Tuesday, November 30, 2010

wardrobe ...

  Mrs. P (from Q in my P -- see the reading list) .. is having a wardrobe discussion today.  Kinda making me think today.  I'm the list maker and part of the Sunday night "get ready for the week" preparations is making the wardrobe list.  Yes, I plot out the clothes for the week (and put them on individual hangers -- ) ... it speeds up the mornings -- and if I pay attention to the weekly weather forecast it generally works out well.

 This time of year I have a clothing stash at the office -- xtra sweatpants & sweatshirts, pj's in case of bad weather and I end up staying in town - that's never happened.  Shorts/tee shirts for summer and always extra sneakers.

 There was an article in the paper on Thanksgiving about living with less -- I have way too many clothes.  Even after tossing 7 bags I have too much.  I like to shop!  I still have not found the perfect pair of jeans, the search will continue.

  Yes, Joy, I will toss the Eddie Bauer sweatshirt that is two sizes to large, has holes in it, and is stained.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Monday !!!

Yes, I'm smiling!!

 I started my day at the grocery store at 6:00am.  Had the entire store to myself.  It was lovely.  $88 later.  Lunches for the week and evergreen roping and wreaths to decorate at the office (that was 1/2 of the total).  After it quits raining and snowing int he next 36 hours it can get put up.  Ditto the spruce tip pots.  Oh and I bought a dozen red roses -- they were on sale too.  (makes me smile)

 I went scrapbooking yesterday -- 24 handmade holiday cards which are very attractive.  More to come next week.  The tacky Christmas letter is written and printed and I've started the other "letters".  It was a productive day.  No sewing. 

 Today is bad weather and dentist.  Thus the flowers.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday .. a day of ...

it warmed up nicely yesterday so I took a stroll with my camera -- out to the patch...note the animal tracks...they're digging things out of the snow and eating 'em ... this was a watermelon.

looking north along the patch to the food plot (which they consumed well before it snowed) .. lots of tracks .. the herd has not relocated back into the river bottoms yet .. (why would they? they have good eating on the flats)

my poor zinna's ... got mowed off while elder was mowing the fence lines .. evidently he doesn't have the "warm fuzzies" over the zinna's like the rest of us...

For a Holiday weekend I've worked a lot .... having a computer at home that speaks with a computer at the office can be a good and BAD thing.  I did manage to work all day Friday too ... at the office.  I took a stroll at Noon and checked out a couple of antique/gift shops.  The find of the day was a bright blue enamel pot -- quart sized .. it looks really good with the mini xmas tree I bought in it! 

Mom, Jean and I went shopping last night.  Jean (not I) need curtain fabric.  We had Olive Garden for supper and every bite was quite tasty.  No room for desert.  Since Office Max was closed we dived into Gordmans.  A whole lotta stuff crammed into that building.  My new flannel pants are very attractive ... xmas red with dalmatian dogs! 

Happy back to work !


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Favorite Things Friday ....

my new favorite tool !  no sillys it's not the Fiskars .. although I do like a sharp pair of scissors ...I picked up this wedgie tool gizmo at Gruber's in St. Cloud on my adventure ...

and I took the left over charm squares from my FNSI project and cut them in 1/2 and then made wedgies... I whipped them together (under 30 minutes -- so some are a bit wonky)

I then slapped 'em down on a piece of old batting and muslin and stitched 'em down -- I freehand cut the center circle (it's really wonky) .. but

it makes for a great pillow top for the couch !!!  ready to add the back and cram in the pillow form ... this was my form of exercise to burn off the Thanksgiving Day calories....

Happy Friday (a bit early)

gobble gobble gobble

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I attended a Nicollet County Board of Commissioners Meeting (as an audience member)
   ( the swearing in is January 4, 2011)
I walked and froze my ears and other exposed body parts....
I brought home -- homework.....
   (both my work and county work)

It's gonna be fun peeps!


Monday, November 22, 2010

oh crap (shit's more like it)

  more freezing rain.

  lots of law enforcement, fire trucks and other activity this morning

  'tis the season!


thinking green this morning!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

so cool....

