Monday, August 23, 2010

All my tubs are filled I'm

   ready to roll --- yes, a bad version of  JD.  bad version. 

no, this is not my garden, it is Mr. T's  "look no weeds" and don't ya love the stalk on that sunflower... two rows of leeks in the background...more to come... the uploads are a bit slow tonight... since I need to rework the body -- they'll be in another post.

So tomorrow is:
IRS Audit (I'm smiling)
FSA Meeting for more CRP
Back to office to work !

So it happens.


Susan said...

Such impeccable row! I'd be embarrassed for you to see my weedy garden!

Marie said...

well, this is Gordie's and he works hard at it ... it is just amazing... more pic's to follow... i mowed off part of ours ... the weeds were out of control ....