

End of July Events...

sign of the times...geese headed out of the riverbottoms to the newly harvested sweetcorn and wheat fields... up and back twice a day -- and honk the whole time they are flying

the WinVestors most recent party -- the end .... well we vowed to meet twice a year to party and visit ... sue and ruth -- sue had the scrapbook and the old minutes.

Judy on the left and Donna on the right....(and dr lee in the background) ... we WinVestors love a good gathering ... good company and always good food.  Hostess Maryetta had a fabulous chicken hotdish which she promised to share.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday Night Travels

 i was speeding along on the atv -- headed to stamping to checkout the work of the super stampers and look what i found -- GIANT MUSHROOMS  -- growing in a weedy section of the field road ... really weedy

yep -- plucked it, held it and pix'd it .... not an easy task for this middle aged woman (not old yet - just feels that way) .. the cap felt like rally soft suede ... the stem was 8" ...

here's a clump of 5 -- and yes I believe them to be toxic.... will scout them out tomorrow and see what's up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday -- More Pix from Monday ...

it's a Black Diamond Watermelon -- needs six more weeks...

a charleston grey -- ditto on the growing time

buttercup squash -- "sweet mama" -- bring on the butter ...

Happy Tuesday !

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday in the Patch ...

zinna's & bessie the atv

lady godiva pumpkins -- kinda striped w/really good seeds for roasting

 there's a pumpkin in here ...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

and on the 7th day

 this Diva was a busy woman.

 Laundry (never goes away does it)
 Painted at the Office Apartment (and had church on the radio)
 Cleaned at the Office Apartment (long sad tale)

 Lunch at McD's on the commute home (gotta love that iced coffee)
 Clean Up
 Headed to the Stampin' House
    the Super Stampers plus One helped stuff flyers for the Campaign
    pressed 40 quilt blocks for my filmstrip quilt

 Head back to Daisy Ln
    Fed the livestock
    Thinking about mowing the grass .....
    Next up is a walking tour of the Patch .....

 Then it's back to the sewing machine.....

Happy Sunday ....


Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

so last night was July's Friday Night Sew In .... below was my project of the night ... I machine quilted this "stacked coins" baby quilt -- although I think its a bit larger.  It is made from a Moda charm pack and since I've managed to toss the package ... (it was an ebay find) ... the white is a white / white ... mostly straightline quilting with my walking foot --- the meandering quilting is way beyond my skill or patience level.  I still need to decide on the binding .... and clean it up a bit....

then as I was picture taking (always a challenge) .... look who decided to wander thru the yard.   and midday  !!   getting ready to nibble on the garden ... wrong.

happy sewing!!!  here is the link to the rest the  Friday Night Sew In !!!  Grab your beverage and enjoy the show .....

t g i f

so, I painted last night -- yes more on me than the walls....

Perry, the corpse plant, don't ask I cannot spell or pronounce the botantical name ... is BLOOMING .. there is a link to him / her on the Gustavus website.... there is a live camera trained on it... kinda fun to watch .. and yes it supposedly smells wretched... 2 years ago it wasn't so bad, Joy and I got there towards the end....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

so, it's me, the cat

 and a whole lotta nothing getting done.  Word of the day ....  FOCUS.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So ... it's

  going to be a great day !!!  I just know it !!!!

  and it was ...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tuesday in the Valley

I'm here, just don't have the umph! to get rolling this morning.  Making my project list -- might get me motivated.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Power Shopper (I've earned the title)

so here's the day ...

Menards  $300
   towel bars, light bars, light fixtures, primer, paint, mineral spirits, stripper, brushes, bug dust, bathroom shelving, light bulbs, cans of mixed nuts (only a $) ....

Sam's Club -- $25.00
   kitty litter and magazines

Pet Expo -- $18
   since his royal highness used up 8 of his nine lives last week -- designer food.....

CJ Banks -- $12
   nice t shirts on sale

Hancock Fabric's $55
   nice Kona cotton to back a queen size quilt .... really nice Kona cotton

Lunch at applebee's  -- nice oriental salad ... not busy fast service

Office Max $75
   ink for home

then off to office to unload ....

worked in apartment -- vac'd dining room floor -- scrubbed it -- it's ready for varnish ... started priming in bathroom .... made excutive decisions for Brian the painter.....

i'm home and tired (not to mention broke)....but going back to put the varnish on the floor -- one coat tonight -- one coat tomrrow night and that room is done.... living room needs to be vac'd and the wood work scrubbed and it's done ... moving into small bedroom next.... on a deadline ya know!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Morning in the Patch

the vines were turned and tiller man was busy .... probably the last tilling of the year.   from here on out it is spot spraying and well hand pulling ... and trust me neither is fun.


ps.  Good News -- the "bat" was healthy, so Nick gets out of quarrentine (sp?) .... now need to make the appointment to clean his teeth ... he was not liking the basement !!  not enough action for him !!! 

checked out the paint -- didn't like the color so I dashed to lumberyard and bought different paint for the bedroom/hallways..... it's been a busy morning so far. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the cat and the bat

 ... okay, the cat and I just returned from the VET.....  he really doesn't like to ride....howled the whole 4 block trek (and you know the stoplight had to be red both directions) ... hair is

the bat is being sent to the U of M for rabies testing (oh joy)

quarentine the cat (no human contact)

make a list of people who have had contact with the cat or the bat

and wait ....

and oh, his teeth need to be cleaned. 

so ... it's him and me .....

actually this is him and Jon  ---- both are quite social...


