Saturday, October 2, 2010

go ahead ....

freeze baby freeze.  i'm ready, stuff is picked, packed and covered.  my little trailer is heaped with watermelons....hope the tires hold out ... i dug dad's car toter/trailer out and well, picked and loaded.  Jean helped with the pumpkins and squash .. the only stuff not picked -- pie pumpkins, acorn squash, and some wee decorative pumpkins.  they can take a light frost and i think that's all we'll have ..  all i have left is to pick some zinna's -- after all I LOVE MY ZINNA's ... i know i've said it many times before.  when i worked at the Greenhouse during college it was always Iris and I still buy Iris' for my desk in the winter, but the zinna's have won !!!  $3.00 of seed have brought way to much enjoyment this summer -- they've bloomed steadily since the 4th of July and I only deadheaded them once.  and the antlered buddies don't like them!

the produce crop was way down compared to last year -- less than 1/2.  and the pumpkin crop was less an 1/8th of last year -- and i think (i know) i had the same number of hills.  unfortunately my antlered buddies are eating heavily (especially since the flooding) and the grub worms are eating spots in 'em. 

melons were better --just having trouble selling them  -- they are large and well it's a lot of melon to eat. 

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Barb H said...

Marie, it sounds as though you have a vegetable farm and not just a garden like I do. I keep my antlered friends out of the veggie patch with dried blood. You can get it from a "real" gardening store, not a big box store. We just sprinkle it around the perimeter of the patch after every rain and it deters the deer and the rabbits as well. If I lived close to you, I'd get one of your big, honkin' melons!