Friday, October 1, 2010

singing from the hills

that would be the only reference I'll ever use from the Sound of Music.  but here's the deal -- one bridge is open and 169 Southbound is open.  still very quiet on our end but we can LEAVE TOWN .... not that I have anywhere to go ... well I will on Monday but !!!!  

i know quit whining it's only been 6 days.  per the Mankato Free Press --- it might be another week before the 169 Northbound will be open -- evidently the water is pooling and there is damage to the road.  oh joy!

the semi truck/trailer full of soybeans is no longer in the middle of the driveway .... it could have been much worse (worser) ... they ended up augering the beans into another truck and then borrowing someone else's tractor to pull it up and off the bank.  so, lots of lessons learned and well no one was hurt. 



Barb H said...

Today really is a day if freedom for you--drive way no longer blocked and highway dry and re-opened. Even tho you're not going anywhere, it's just so good to know you can if you want to, right?

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Right now I'd be quite happy to be cut off from the world, so long as we had supplies like milk and bread.

Happy to hear you're no longer land locked Diva.

Marie said...

thanks ladies -- one would think being cut off from the world I would have had more time to SEW !!! not so, too busy running around taking pictures of the giant pond ....