Saturday, October 30, 2010


so peeps I participated in the Halloween Fun Run this morning !!!

and I think I finished in just under an hour ... Jackie kept me moving (rather she slowed down and let me keep up to her ...)  it was a beautiful morning for a stroll.... I tell ya at mile 2 I almost hitched a ride... my toes on the left foot were numb ... it was getting painful. 

but i trudged on ... by the time we finished both ankles and feet hurt (and still do) one should "train" for these things....

and then I started cleaning clothes closets .. remember the "no new clothes" statement from a couple of years ago -- it's back.  damn I have waaay to much  ....

4 bags ready for thrift shop and I have one secret stash yet to sort.....
I'm bad.


ps.  twelve hours later I'm up to 7 bags and I'm not done yet ... i can't believe i actually bought some of this shit and wore it ....

Quilt Bloggers Show

A charm pack (a breath of Avinon) lead to this masterpiece.  It was my challenge to have all of the points match up and finally they do.  It took a couple of FNSI's to get it pieced and now it's been hanging on the wall unquilted for several months while I decide how to quilt.  The decision has been made -- by hand ... in the ditch  ... it's a great way to relax, watch a little TV and still feel like something is getting accomplished.

Somewhere in magazine reading/blog reading I saw a similar full size quilt with HST with the black and loved the boldness and drama of the look.  And then will internet shopping stumbled over the charm pack.  Gotta love internet shopping for fabric.  I did end up searching LQS for the borders and eventually found some online too.....

Thanks to Amy for hosting the show!  Head on over and check out the rest of the fabulous goodies!  Lots of hard work and talented quilters.

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival

Friday, October 29, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

 oh you knew it was going to be my zinna patch .... but alas all good things must come to an end and the 25' this morning has zapped them for this season.  $3.00 worth of seed has brought many smiles !!!

so check out the other Favorites!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

I musta be nuts.....

re-arranging the furniture
getting the floors cleaning
   (and moving furniture out of the way)
running the fun run (keep dreaming it's a fast walk)
running for office
   (i'm finally getting nervous over this one)

and *#(%)($#)( winter had to return.
   (found gloves & hat)
   (I refuse to wear the winter coat)

and all of this chaos is in the same flipping week.....

i feel the need for therapy .....
  a) what not to wear returns to TV !!!
  b) the Project Runway finale is tonight ....
  c) must be time for a mini quilt shop hop .....
           Chaska, Shakopee, Burnsville here we come.....
            (after all I get much better gas mileage now
              and the price dropped!!!!)


I've taken a lot of fall pictures .. can't remember if I posted this one or not and I'm too lazy to look back.  This branch of the Autumn Flame Maple turned before the others... the entire tree is now bare after 3 days of wind..gotta love the 60mph rattle, branches hitting the house...blew most of the leaves away!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

wordless wednesday (a bit early) look closely

t u e s d a y

I had planned a fabulous night at the sewing machine -- since I slept (napped) thru my Sunday afternoon sewing ... but alas had a whim at the office yesterday and.....

   moved all of the front room furniture --- ready for the busy season ... (you'll like it Robin) and then called the carpet cleaning dude (which I'm gonna like).  he'll be here in 1 1/2 hours and I'm ready -- all the furniture from the hall and "green" room has been relocated to the front room ... parts of me hurt.  it was the 9 cases of copy paper I had stacked in the hallway ... started carrying them down to the basement.  I'm sure it will be fabulous when done! 

   campaign committee is coming to stuff flyers tonight .. all printed and ready to roll. 

   6 days and 13 hours -- the polls will be closed.

