Sunday, October 17, 2010

busy diva (no rest for the wicked)

This Diva has been busy ...

1.  Baked the eggbake for breakfast -- thru in some leftover brocolli 
                    (elder #1 was not happy)
                    tossed in two loads of laundry
                    sewed during laundry

2.  Dashed into the office ....
                    unloaded the market supplies for storage
                    clean out the garages
                    cleaned out all of the flower pots (stored)
                    mowed the damn grass --- mowing is getting out of hand
                     first mowing was April 17 and this had better be the last

3.  Came home and packed up market tubs, baskets, etc
                 everything has a place in storage
                 our squash is ready for storage too.

4.  Tossed out the rotten squash and watermelon and spied the largest
           coyote know to man -- went hunting with Dad and gun  didn't find the

5.  Pulled all of the row markets in the patch.
            and kept looking for the damn coyote ... he's huge.

6.  Took the garbage down to the shop and recycled the boxes.

7.  Stopped at garden center -- potting soil / pots

8.  Back to office -- repotted hibiscus to move indoors.

9.  Drove around and looked cool in the new wheels...(no pix of it yet)

10.  Picked brussel sprouts --- cleaned 'em and they are roasting.

I'm pooped!


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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I'm not surprised you're pooped . Did you actually read the list you made? I got tired reading it!

Hope your week is less crazy.