Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm up and functioning....

  For some reason I seem to be crashing early in the evenings and I'm up before the chickens -- literally.  Made it to market yesterday --- hot start and thankfully the clouds and a light breeze arrived.  Then some more RAIN. 

  Hard to believe it's already September.  I'm kind of ready for fall, well ready for fall weather, but it seems like summer flew by at record pace.  Must have been busier than I thought! 

  No new pictures lately, but here is more of Gordie's fabulous, weed free, always cool looking garden!

 the entire garden is surrounded by giant sunflowers (with 3" trunks and 10' tall and canna's which are at least 6' tall) --- here is a row of edible soybeans (they taste like the ones in the field) note the mulch --- the city delivers truck loads of leaves in the fall and he composts it and uses it for mulch -- plus he collects grass clippings (non chemical ) from friends and family ....

every garden needs a clump or two of marigolds ... note the sunflower trunk ....

peeking thru the canna hedge at the sweet potato's ... yes, sweet potatos (potatoes, taters) in south central Minnesota -- and huge ones!

late row of beets and radishes .. more marigolds and some bachelor buttons

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