   I won a prize at the Friday Night Sew In .... see post below of my project.  I fused and cut and fused most of the afternoon and the other 11 blocks are ready to be stitched ... and then it is on to putting it all together and quilting (i think this one i'll hand quilt too) ... winter projects .. (as if I don't have enough winter projects) ..

  As I told Heidi -- I'm going to "pay it forward" next month and offer up a charm pack ...kinda fun eh!

  Mom and I were in Mankato yesterday.  What a flippin zoo.  I had returns, she was riding along.  More gift cards were purchased.  I managed to find 8 1/2 M boots instead of 8 1/2 W boots but the exhange line at Kohls was a bit testy.   There was NO parking at Sam's Club so I'm making a list and the elders can pick it all up this week.  Weather permitting.  It won't happen I can feel it now.

  And yes, I just finished watching "Sarah Palin's Alaska" -- the scenery is fabulous -- hope I can see it in person someday ...


Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Night Projects . . .

  So, I've been planning all day and well .... I'm in the mood to applique ... not sure why but I've been zipping things together all year and it feels like time to slow down and enjoy the process.  So ...

the Missouri Quilt Co's "daily deal" a week or so ago was a Moda "Morris" charm back, so I indulged and also picked up a Kona Layer Cake in Natural.  The Morris colors are fabulous ... blacks, navys, dark greens, cranberrys, rich golds....

I took a hunk of scrapbooking paper cut it down and cut out leaf shapes from a magazine cover from the trash .. it's important to recycle ...

and fused down with some old pellon light ... already I've abandoned the hand applique .. so much for hand work .... I stitched 'em down with a tight straight stitch .. my old bernina doesn't have a blanket stitch ...

I'm liking it so far

and a little beverage to keep me going.  So the demo block is done ... I'm going to stare at it for a while and at Sunday "stitch and bitch" start cutting, pressing and stitching.

Thanks for hosting ladies....it's always fun

Click HERE to see the rest of the show.

Favorite Things Friday ....

I first saw this quilt at the Minnesota Quilters Annual Show in 2008 -- Rochester that year (Susan, I think it is coming back to Rochester this year -- keep your calendar open --- June!) anyhow -- it was paper pieced and thousands of pieces ... I used this pic for my Christmas cards 2 years in a row (oops) .. the detail was fabulous -- hours and hours of work.

the whole quilt ... I've managed to lose the program and description but if my memory is correct it took the quilter several years to finish and she worked one block at a time ... it would take me decades.

here is another quilt in the same style .. it was not by the same quilter.

So these are my favorites this friday .... just gotta love the talents and craftsmanship (craftswomanship) and dedication of the artists...

Check out the other Favourite Things Friday from Mrs. P's Blog .... Click on Quilting in my Pyjama's in the blog reading list to the left..... fun stuff peeps.

It is the Friday Night Sew In Night too... watch for my lack of progress tomorrow  ...  my fabric arrived in yesterdays mail -- let the applique begin!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

ahhh Thursday ...

   Made it thru Monday
   Tuesday was uneventful
   Wednesday was Hump Day
      (missed Yoga again)
   Thursday is "Thank God tomorrow is Friday"
   Friday ... well is FRIDAY NIGHT SEW IN
       My FNSI project is to clean that sewing room.  Since scrapbooking got cancelled last Sunday I overtook the sewing tables to work on my projects and well it is a disaster in the making.  Then I can work on some xmas treats. 
        I found a website to self publish calendars -- trying it out, it was pretty cheep so I'm guessing the quality is pretty cheep.  Time will tell.

   Off to the clinic this morning ... blood draws -- and since I do not bleed well it will be a memorable experience -- only 5 sticks to get two vials the last time.  Evidently my veins are skinny -- who'd a known!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

routines ...

     Routines -- gotta love 'em, gotta hate 'em, gotta get into the groove.  Been that kind of day.  Typical November doom and gloom (and freezing rain). 

     Had my ethics seminar in Owatonna last night -- next door to the famous cabella's .  I did manage to pop in and check them out.  My second and probably last popping in.  There are only so many dead stuffed animals one needs to see.  I'm sure someone somewhere finds them to be entertaining.  I was shopping (what else) for new boots and some xmas treats.  Treats (check) boots (no check) ... but I found silk long underwear (yes too much information) -- it's Mn and it's cold -- enough said.

