Sunday, July 25, 2010

and on the 7th day

 this Diva was a busy woman.

 Laundry (never goes away does it)
 Painted at the Office Apartment (and had church on the radio)
 Cleaned at the Office Apartment (long sad tale)

 Lunch at McD's on the commute home (gotta love that iced coffee)
 Clean Up
 Headed to the Stampin' House
    the Super Stampers plus One helped stuff flyers for the Campaign
    pressed 40 quilt blocks for my filmstrip quilt

 Head back to Daisy Ln
    Fed the livestock
    Thinking about mowing the grass .....
    Next up is a walking tour of the Patch .....

 Then it's back to the sewing machine.....

Happy Sunday ....



Green Tea said...

Thanks for stopping by..How is the campaign going??

Farm Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by, I noticed you did a Friday night sew in, This past Friday night was my first one. It was great! I just wanted to tell you about the rabies and the skunk. I thought something was odd about that skunk coming out in the daylight.
Then yesterday, we found it dead. So it could have been sick, but I think someone poisoned it. It acted weird so I was really afraid of that.
We were very careful when we disposed of it just because of that.
I don't think I will be taming any wild animals. :)
Thanks though for stopping by, you were busy this weekend. :0