Thursday, July 8, 2010

so it's Thursday

   the good news is the watermelons I planted on sunday are up ... PTL .... now if it doesn't freeze until November I might have some fruit.  (Like that will ever happen. -- September 11 last year).  I managed to chop a pickup truck load of weeds/trees/raspberries out of two flower beds at the office....lots to go...I have a load piled up ... yes, I am a really bad master gardener. 

    I've decided I spend to much time gazing at the internet --- so my new rule (I have many) is once in the morning for the blog and facebook and only after dark --- when I have nothing better to do.... email drives me nuts too. 

    Late Saturday afternoon and evening is going to be my SOMA&S time (sit on my ass & sew time) I've got projects piling up. 


and ya -- 45 minutes later I'm still surfing the quilting and gardening blogs.....  SOMA & S .... SOMA & S.... just keep chanting need more time to SOMA &S


Rose said...

I need to SOM&S, too!

Marie said...

well, i think my sewing machine is missing me !!!