Thursday, October 21, 2010

just out for a ride

notice the rack -- horns -- he's eating pumpkin for an appetizer

and this one is wonder what the hell I'm doing

i was reading my garden blogs...and come upon this unit !!! is this cute or what  -- I need to put my order in !!!


Barb H said...

Love that market shed--no more worries about rainy days! Don't worry about Mr. Bambi--he'll be long gone by the time gun season starts, right?

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Dont shoot Bambi's husband!

How come you have all the cute animals who eat leftover pumpkin and all I have is snakes, and lizards and other nasties?

Marie said...

too cold for most snakes, lizards and most of the nasties....takes a tough bug to survive -35' Farenheit!!!

no sure why we survive either ... we had a 12 day stretch last January/Feb and it never got above zero.

bambi sausage sticks are pretty tasty --- especially the spicy beer sticks!!!! (and i'm the fussy eater)

Barb H said...

Venison sticks--Yummmmmm! I'd like to try kangaroo spicy sticks too.