Sunday, September 12, 2010

Market Goodies

watermelons at Diva's

onions, shallots and garlic by Hermanson's Harvest

cukes by Crystal
(aren't they cute?)

carrots by Holtz ... love the tops


gz said...

Goodies indeed!
I have harvested today Onion Squashes (Queensland Blue not ready yet) Runner beans, a(nother!) Marrow a few sticks of Red Rhubarb and some gherkins

Green Tea said...

We were in the area on Saturday..wish I had known where you were with your veggies and watermelon. :)

Marie said...

i was one of the nuts just north of the fire truck -- the bucket was swaying in the breeze and making me nervous... i had sold out by 12:30 and was in desperate need of nap (and more advil) ... we'll be in that parking lot for the rest of the seasons -- tuesday afternoons (2:30 - 6:00) and saturday mornings (8:00 - noon) ...

they tell me Rockbend was fabulous!