Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elections & Habits

  Ever notice wacky things about yourself.  I realized this morning that I'm way to set in my ways.  For example ...  my morning routine.
     a.  McD's   (mondays & thursdays only) -- Iced Coffee (large -- it'll make it thru the day)
     b.  boot up computers
     c.  retrieve Mpls Trib from front porch -- un roll it and flatten it down
     d.  start reading favorite websites (generally in this order too)
             1.  St. Peter Funeral Home (I know -- morbid)
             2.  Mkto Free Press
             3.  Facebook
             4.  St. Peter Herald (never updated enough)
             5.  Watermelon Diva --- just to catch up on my favorites
     e.  look at daily appointment list
     f.  blog ...
     g.  finally get around to reading Mpls Trib (it's finally flat by now)


  So the Primary Elections are over and I made the cut for the General Election -- so it of the St. Peter Super Stampers (Super Scrappers - can't remember their name) thought I should have T shirts (watermelon pink and green of course) printed up to wear at the fair.  I fell for it for a while -- NO, that's not going to happen.  Horrors -- I may try and avoid the fair .... too hot, too dirty, too many misbehaving children .... I'm working at a Charity Golf Tourney on Friday, maybe  Farmers Market on Saturday -- my sewing machine needs me on Sunday!

Happy Thursday!

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