Sunday, August 8, 2010

the Day of Rest

  So it's too hot for man, woman, child or beast so, I came to the office and I'm getting lots done.  I rose with the sun ... sprayed weeds for 2 hours and well, it was damn hot.

  Free Press article about me can be found ... so I've learned to insert a link....last week my "deep shit" comment made the paper.  Always entertaining, but that happens when a frivolous questions comes up and  I'm not a public speaker.  Never have been and will need to learn to be one.

  Stay cool peeps, it's ugly out there!


"so is it apple pie for desert tonight"

after re-reading I had to edit my spelling, grammar and verbage....and thought we needed a little treat...this deer seems to think the yard is it's new home. also likes cucumbers and green peppers.

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