Monday, July 12, 2010

monday ... always entertaining

 so it is a fabulous morning.....just beautiful, too nice to work beautiful

 I arrived at my usual time with my Monday breakfast (the only McD's iced coffee I will get this work week ... ) and what did Mr. Nick leave me ....

     a dead BAT .....  so .......

 and I thought the mice were bad .....


ps.  Nick, the cat, the bat (who's currently bagged in the fridge) and I have an appointment with the VET gets shots, one gets sent to the UofM for rabies testing and I get to pay the bill.  (visualize the teeth baring grin) ...  oh and the Receptionist at the Vet Clinic gave me the following advice.  "Don't get bit by the cat --- and don't handle the bat."  duh.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just me and the bugs

  I'm up and taking nourshment waiting for enough light to spray a few chemicals.  Helps with the weed control .... the ultimate in weed control -- RoundUp.  The mosquito's are going to be awful -- so I have the "bug shirt & hat" well saturated in Deep Woods Off, long pants & of course gloves.  Just keep moving.

so I planted these on the 2nd of July -- hoping for a late frost -- keep your fingers crossed

I found a watermelon last night -- a couple of them.  I planted the early / fast / icebox on the opposite end of the patch, so I wouldn't share bugs/blight/weeds with the slower larger heirloom varieties.... and did some weed control last night.  85', perfectly still and I could hear the buzzzzzzz.... I couldn't hit the shower fast enough ...


Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Eagle Video / Perry the Corpse Plant !!!

Jon shot this video this afternoon of the baby eagles... this link should get you there jon's video first time i tried a link......

Other fun stuff -- the Corpse Plant at Gustavus is about to bloom again here is it's link ....Perry Web Cam at GAC this is the live web cam..... it's a pretty cool thing.  Joy and I went in 2005 ....

Dang I'm getting the hang of this.....naturally Jon, not as good as you!  Thanks for the video!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

so it's Thursday

   the good news is the watermelons I planted on sunday are up ... PTL .... now if it doesn't freeze until November I might have some fruit.  (Like that will ever happen. -- September 11 last year).  I managed to chop a pickup truck load of weeds/trees/raspberries out of two flower beds at the office....lots to go...I have a load piled up ... yes, I am a really bad master gardener. 

    I've decided I spend to much time gazing at the internet --- so my new rule (I have many) is once in the morning for the blog and facebook and only after dark --- when I have nothing better to do.... email drives me nuts too. 

    Late Saturday afternoon and evening is going to be my SOMA&S time (sit on my ass & sew time) I've got projects piling up. 


and ya -- 45 minutes later I'm still surfing the quilting and gardening blogs.....  SOMA & S .... SOMA & S.... just keep chanting need more time to SOMA &S

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

things on my nightly rounds....

3 guesses -- yep, mama coyote was visiting .... not good, not good at all

i think cabbages make the most handsome pictures.... so far so good, bunnies & bugs have left these alone

and this watermelon has a giant clump of crabgrass next to it  and it has a lonnnnng way to go before there's a melon ......

no rain in town today, a bit at the farm ... lots everywhere else

yep, bad gardener

   green beans did not get picked....between the mosquito's and the ear infection, I just couldn't tolerate the garden -- so, lots more for tonight (when it is supposed to be raining, again)

   gotta love living here....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

so, rainy days and monday's always

  happen on the same day..... so the 15lbs of bug dust I dusted on the pumpkins and squash.  Well it got washed off by the 8/10 " of rain last night and overnight.  And the greater joy -- Menards is out of bulk bug dust my internet seaching isn't finding it either.

  the joys of farming. 


Monday, July 5, 2010

ahh back to ....

  normal?  whatever is normal....back to 3rd street -- I came to work.  Things to do.

  It was un uneventful weekend on Daisy Lane.  We cooked, cleaned and of course the always heaping laundry pile was attacked.  On Saturday, we had a "crafting" shopping event.  Hobby Lobby has oodles of stuff, I just wish they were open main shopping day.  Michaels had deals too and lunch at the Olive Garden was damn good.  I went back to Mankato and hit Menards Saturday night ... ceiling fans, light fixtures, paint, varnish, supplies .... for $300 one would think the cart would be fuller.  Shelving for the sewing room!  The deal of the day -- $8 - 2 gallon 3 ft tall hibiscus in their Garden Center ---

  I dusted the pumpkins and squash for bugs yesterday -- 15lbs of bug dust didn't cover it all.  So the plan is to return to Menards tonight for more -- they actually carry it in 10lb bags, I may have to resort to the liquid version ...

  and the paint brush is calling.....


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

okay -- last year's picture, but a pretty darn good one for a $ 150.00 camera .....we'll see what 2010 brings...

Friday, July 2, 2010

friday .... at the patch

I came home from the office and found elder had tilled the patch -- the pumpkins and squash look pretty good, the watermelons, fancies, and canteloupes look awful.  So we'll wait and see what happens .... I think it's poor germination and cutworms, he thinks it's holdover chemical residue from prior years corn crop.  Wait and see, wait and see .... it happens for a reason.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I was cranky until

   my little friend Laura gave me a hug.  OMG she went from an adorable little girl to a cute teenager overnight ---