Thursday, September 30, 2010

bad night on the farm

okay -- it was a bad night on the farm and it doesn't look like morning is going to be good either -- i slept thru all of it ... it was after the end of the Twins game ...

could be worse -- i remember several decades ago --  sliding/rolling/skidding down backwards with a stalled 4WD tractor and a loaded grain cart and well the tractor ended up on top of the grain cart and wheat was everywhere and it was starting to rain ( I was much younger and thinner then) ... still the words were flowing ...

 but on the bright side -- this is upright !  (this is from the top down and below is the bottom up -- and yes it's fully loaded)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the glow from the Treaty Site History Center -- (part of the Nicollet County Historical Society) .. the main digs.  I've been trying since Monday to get the perfect glow picture ... last night the dang lights weren't coming on ... it has been surrounded by water since Saturday Night -- it is built into a berm and I think the back door has been sandbagged -- otherwise it was dang close to the front door -- the last pix on yesterdays post was at sunset ... and since then the river has dropped a foot !  Praise the Lord !!!

The latest -- it might be Monday before roads re-open and later for the bridges because they need to be inspected ... oh joy .... I'm headed east on Monday for a seminar ... so it rolls.

Squash / Garage / Office / Market

  So, since it was such a sloooooow day at Market yesterday -- I'm going to put my squash, pumpkins and melons in my office garage -- self serve --- $1 squash and $2 watermelons ....

  The door is open -- shop away ......


(or will be open once I get there) -- frost is in the forecast for the weekend ... gonna start picking stuff tonight and start stockpiling on the "trailer"   .... at least the watermelons ....  time will tell  ....  there were 11 deer out there eating last night -- at least it's healthy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

okay, more water ... the top section is 22 S to Kasota and Mankato -- I was amazed how loud it was.  the bottom picture is the Treaty Site History Center ... it was at sunset.  Last night it was all lit up and it just glowed I didn't have my camera so, Mom and I went down tonight and the damn lights didn't come 8:15 the skeeters were starting to bomb us so we came home to the baseball game! 



  the question of the day?  i think the river has crested ... it's just so quiet with no traffic zooming by the farm or downtown.  kinda enjoyable

  farmer Joe combined soybeans yesterday -- i had a candidate forum so i didn't get up to witness the green machine in action.  pretty spiffy looking.

  elders returned from their voyage north of the border --the home on wheels is now parked in the yard ....

  market day today -- me and the red truck are loaded and working diligently at the office until set up time !

my latest baby quilt -- kinda liking the brown borders ... it's a charm pack -- lollipop with a couple of extra solids to make it square -- had an issue with too short of borders and i was too cheep to recut so i made it work ... will be ripping out the top to match the bottom (maybe!)

mr wonderful was in one of his moods yesterday --- not enough action ... you would think at 9 or 10 he'd be slowing down a lot.  not so.

Monday, September 27, 2010

monday in the Valley

 is still very flooded .... it's weird, yesterday was like gigantic party watchin the water rise and the road flood.  i hitched a ride with the Gansen's (and left my ATV in the ditch) and checked out downtown ...

it's high and still rising.  TV camera crews from the metro are all over and helicopters were buzzing yesterday (that gets old really really quick) .. Fox 9 was set up just down the road from home.  quiet night with no traffic on the highway....

can't change it


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flood Update

yes it's only two minutes later...

   Mn DOT is hauling loads (I mean loads of gravel) to the Robards Bridge -- evidently they're trying to save it.... what next......


oh shit ....

my first voyage down to the shop on my atv.... just starting to funnel traffic up Dodd Road

looking back accross the front of the shop

at the Le Sueur turnoff -- Jean and I dashed up to the "Barn Boutique" in Belle Plaine -- nice stuff -- take cash or check .... I had nothing she had $27 and we had $9 left over -- amazing how no plastic changes your spending habits...

on the way home the ditch filled up .... it's now at the back of the fishhouses ....

who'd of dreamed when we built in 1981 flooding could be an issue

traffic heading up Dodd road -- what a flippin mess

South toward town .... it's over the road at McDonald's ....

  I'm trying to count which 100 year flood event this is... 1965,  1969, 1992, 1994, 1998, 2009, 2010 Spring, 2010 Fall .....

  I'm not sure  .... but it's getting old.


ps.  I did pick more squash today, after the Market fiasco yesterday ... Tuesday had better be great.  I went to Market Saturday Morning -- it was raining (what else) hard --- so I came home for two hours and went back when the rain stopped.  No way was I going to get wet and cold and start shaking like a leaf.  Went pretty darn good considering all the drama.  Life has way to much drama ....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

friday night travels

my zinna's liked the rain ... the always make me smile (and the deer don't like 'em)

ooh are there watermelon in there anywhere (yes there are)

the big green machine and it's companion has arrived ... won't be moving today but it's on site. 

it's raining again -- i'm packed for market and not happy about the rain.....