I'm having zinna withdrawl .. I really miss 'em.  I'm sure by the time this storm blows thru they will be gone ... they were starting to regrow and bloom.  Elder threatened to mow them off ... he mowed down the green peppers and eggplants with the lawnmower ... SNOW is in the forecast for tomorrow !!!!  I knew we'd go from sunny and semi-tropical to "freeze your buns cold and snow" in a matter of days.  I'm  entered in the Halloween Fun Run on Saturday .... (no I am not running -- it's okay for the middle aged to walk) and it's going to be brutal if it's cold and windy. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

m o n d a y

 and it will be a great day --- I just know it.  I have my coffee and well, I slept like a log. election is 8 days and counting and I refuse to get nervous (excited maybe).


Sunday, October 24, 2010

shades of November

short days
long nights

deer sleeping in the yard.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

ah the gentle

pitter patter of rain drops ....

it's been 28 days since our last rain .... and then we had to build the ark.

so, the potato's will dig much easier tomorrow.....

if we aren't in the ark


Friday, October 22, 2010

the old and the new ...

the old ...

the new

mr large and in charge -- with frozen ears !! he's 15 lbs and a lean mean fighting machine -- who needs to relocate permanently to the neighbors.... the back and forth may lead to an early demise....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

just out for a ride

notice the rack -- horns -- he's eating pumpkin for an appetizer

and this one is wonder what the hell I'm doing

i was reading my garden blogs...and come upon this unit !!! is this cute or what  -- I need to put my order in !!!

the Missing Mind

I've fried my brain .... 
   I managed to forget several items AGAIN this morning....
   Laying on the table -- ready to go are ...
        my sneakers & socks
        my eye drops
        my purse
        and a note to grab lunch out of the fridge

Evidently thinking too much turns the brain to mush.

Ever notice the odd routines we develope, for instance ... every morning

it's coffee and Minneapolis paper (the old fashioned real paper paper)
computer time ...
   newspaper (mankato free press on line)
   newspaper (st peter ???)
   blog reading
   blog posting

and damn an hour is gone.

gonna try the new facebook diet --- once a day every day ....


doesn't the patch look sad....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ahhh Fall is in the air....

  Yes, I'm getting ready for winter.  Next up are the always lovely plastic window kits.  Purchased them at Menards last night (along with another $160 worth of stuff) ....  they too have risen in price.  I then dashed to Hancock Fabrics where 2, yes 2 clerks were working the entire store and 1 clerk was cutting yards and yards of fleece for some idiot to make blankets .... I mean yards. 

  I managed to score some Halloween fabric for $2 a yard.  Cheater cloth for two trick or treat bags and 10 more yards of Kona Cotton at $4 a yard ... "snow".  

  No pictures of the car yet ... camera and car are never in the same locale.  Needed gas yesterday .. smaller tank than the old one.... can't believe they hadn't filled the tank when I bought it.... odd.  The whole experience was odd compared to the purchase of the last one. 

I stole this from Nick's facebook page ... I'm sure he will be thrilled to hear that I did it.  Don't ya think the dog looks more excited about the 1st goose than the kid.  Last Sunday on my travels ... he's moved a reclining patio lounge chair to his goose blind.  I can't remember but I might have already posted this....age... mind...what will be next to leave me....

the heap in the middle is the blind.  I'm sure he's even more excited when I'm cruising aound on the atv and he and buddies are waiting for the real birds to land.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

busy diva (no rest for the wicked)

This Diva has been busy ...

1.  Baked the eggbake for breakfast -- thru in some leftover brocolli 
                    (elder #1 was not happy)
                    tossed in two loads of laundry
                    sewed during laundry

2.  Dashed into the office ....
                    unloaded the market supplies for storage
                    clean out the garages
                    cleaned out all of the flower pots (stored)
                    mowed the damn grass --- mowing is getting out of hand
                     first mowing was April 17 and this had better be the last

3.  Came home and packed up market tubs, baskets, etc
                 everything has a place in storage
                 our squash is ready for storage too.

