Friday, September 17, 2010

ahh Friday (finally friday)

   so, I spent some time in the garden -- the very wet and smooshy garden ... it's pretty beat up, or the leaves and foliage is beat up but I think I dodged the hail.  Now if it would warm up for a week or so and quit raining I'd have a really nice end of season watermelon crop.  They need heat!!!!

  the pumpkins and squash will ripen faster with the cool nights and shorter days.  one crop is opposite of the other ... it happens.

  my project for the friday night sew in awaits me.  i've tried to make every Friday (or Saturday) night a sew in night all summer long.  explains my sewing productivity this summer. 

  had a tip on the ATV creature -- 2 names -- did a recon mission yesterday at lunch.  yes, steaming middle aged grumpy woman was touring alleys (on foot ) but found what she was looking for ... and the beast was back at 8:00 last night -- I hopped into my wheels but was too late to catch 'em.  (which probably wasn't the wisest thing to do).  *&*&&*&()(*

  so it rolls


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