Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday !!!

  So it was a day long party of sorts.

  Cake and treats at the Market (carrot cake from GAC - yummy) -- and it rained yes during Market -- my canopy pooped out last week at the office and since it was forecasted to be 85' and sunny -- I had no rain jacket -- bought rain poncho for $1 at the $1 Store -- it was most attractive ....

  Hung out with the Florida Family Members who were up for homecoming and the various ceremonies at the High School.  Cousin Jack was inducted into the SPHS Hall of Fame.  It's warmer here than Florida -- he didn't bring normal clothes -- so he was sweating in the wool. 

  Cleaned up the Market Truck == never rained at the farm 2 miles away.

  Surprise Birthday Party -- pretty calm night for an "old" woman.  Gotta love the AARP discounts coming my way -- and I too will be counting backwords from this point forward!  Many thanks to everyone !!! 



Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Happy Birthday Marie.

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I especially liked the reference to cake. I LOVE cake!

Marie said...

thanks Mrs P -- way to much cake and still have leftover cake ... but alas it's Monday and back to the grind, the party can't last forever! deadlines await me!