Saturday, August 14, 2010

Up Before the Chickens

   It's my first Farmers Market of the season and I don't have much but it's picked and loaded.  For some reason I was awake and functioning at 4:30am.  I will be crashing shortly after noon. 

   Another inch of rain yesterday.  It seems to happen fairly regularly.


okay this is the post market comment --- it was hot as hell and the extra hour of sleep would have been nice.  I'm off to nap .... after I empty a truck of tubs, baskets, tables, chairs, that damn canopy ..... throw out the trash ..... count the $$$$ ..... 

that canopy has me whipped.  damn thing. I'm not sure why God thought it necessary to dream 'em up.  finger pinching monster ... then the dohicky slid thru the post and now it's got a pencil sticking in it... and yes this is the new canopy .....  ugh

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