Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just me and the bugs

  I'm up and taking nourshment waiting for enough light to spray a few chemicals.  Helps with the weed control .... the ultimate in weed control -- RoundUp.  The mosquito's are going to be awful -- so I have the "bug shirt & hat" well saturated in Deep Woods Off, long pants & of course gloves.  Just keep moving.

so I planted these on the 2nd of July -- hoping for a late frost -- keep your fingers crossed

I found a watermelon last night -- a couple of them.  I planted the early / fast / icebox on the opposite end of the patch, so I wouldn't share bugs/blight/weeds with the slower larger heirloom varieties.... and did some weed control last night.  85', perfectly still and I could hear the buzzzzzzz.... I couldn't hit the shower fast enough ...


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