   The seminar was a bust and the trek home in the new car, fog and bad vision was pretty nasty but I made it.  It could have been worser. 


Monday, November 15, 2010

wackyness (wackiness)

   Ok, so no scrapbooking (aka. stitch & bitch) yesterday.  No power at the House.  By then it had been 28 hours.  It could be worse we are just a bunch of busy crafty women -- but out there in farm country -- they had cows to milk and animals to feed.  Yes, they probably had generators, modern technology ....

  Sometimes we forget how fortunate we truly are .... snowplows, electricity, flowing natural gas (the heating kind!), cell phones, internet the list is endless.  I was watching IRT Deadliest Roads last night -- in India ... peeps we got it good here!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snow Day Productivity

Well needless to say, the new wheels never left the garage.  But I ....

put together this pillow top (and it's on the couch)

I squared up and trimmed a window warmer -- it's ready for binding.  I basted and machine quilted another window warmer.  And it just about set me over the edge ... lots of issues, but 4 hours later (at midnight) it was done .....

4 loads of laundry ....

office sidewalks are cleared and Nick was fed.... (he's always hungry)

egg bake whipped together and now ready to bake for breakfast

Today is stitch/bitch at the House ... so I'm packing up my projects... the summer scrapbook needs to be put together sooner rather than later and all my fancy paper used up. (I have a lot now).  My body is also needed at the office ... since I procrastinated with the winterizing -- it's time for some plastic.

   Nothing like a little snow to make it look like Christmas ... best be getting busy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

the morning view (adult eyes only) Updated Twice!!!!

okay it added the new pic's to the top not the bottom  .. what the hell... so the road grader isn't ready -- no wing on it or chains.  dump truck # 1 was ready but the alternator pooped out, dump truck # 2 started -- pucking water out the block and has no gravel in it for weight ... so ... not sure what's up  (and #2 was stuck in the yard as was the red pu truck and no chains or bucket on fergie -- trust me we are stuck here!!!!)

trees are down along the driveway -- and more are falling by the minute .... 12" and it's still falling.....I've decided its my punishment for trading off blue bessie ... can't wait to see what kind of mess is at the office....good thing Nick is pudgy -- I won't get there to feed him today ....

oh and the flipping power keeps going on and off on and off .... I'd better start drinking a whole lotta whining for a Saturday .....

it looked a lot better like this ....

and now the weather woman says "12 inches total" ... i'm not liking this at all....me and the newer wheels will be toodling into the office to plow ... i'm missing my 4WD and I haven't even gotten dressed yet....


okay this is getting ugly.  we are trapped here!!!!  elder just got his snowplow unit running (the red truck) and well a trees are down along the driveway ... and well it's butt ugly out there .. his words not mine.  yes, i'm already missing blue bessie and its 4WD!!!  so I'm headed to the sewing machine ... lemons, lemonaid ... however it works!

Friday, November 12, 2010

s. n. o. w.

  holy crap it's supposed to snow
  and not a few stray flakes
  but like inches of it

  65' and sunny on monday
  35' and winter storm warnings on friday

  i'm not ready.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

oh No ..

  I shopped some more.

  Cutting up the cards.

   Enough socks to get me thru the winter.
   Cool black boots (not winter boots just fun boots).
   Thanks to Lori and the 30% off at Kohls ..

    I saved over a $100 and it only cost me $95 ...

  oh and 3 shirts ....


ps.  PTL I cleaned the closet eh!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wordless wednesday (gotta love new fabric)

bliss ... and some dots ...

dream on and kona pastels charm packs and a honey bun (forgot which one)

lots of green/burgundy/red/brown fat quarters

basic grey charm pack -- the wild green one and a batik roll up
(from grubers)

lots of felted wool for a special project.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

the first day of our Adventure

   So Mom and I are on an ADVENTURE.  We left on schedule this morning and had absolutely no traffic until we arrived at the DESTINATION. 

