Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, the new Sunday

  I've decided Monday is my new Sunday.  This was my day yesterday ...

 - check out the garden -- pick a load of pumpkins
 - pick flowers for the house
 - 5 loads of laundry (all to the line)
 - dishes dishes dishes
 - assist elder in moving the gas barrel project
     (lifting beams overhead)
 - mow lawn at office
 - more laundry
 - clean sewing room floor
     (it was hard to tell what color it was)
 - took an atv ride with mom (8 miles)
     (we went places we shouldn't have -- we're old ladies it doesn't matter)
 - took a car drive to scope out the misbehaving teenagers
 - took the laundry down
 - more dishes
 - cleaned out the front of the green truck
     (it's headed north)

  So yep the office on Monday is looking pretty darn calm.


F  so life is good
not sure where this is coming from

not sure where the above came from i typed and it appeared ....


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

A message from aliens...what do I get if I decode it?

Sounds like Monday was busy at your place. The washing sounded like fun....

Marie said...

my computer has been taken over by aliens ....

loads of laundry -- it breeds itself in the laundry room