4.  Tossed out the rotten squash and watermelon and spied the largest
           coyote know to man -- went hunting with Dad and gun  didn't find the

5.  Pulled all of the row markets in the patch.
            and kept looking for the damn coyote ... he's huge.

6.  Took the garbage down to the shop and recycled the boxes.

7.  Stopped at garden center -- potting soil / pots

8.  Back to office -- repotted hibiscus to move indoors.

9.  Drove around and looked cool in the new wheels...(no pix of it yet)

10.  Picked brussel sprouts --- cleaned 'em and they are roasting.

I'm pooped!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

  Well, I could have accomplished more but frankly, I wasn't in the mood to sew.  That being said I finished strip piecing another window quilt (old buildings and Minnesota winters make for drafts ... so my office windows are all getting nighttime quilts ) ...  this one is from a jelly roll -- Dream On (Urban Chicks?) ... went together fast... most of the windows are 30"wide by 84" tall and the glass is original to 1895 so.... the quilts are long and skinny and are going together quite fast

Then I moved on to sandwiching (is that a word) the string pieced project I started in January and finished in May (gasp May FNSI)  -- I picked up some heavyweight flannel at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 a yard and used it to face rather than a batt and's pretty heavy and well I thought this would be less work (wrong again) ... I foundation pieced the strings because I hadn't read this (String Quilt Tutorial) spiffy tutorial.

  So I'm up and ready for another day at the always entertaining St. Peter Farmer's Market -- I'm hoping it is my last day at the Market -- 50 pumpkins, 6 bushel of winter squash and I'm outta there for the year !!!! 

Here is the link to the rest of the FNSI participants -- enjoy the show and many thanks to the ladies for hosting and the treats!!!  Click HERE NOT THE BUTTON

Friday, October 15, 2010

t g i f

  yep it's Friday (and the Friday Night Sew In) ... (FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN)  HAPPY VIEWING THERE'S SOME FUN STUFF !!!

  sorry about yesterday's ramblings, more than anyone needed to know about my auto's
  today is car day
  forgot my purse at home (an omen might be in there somewhere)
  but hey --Lori cut my hair -- I don't have the bushy look anymore!

  loading up the remaining pumpkins and squash for market tomorrow small load
  and even smaller on the trip home -- good to be done for the season ....
  hello couch!!!!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

i plunged ....

  yep, bought the automobile.  yes, an automobile.  not a truck or a suv but an automobile.  the last car i owned was the 1980 ford mustang, which i drove the wheels off of ... it was the "college transportation " .. black with black interior and in 1980 no air conditioning!!! ( i traded it in with a case of oil in the back seat  -- it needed them) .. since 1986 it's been one SUV after another....

a 2 door grey one (the 1986) aka the "rolling coffin" .... enough said

upgraded to a 2 door green one (the 1992) .....

then upgraded to a 4 door green one with built in car seats for Nick (he was a baby then) (the 1996) ... the passengers thought they needed doors and grandma thought Nick needed a built in car seat ---

then upgraded to the black 4 door with the BIG motor (which i wish i still had -- i miss that vehicle)(the 1997) ... and it's still running --- haven't seen it lately but it's in town now and then!

and lastly the blue 4 door (which frankly i've never liked it was never as good as the black one)(the 2005) ... i bought this one over the phone....

     so in several months during the first winter storm warning when i need to get to the office -- i'll be driving mom's suv or dad's pig vehicle -- because they have 4WD ... i can see it now, me and the pig mobile ---

on the upside -- it's really cool, has a huge sunroof, and should get much much better mileage.... double digit mileage in the winter -- i'm not going to miss the awful mileage. 

pictures tomorrow!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blessed Diva

   So yesterday I received a birthday treat.  It made me smile.  After life is all about enjoying those moments.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many good peeps.

   The car swap deal was a bit time consuming yesterday.  Should I or shouldn't I -- I think its down to (a) the swap price and (b) is it still under warranty.  I've gotton over the "white" exterior, yes Diva has at least a mile of gravel to get home everyday and she's thinking about (gasp here) a white vehicle.  The interior is dark gray ... almost black.  The last time I owned a "car"  was 1986.  sooooo it's kind of big change -- although this is a "crossover" vehicle -- half car half sport utility. 

