Friday, August 13, 2010

aaahhhh rain....

 and since I was soundly sleeping, I'm told there was thunder, lightening and wind.  appears to be quite a bit of rain...the driveway had a washout and the plants at the office were blown over.

 good things happening today!

     tile man is coming --- bathroom floor in the office!
     carpenters are returning --- kitchen cabinets and sink to be arriving shortly
     Bennet Clayton OI Golf Tourney Today --- working at the Silent Auction
        (always fun -- good food -- fun stuff)
     Picking Produce Today !!!  Market here I come (I think !) 

  I did head out to the patch last night for an hour --- a bit more spot spraying of the dreaded crab grass -- damn I can't seem to eliminate that crap.  It just sucks up any available moisture -- it's a bad year for it.  The little garden is overrun too. 


ps.  by the way -- Diva will be celebrating 2 years of blogging shortly .... it's the year of big events 'ya know ... the birthday bash is a Market Day !!! so ....

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