Saturday, September 4, 2010

Market Morning

   so, all I need to do this morning is brew my beverages (one hot - one cold) and wander out to the truck and head south to town.  bessie, the green truck, is loaded I didn't try and tub the melons I just heaped 'em in an orderly fashion accross the back -- the little stuff is somewhat contained in the front. 

   all though bessie is a very nice green truck, she really doesn't have the room the old red/white truck had.  bessie is however, much more reliable!  it starts, the windows function, she has a radio and a cd player, and well, she can roll down the road at more than 40mph !!!  green bessie can even leave town!!! 

so, I'd better hop to it, brush the teeth and find some warmer clothes!!!

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