Sunday, September 5, 2010

sunday, the day of rest

I took a road trip on the atv this morning, in search of a "flock" of monarch butterflies....well, I found purple salvias, a field of goldenrod (evidently the City of St. P doesn't believe they are a weed), jake the dog was having a good time and a massage, and finally a monarch landed in a tree.  Yesterday, I swear I was the pied piper of monarchs -- they were swarming me on the atv (it's red) -- my zinna's in the melon patch have become a monarch feeding station (camera batteries had pooped out by then) ..

It was a beautiful morning for a ride.  Might have to repeat it later this afternoon.  The Olive Garden Restaurant is on my radar for lunch.  It was supposed to be last night but after 4 1/2 hours of weeding/shrub chopping (3 truckloads) at the office we were too tired to go (and enjoy it !).  So off to the big metropolis for lunch and a spot of shopping!

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