Monday, September 13, 2010

T G it's Monday !!

  shout it out from the rooftops -- it's Monday, IT"S MONDAY .... so maybe, it won't be so bad after all !!!  i'm normally an upbeat, positive person (or according to the Meyers/Briggs -- an orderly, detailed introvert who sees things in black & white) .... so this is my attempt at making it a great day ....

  I'd be jumping for joy if I had actually slept the entire night -- 'twas my night to toss and turn and well the skunk who left a deposit somewhere in my neighborhood didn't help either.... life on the prairie is always "organic" ...

  happy monday


ps.  I had retail therapy yesterday --- Hancock Fabric's had a really cool sale -- Kona cottons were under $3 a yard -- so I just had to have some and then when I got home I had to have some more -- just gotta love the internet -- free shipping for $60 or more --- 26 yards are on the way!!! 

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