Friday, September 24, 2010

it stopped ....

   raining -- after dark of course so nothing in the patch got picked, cleaned or packed.  Today will be a busy day in this Diva's world.  and of course the sun sets way to early to accomplish much.  I miss June and the 9:00pm sunsets and the 5:15am sunrises.

  since the deluge was still falling I headed to the sewing room -- another new baby and project in the works I really should start when I hear about the pregnancy ... so this quilt is starting with a charm pack "Lollipop" is the fabric line and I'm making it up as I go.  hope to have it pieced by Sat eve so I can start quilting it.  (like that's ever going to happen)

 in addition to my 26 yards of Kona cotton -- i found on ebay -- 3 layer cakes, 2 more charm packs and a jelly roll and it was all under $100 and free shipping on  most of it.  the ebay sellers must be feeling the pinch of the economy too....nothing better than a fabric deal!

 Diva M

Thursday, September 23, 2010

thursday (the day of nothing)

i don't know about the rest of the Valley, but this Diva is not getting a damn thing done. 

it's raining (still -- 6+ inches later), i'm researching ark building plans.

a pool of water has appeared in my basement -- first time in 9 years.

it's really humid and my short hair is getting curlier.

the sprinklers at the Episcopal Church were sprinkling this morning (and it rained all night long)

some idiot in a large truck wiped out on the road below our house so the road is closed (indefinately -- could be worse -- it could be flooded -- wait that's on the way -- by saturday it will be here and it has rained more upriver.)  (oh joy).

30 miles south of here the flooding is so ugly there are not allowed to flush their toilets....better use mine before the powers in charge decide that would be a good plan around here....  ugh.

so, I'm putting on the pink flannel pants and getting to work -- me, the pink pants, oprah and the cat.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cats, Dogs & Horses

it is raining cats, dogs and horses around here tonight....nasty stuff.  i went back to work after my commute home from the big city -- sorry no Mall of America pix's -- my little camera finally pooped out (for good this time) ... 16 hours and 2 days of commuting -- more than I can tolerate this week...

it's raining so hard the satellite tv is off .. i'm surprised my internet is up and functioning -- although it comes thru the phone ... (no it is not dial up -- dsl via Qwest )

okay -- i stole this pix from teresa's facebook, joe & kevin kienlen firing up the new dryer system -- busy week at the kienlen house, new dryer system and new combine .. boys and their toys -- and well at a standstill now.... since it's raining cats, dogs and horses....

 doesn't bessie look nice with flowers jammed into the flag holder -- my goosebump pumkins are small but cute.... and the ever present supply buckets...

i scored big here --- 26 yards of kona cottons --- medium pink, rich red, black, snow, indigo, brown & crimson at $2.50 a yard ( i am a lucky sewer) 

and two layer cakes -- pure and fresh cottons -- under $25 each and free freight from ebay -- so thats all for fabric for this month (and October) ... there are a couple of ebay deals yet to arrive...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

well . . .

  this farm girl is not cut out to ever be a city girl.  it 'twas my day to drive to seminar at the dirtybird (thunderbird) hotel .. across the parking lot for the Mall of America .... the mall would have been much more educational than my seminar.  i paid $300 and drove to be bored and the worst part -- i have to go back tomorrow --- will be on the road at 5:30 am for a 7:00 seminar start .... yuck

  tomorrow is car pooling buddy's day to drive.  continuing education is forced upon us and it should be educational  .... enough of the whining  ... have a great day tomorrow....


Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, the new Sunday

  I've decided Monday is my new Sunday.  This was my day yesterday ...

 - check out the garden -- pick a load of pumpkins
 - pick flowers for the house
 - 5 loads of laundry (all to the line)
 - dishes dishes dishes
 - assist elder in moving the gas barrel project
     (lifting beams overhead)
 - mow lawn at office
 - more laundry
 - clean sewing room floor
     (it was hard to tell what color it was)
 - took an atv ride with mom (8 miles)
     (we went places we shouldn't have -- we're old ladies it doesn't matter)
 - took a car drive to scope out the misbehaving teenagers
 - took the laundry down
 - more dishes
 - cleaned out the front of the green truck
     (it's headed north)

  So yep the office on Monday is looking pretty darn calm.


F  so life is good
not sure where this is coming from

not sure where the above came from i typed and it appeared ....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

ah, the day of rest (not)

Please scroll down for the Friday Night Sew In ...

Well, half of the wacky weekend is done.  Sorta.  The farmers market was a bust yesterday.  We just don't have the customers we used to have -- not sure what's up with that but .... I was up a the crack of dawn (or before) ... headed out for livestock duty (yes 8 chickens and a herd of cats are livestock) ... stepped in a fresh pile of cat poo.....hopped into the idling truck kicked off the smelly shoe and drove back to the house for clean then I was a bit irked.  So, McDonalds was my treat ...