  The squash garage sale continues today .... one way or another this stuff will be relocated somewhere ....


Monday, October 11, 2010

oh Monday

   I just know it's going to be a fabulous day in the Valley.  Sunny, warm, gentle breezes -- and lots of box elder bugs and asian beatles -- two of God's favorite methods of torturing us.  Ever wonder what they think of us.  I spray them with toxic chemicals, I sweep them away, I suck them up with the vac -- and they still keep coming. 


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday !!!

  So it was a day long party of sorts.

  Cake and treats at the Market (carrot cake from GAC - yummy) -- and it rained yes during Market -- my canopy pooped out last week at the office and since it was forecasted to be 85' and sunny -- I had no rain jacket -- bought rain poncho for $1 at the $1 Store -- it was most attractive ....

  Hung out with the Florida Family Members who were up for homecoming and the various ceremonies at the High School.  Cousin Jack was inducted into the SPHS Hall of Fame.  It's warmer here than Florida -- he didn't bring normal clothes -- so he was sweating in the wool. 

  Cleaned up the Market Truck == never rained at the farm 2 miles away.

  Surprise Birthday Party -- pretty calm night for an "old" woman.  Gotta love the AARP discounts coming my way -- and I too will be counting backwords from this point forward!  Many thanks to everyone !!! 


Saturday, October 9, 2010

pretty tree

the motherlode of bittersweet .... there is ton's of it.

and two more trees loaded with more bittersweet

the melonpatch from afar


mom and i took a ride and found lots of cool stuff ....

Today is the Big Day

doesn't the patch look sad -- between the frost on Sunday ... and 88' yesterday it just took a beating

the critters are still dining regularly on the pumpkins

 and they are rolling watermelons, pumpkins and squash out into the soybean field ... coyotes ... they roll 'em for miles --
even the zinna's are tough looking -- since the deluge 3 weeks ago it has not rained a drop ... my sandy soil is generally light and airy -- it's turned to cement --- and the weeds (quack grass and foxtail mainly) are not helping any ...

I'm officially old today -- now I can start counting backwards by two !!  We're having cake & beverages at the farmers market this morning.  Carrot cake from GAC!  Looked yummy in the box ... which is now residing in the walkin cooler at the greenhouse .... no fridge large enough at this house!


Friday, October 8, 2010

1 day and counting

  the big day is tomorrow ......  !!!!

  but yesterday was a very busy day .... 2nd day of CNC (Connecting Nicollet County) Program ... we started the morning with a presentation from the Nicollet County Social Services.... $8 Million later I had learned a lot.  A tour of the Jail and Dispatch Center was next -- including a live 911 Call in which some of the participants new the caller. 

  After lunch at the Cox House (yea, they let us eat there!) and a tour of the Cox House it was a presentation regarding the Nicollet County Historical Society at the Treaty Site History Center (flood pic below) and lastly a tour of the Museum at the State Hospital ...
okay and 9 days later nary a drop of water to be found.

Last night was Girls Night Out in St. Peter -- more like women gone wild.  Hords of Women roaming the street looking for free food free treats and sign ups for drawings.  I stopped at the coffee shop for some soup and I was the only paying customer they had that hour -- they were happy to see me....

the maple across the street from the office -- isn't it gorgeous

the squash-mobile -- dad is so busy farming for Joe he hasn't missed his truck ... mine again today -- loading up squash from office for market tomorrow -- selling a lot via the garage ...

hide the trash curbies with potted plants.... then the wind blows and knocks 'em over ... hibiscus ... will be bringing them and their bugs indoors shortly

my tacky garage display of squash ... labeled piled and self service ... a lot less work

and a pile of watermelons...