Tuesday, October 26, 2010

t u e s d a y

I had planned a fabulous night at the sewing machine -- since I slept (napped) thru my Sunday afternoon sewing ... but alas had a whim at the office yesterday and.....

   moved all of the front room furniture --- ready for the busy season ... (you'll like it Robin) and then called the carpet cleaning dude (which I'm gonna like).  he'll be here in 1 1/2 hours and I'm ready -- all the furniture from the hall and "green" room has been relocated to the front room ... parts of me hurt.  it was the 9 cases of copy paper I had stacked in the hallway ... started carrying them down to the basement.  I'm sure it will be fabulous when done! 

   campaign committee is coming to stuff flyers tonight .. all printed and ready to roll. 

   6 days and 13 hours -- the polls will be closed.

I'm having zinna withdrawl .. I really miss 'em.  I'm sure by the time this storm blows thru they will be gone ... they were starting to regrow and bloom.  Elder threatened to mow them off ... he mowed down the green peppers and eggplants with the lawnmower ... SNOW is in the forecast for tomorrow !!!!  I knew we'd go from sunny and semi-tropical to "freeze your buns cold and snow" in a matter of days.  I'm  entered in the Halloween Fun Run on Saturday .... (no I am not running -- it's okay for the middle aged to walk) and it's going to be brutal if it's cold and windy. 


Barb H said...

Marie, if you can move all your furniture and haul boxes of copy paper downstairs, I'm sure the Halloween run/walk will be a breeze! I miss zinnias too.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Yep- agree with Barb. Plus you had your workout for the week by moving furniture and copy paper.

I cant believe they are forecasting snow for you already!

Marie said...

it's howling like mad out there -- after the last 27 days of fabulous I knew something was happening...65mph wind gusts ... can't tell if there is snow --- too many leaves and branches...

i'm training for the fun run -- i walked to the post office in the wind!!!!! LOL

Linda Albrecht said...

You have a blog! Cool. I will check back often.

I miss the Zinnia's too. David finally got rid of them for me. So sad.

I love how the cats are hanging out on the new vehicle. So typical. My cat is always the first here to do the "sit on me test" when something new comes around. Crazy thing.