It was cold -- 42' thru the entire morning.  And I'm drinking ICED coffee.  Needless to say --- it was a bust.  So I came home, flipped on the oven and baked 4 kinds of squash.  Delicata, Sweet Dumpling, Carnival and a Buttercup.  All were fabulous.  So today is squash casserole (with pecans, brown sugar and brandy) and probably squash pie and frozen squash for my lunch! 

Elders returned from fishing trip.  Sounds like they had a good time.  Cold up there too....28' in the am.  Last trip of the year -- next week will head up and retrieve the camper -- bring it home to bed in the shed.  I cleaned out/up market truck so it can become camper truck next! 

so, hoping for warmer weather
see it 'twas cold -- notice the layers, the scarf, the HOT coffee....
(mr & mrs h --- before they headed to the Gopher foot ball game)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew In...

 okay it's this months installment of the Friday Night Sew In ..... I finished the borders on this quilt ---

it started as a charm pack -- A Breath of Avignon .... (sorry -- forgot my french decades ago) by American Jane ... the most of the charms were used.... then I panicked and ordered some yardage from the same line ---  and I didn't realize until I looked at the pictures that the red was cut straight on a pattern grid .... shit happens....time to rip....

here is the link for the rest of the show.... CLICK HERE

(I think it should work ) (it does)
thanks for hosting ladies -- I need any excuse to sew ... and finish !!


just gotta tell ya .. the 1/2 square triangles -- way too much fussy work for this Diva . .

ahh Friday (finally friday)

   so, I spent some time in the garden -- the very wet and smooshy garden ... it's pretty beat up, or the leaves and foliage is beat up but I think I dodged the hail.  Now if it would warm up for a week or so and quit raining I'd have a really nice end of season watermelon crop.  They need heat!!!!

  the pumpkins and squash will ripen faster with the cool nights and shorter days.  one crop is opposite of the other ... it happens.

  my project for the friday night sew in awaits me.  i've tried to make every Friday (or Saturday) night a sew in night all summer long.  explains my sewing productivity this summer. 

  had a tip on the ATV creature -- 2 names -- did a recon mission yesterday at lunch.  yes, steaming middle aged grumpy woman was touring alleys (on foot ) but found what she was looking for ... and the beast was back at 8:00 last night -- I hopped into my wheels but was too late to catch 'em.  (which probably wasn't the wisest thing to do).  *&*&&*&()(*

  so it rolls


Thursday, September 16, 2010


   i think i got lucky ....

   too dark to tell this morning and way to much water to wade thru last night ....

   i'm going to sneek out at lunch ...

   cross your fingers and toes....


ps.  i am a lucky diva -- minimal hail damage but it's really smooshy out there -- i started picking for Saturday because tomorrow night I'm going to be busy with the FNSI (the Friday Night Sew In) !!!!  picking out my project tonight .... need to finish up a couple of things ....

i had a doctor visit -- yes I have pink eye -- oh joy a week of drops (so far only in one eye).... thank you !!!

kevin's soybeans.... getting ready
but they need sun sun sun

Wednesday, September 15, 2010



tornado sirens

what the hell -- it's September -- I need a break!!!!!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

so, the creature is back...

   that would be the creature on the ATV -- the 1980's vintage 3 wheeler ... a yellow Yamaha 225 to be exact .... (since yamaha is part of the family I know that) .... Dad was chasing the creature thru the neighbor's CRP (with mom's SUV) last night -- we didn't think the Envoy was capable of mowing down trees etc, but it did .... anyway the creature escaped up a high bank (and elder couldn't follow - not for lack of trying) .... tonight we'll be cruising neighborhoods looking for the creature .... I'm guessing it's the new housing development or the trailer court ....

  elder did mention -- "the kid could ride" ... to bad creature felt the need to ride thru my patch .... I will be a vindictive gardener -- it's starting to piss me off !!!  so off to email my law enforcement buddies .... sometimes it's good to have friends with guns....


Monday, September 13, 2010

T G it's Monday !!

  shout it out from the rooftops -- it's Monday, IT"S MONDAY .... so maybe, it won't be so bad after all !!!  i'm normally an upbeat, positive person (or according to the Meyers/Briggs -- an orderly, detailed introvert who sees things in black & white) .... so this is my attempt at making it a great day ....

  I'd be jumping for joy if I had actually slept the entire night -- 'twas my night to toss and turn and well the skunk who left a deposit somewhere in my neighborhood didn't help either.... life on the prairie is always "organic" ...

  happy monday


ps.  I had retail therapy yesterday --- Hancock Fabric's had a really cool sale -- Kona cottons were under $3 a yard -- so I just had to have some and then when I got home I had to have some more -- just gotta love the internet -- free shipping for $60 or more --- 26 yards are on the way!!! 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Market Goodies

watermelons at Diva's

onions, shallots and garlic by Hermanson's Harvest

cukes by Crystal
(aren't they cute?)

carrots by Holtz ... love the tops