Thursday, October 7, 2010

retro Thursday ...

  so I'm at the office already -- CNC Day so work before I leave ... touring Nic Cty Courthouse, Cox House, TSHC & the St Peter State Hospital Museum.  The first three I know well, used to carry keys and alarm codes for the Cox House & TSHC --- so, the State Hospital Museum should be interesting.  Well, as interesting as a mental institution Museum can be -- the State Hospital grounds are a beautiful campus this time of year -- if not for the wack jobs (aka child molesters -- not the mentally ill) that reside out there. 

okay these were taken June 17, 2005 --- i'll find camera and dash out tomorrow .... they don't look this good anymore.... it'was a bad year of gardening at the office.

I had the "ultimate garage sale" yesterday -- squash, watermelon & pumpkins out of the office garage ... thinking about doing it again tomorrow ... self serve -- just about everything for a $1 .... anything to get it sold.  I'm really liking the self serve.



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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

What is CNC day?

Glad you're selling your produce and self serve rocks.

Pretty garden. And this is where you work ? How lovely!