   So SUPER STAMPERS our first stop was CRAFTS DIRECT.  Unfortunately Crafts Direct was hosting deer hunting widows weekend and the crazies had invaded.  I scored some nice paper packs (yes Becky, I bought a lot of pretty papers), 10 fat quarters of fabric for my applique leaf gig, and some surprises.  We managed KMart too -- equally wacked with customers. 

  Next up was GRUBERS Quilt Shop.  It was its normal fabulous self.  I kept to my $100 budget, lots of fun treats including a new ruler!  I thought they would have more pre-cut fabric, but no, a lot of kits. 

  We also managed to find our sizes in JCPenney and I went over budget.  So far ....

2 pair of jeans
1 pair of dress pants
3 pairs of sweat pants
1 brocade blazer
1 fleece sweatshirt

remember I am the idiot that wasn't going to purchase any more clothes or fabric.  I tried to find shoes but the store was nuts.

we are going back to crafts direct tomorrow I was allotted $10 in bonus bucks and need to spend them.  more paper of course


so, the fun will begin

  but I'll be too pooped to enjoy it.  been working endlessly (yep, thursday night, friday 'til 9ish, all day/night saturday) ... but the projects are done.

   the crafts direct coupons are printed, the list is complete ...

   there is gas in the car...(always important)

   the shoppers are ready......


Friday, November 5, 2010


   what a week ... that's all i can type.

   I had a nice tour of various businesses in Nicollet Mn yesterday ... via the "Connecting Nicollet County Program" ... I wasn't grossed out by the famous butcher shop (Schmidt's Meats), I learned about robot welding at the dock place (Hewitt's), the gun club (Conservation Club) and toured the School.  Oh and we ate at the school -- not with the kids but the same food.  Mexican Haystacks -- enough said.  Hung out at Rapid Ricks before leaving town. 

  I came back to work -- it never goes away.  I will have a clean desk before I vacate for my Income Tax Conference .... already planning the adventures in St. Cloud.   I'll be spending a lot of time at Gruber's Quilt Shop, yes the famous Gruber's ... I usually get so overwhelmed by the selection I don't purchase anything.  It's a destination peeps!  Then I'll be headed over to Crafts Direct where I won't be overwhelmed !!!  I have a list for Crafts Direct -- it is the hugest place for crafting / sewing / scrapbooking on this Earth.  And I have coupons!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the Important Things in Life...

  So much happening with the election hoopala that the little things in life sometimes get forgotten. 

  A client (and friend) of mine recently lost a family member.  She placed an advertisment in the paper last weekend -- encouraging us to "do a good deed and pay it forward" in his memory, today November 3rd -- because it would have been his birthday.  I've been thinking about her request ever since I saw the ad.  It is a beautiful tribute.  Then I tried to plan my "random act" -- then I realized you just can plan "random acts" -- they happen and dang it -- make 'em happen and enjoy the pleasure of kindness. 

  It gets even better -- I was reading my various blogs this morning -- I was awake after the 4 hours of sleep and well not functioning overly well.  She (Marlynn)  mentioned that we bloggers should use November as the month to blog about all the things for which we are thankful. 

  My list is endless -- but again it is the little things.   Tonight the sunset over the Valley was absolutely gorgeous -- I was a yoga and the setting sun in huge windows of the studio was pretty darn cool.  We don't sit still long enough to enjoy a sunset .. tonights was good.

the final results



TOM CONLON . . . . . . . . . . 1,081 42.26

MARIE DRANTTEL. . . . . . . . . 1,463 57.19

WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 14 .55

okay I finally got excited !!!!

i am very blessed (and lucky) ...


(smiling Diva face)

peeps !!

I did well ....

I made it ....

Now the hard work begins...

Many thanks for the assistance, kind words and thoughts and most of all -- the votes....

The "Committee" of "super stampers/scrapebookers" who became super stuffers!!!!

and it's really really past my bedtime!!!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day...

go vote !!!

yep today is the big day !!  it is safe to say my competition and I have run the cleanest, nicest campaign in Minnesota ever.  No ands, ifs or buts about it.  Nice peeps to nice things. 


Monday, November 1, 2010

M O N D A Y ....

  Just another wacky day in the Valley.

  Big Day is Tomorrow ...

  Fun Run Time: 56.xx  ... 61st in my age group.
  All I can say is ... thank God I finished.