Saturday, August 28, 2010

car shopping - option #1

okay, this was test drive #1 -- beautiful vehicle -- but black exterior, black interior and dark windows...kinda felt like a member of the mafia rolling down the road.  Huge.  Per Dad -- (after he crawled around under it, over it, around it and opened the hood)  built like a tank -- 2007 - 40,000 miles -- most of the bells and whistles that I currently have -- bigger size and bigger engine.  --- but a black interior and I think it smelled like cigarette smoke. 

I'm picked and ready for the market.  There was a goofy shaped melon so in between trips to the patch and unloaded in chopped it in half --- wonderful.  An orangelo -- dark yellow/light orange flesh.  very sweet -- the heart was cracked -- due to our 10 days of extreme heat after 2 months of cool.  by the time I thought of a picture it had been consumed!

happy saturday

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