Sunday, July 18, 2010

Power Shopper (I've earned the title)

so here's the day ...

Menards  $300
   towel bars, light bars, light fixtures, primer, paint, mineral spirits, stripper, brushes, bug dust, bathroom shelving, light bulbs, cans of mixed nuts (only a $) ....

Sam's Club -- $25.00
   kitty litter and magazines

Pet Expo -- $18
   since his royal highness used up 8 of his nine lives last week -- designer food.....

CJ Banks -- $12
   nice t shirts on sale

Hancock Fabric's $55
   nice Kona cotton to back a queen size quilt .... really nice Kona cotton

Lunch at applebee's  -- nice oriental salad ... not busy fast service

Office Max $75
   ink for home

then off to office to unload ....

worked in apartment -- vac'd dining room floor -- scrubbed it -- it's ready for varnish ... started priming in bathroom .... made excutive decisions for Brian the painter.....

i'm home and tired (not to mention broke)....but going back to put the varnish on the floor -- one coat tonight -- one coat tomrrow night and that room is done.... living room needs to be vac'd and the wood work scrubbed and it's done ... moving into small bedroom next.... on a deadline ya know!


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Rose said...

I will let you do mine next!