Saturday, October 9, 2010

Today is the Big Day

doesn't the patch look sad -- between the frost on Sunday ... and 88' yesterday it just took a beating

the critters are still dining regularly on the pumpkins

 and they are rolling watermelons, pumpkins and squash out into the soybean field ... coyotes ... they roll 'em for miles --
even the zinna's are tough looking -- since the deluge 3 weeks ago it has not rained a drop ... my sandy soil is generally light and airy -- it's turned to cement --- and the weeds (quack grass and foxtail mainly) are not helping any ...

I'm officially old today -- now I can start counting backwards by two !!  We're having cake & beverages at the farmers market this morning.  Carrot cake from GAC!  Looked yummy in the box ... which is now residing in the walkin cooler at the greenhouse .... no fridge large enough at this house!



Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Happy Birthday Diva. Aside from cake, I hope you get many presents and have many good times.

I started counting backwards at 40.

Barb H said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy every year and don't worry about what the number is. Think about it--What's the alternative to growing old? Besides, you're really the age you feel in your mind, not what the calendar says, right?