Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ahhh Fall is in the air....

  Yes, I'm getting ready for winter.  Next up are the always lovely plastic window kits.  Purchased them at Menards last night (along with another $160 worth of stuff) ....  they too have risen in price.  I then dashed to Hancock Fabrics where 2, yes 2 clerks were working the entire store and 1 clerk was cutting yards and yards of fleece for some idiot to make blankets .... I mean yards. 

  I managed to score some Halloween fabric for $2 a yard.  Cheater cloth for two trick or treat bags and 10 more yards of Kona Cotton at $4 a yard ... "snow".  

  No pictures of the car yet ... camera and car are never in the same locale.  Needed gas yesterday .. smaller tank than the old one.... can't believe they hadn't filled the tank when I bought it.... odd.  The whole experience was odd compared to the purchase of the last one. 

I stole this from Nick's facebook page ... I'm sure he will be thrilled to hear that I did it.  Don't ya think the dog looks more excited about the 1st goose than the kid.  Last Sunday on my travels ... he's moved a reclining patio lounge chair to his goose blind.  I can't remember but I might have already posted this....age... mind...what will be next to leave me....

the heap in the middle is the blind.  I'm sure he's even more excited when I'm cruising aound on the atv and he and buddies are waiting for the real birds to land.

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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

It's always interesting to read how you Northerners prepare for winter. Here we drag out a coat in about July and that's the extent of our prep.

Bargains on the fabric purchases. Well done. And I have the Hancocks experience at Spotlight every time I venture there on a Sunday. I've given up.

I had to google what a goose blind was. Clearly not an aussie thing. My I'm getting an education.