Monday, January 31, 2011

dear God;
    thanks for the snow, we'd really appreciate some more melting.  I tried the same request of Santa, he ignored me.  happy monday!


ps.  3" so far and it's still falling.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

and on the 7th Day ...

  the weather geeks issued a WINTER STORM WARNING .... so 6" or more on the way ....but hey February is only 2 days away. 

  so this Diva is at work ... for the record I do not live here -- it just seems like it (and feels like it).  One more set of W2's and I'm done!!!  and then the real fun begins.

  happy snowstorm.


Saturday, January 29, 2011


  okay the word thing was fun, until Jean told me all of my words were from the "boy scout pledge/oath/whatever" ...

  on the road to New Ulm yesterday ... meetings, meetings, meetings.  didn't take time for any of the quilt shops ... I was running late in both directions.... but I did make a fast stop at Schmidts Meat Market on the way thru ... gotta refill my stash of beer sticks and a stick of summer sausage.  They do it well.  I bought 5 kinds of beer sticks.

  back to the grind and the chaos of 3rd street.  the new help should be rolling in next week.  Working all weekend long ...


okay, I added to the fabric stash ... daily deal was too good not to purchase!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Un-handy Diva

  Being a farm Diva, I thought I could fix anything or at least make it work.  Jean and I had a moment at Menards last night and I purchased an "electric fireplace" ... a fancy space heater.  After two hours of "put it together" this morning  when I could have been working.... it's pumping warm air in a less than perfect cabinet.  I opted for the less expensive version and that must mean some lots of assembly required.

  It's cute.  I'm not sure I'm any warmer.

  Yes I left town last night.  Three times in 7 days.  A new record for tax season.  There were many years that it was home - work, work - home only. 

  Still cold a warm up is on the way.  Hope so, car needs a bath and it needs to be over 25' for that to happen. 


Saturday, January 22, 2011

heat wave ... heat wave....

  I think it is above zero.  Time to dance in the streets.  Roadtrip yesterday to Gaylord.  Not productive.  In fact the entire day was pretty much a wash. 

  Went home early and watched a bit of TV ... Air Alaska (or Alaska Air) -- and Gold Rush ... between those two and Sarah Palin's Alaska -- we'll all want to vacation in Alaska ... not thinking the natives want us to visit.  Beautiful part of the world.

  I'm seriously thinking nap, but no comfy chair or couch here and even though the heat wave has arrived I'm not exiting the building.

Diva ...

ps.  Pat, I've have thrown things worse than beer mugs at John....still can't seem to knock any sense into him.  He has the ability to tune me out when I rant and rave at him.  His latest escapade involved a 7' tall pile of snow in front of my establishment ... his snow, not mine.  Putz!

Friday, January 21, 2011

(un) Favorite Things Friday

-24' (air temperature)
-40' (windchill temperature)

flipping cold !!!! 

check out the other nicer favorite things friday over at Shay's click on the link below and STAY WARM and SAFE .....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

furrball in action

nick helping the scanner ...

sleepy Nick

Nick bonding with Mrs. Smithers... note Mrs. S headgear -- we dress for the subzero's .. fashion be damned ..

one last head bump ... the headgear was fur lined and the exterior was camouflage fleece ... it truly was a fashionable hat!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

technology ....

  another entertaining day in the Valley ....

  no power for 3 hours . . . I was working by candlelight at the office because .... there was a septic tank (and no power) issue at home.  I was told to stay in town because "at least you can flush"...  and flushing is important.  So I did the trash, emptied the litter box by flashlight.  Sorted, filed and started to read the new tax bill (by candlelight) had a nap and voila, the power returned. 

  the internet and email however, took another 3 hours.  damn tough to send money to the IRS without the internet.  restarted the gateway, the routers, the server and my workstation at least 3 times and then called the geek -- it was the service provider not my equipment. 

  all is well, the trash is out, the folders are sorted, and I had my nap.  even better -- the septic is up and kinda functioning .. we can bathe, flush and do laundry again. 

   all part of my wacky life -- it is good to be me.


Monday, January 17, 2011

So, I think

  there should be no Federal Holidays.......half the population is working today and half is not.  some kids have school some do not (ours are two hour late -- and to quote Sarah Palin "oh come on, it's not that bad" it's only 2 more inches).

  instead of Federal Holidays ... how about 7 float days or 7 "pick your own holidays" days.    just a thought.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday on 3rd Street

these piles were to be finished ... no so yet, mighty damn close ....

this pile is almost gone (i really just reorganized it) notice sleeping Nick in his basket .. the only time today he's behaved... starving for affection ...

no hope at all to get to this pile ... maybe tomorrow ... i will empty the shredd box !!  hopefully Rodney the shredd man comes this week, we're overflowing with shredding.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

done !

a) fabric ordered ... yes, I already broke that resolution ....
b) jacket arrived from Coldwater Creek -- yes, that one too
c) took the night off -- yes, I left with a messy desk (another one down)
d) it only snowed an inch :) :)

and the really good news....

 the FIRST tax return of this filing season is DONE ... a lot more to go !!!


  since I'm at work the picture selection is a bit slim ... so it's Nick (the kid not the cat day) ... I think these are 5 years and older...

the day George W's motorcade came thru town.... he got a wave ... I didn't get a picture of the wave ... but it was quite the event.  the motorcade was led by MnDot trucks with snowplows, a ton of secret service SUV's and finally the limo ... followed by more MnDot trucks the snowplows....all traveling at 55mps ... all the way thru town ... there was a sniper on my office garage roof ... flippin bizarre ...  

the short baseball career ...

fish at the first boyscout camping trip to Camp Cuyuna ...

okay he's now 6'2' and weighs a bit more .... big feet too ...
still fishes .. I'm thinking he won't be waving flags at Presidential motorcades any more either ...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Favorite Things Friday ....

Friday already, is it just me or are the days and nights flying past.  My favorite thing for Favorite Things Friday is my digital camera ... it's old, beat up, scratched up, heavy, and eats batteries daily -- but it lets me be creative.  I take a ga-zillion pictures and rarely print any of them (yes I back up my hard drive regularly) but I share them often.  

the first buds on the lilacs .. a sign of spring (which never happens fast enough)

the last leaves on the Autumn Flame Maple -- they just don't last long enough

Maple amid the creeping charlie 

sunset during the "great flood of 2010" -- well not so great compared to the rest of the planet.  we were very lucky -- disrupted roads and bridges is just an inconvienence.  can't wait for this spring ... the meltdown will be entertaining.

So head on over to Quilting in my Pyjama's Blog and check out the rest of the favorites.... here is the LINK!  Happy Weekend it's gonna be a cold, snowy windy one here in the Valley.

Thanks for stopping in ... 


Statistics ....

Year-to-date statistics on airport screening from the Department of Homeland Security (unofficial):

Terrorist Plots Discovered.......................0
Hemorrhoid Cases..................................3,172
Enlarged Prostates.................................8,249
Breast Implants......................................59,350
Natural Blondes.....................................3
okay, email from cousin Jerry ...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

this Diva is

tired and cranky.

more snow.  i don't remember this much, ever.  the path thru my front sidewalk is 3' tall on both sides.  the piles in the yard are taller than the 7' chain link fence.  eddie was a good cousin and plowed my front sidewalk and boulevard this morning (and yesterday too!). 

i went to visit the eye doctor today .. the last of my medical visits.  new glasses are ordered.  i knew i needed them just didn't get there.  i'll be able to see driving at night.  kinda scary otherwise.

another hour of work and i can leave.  can't wait.  90 minutes and counting.

oh .. i hired a new helper yesterday.  this building of women is about to be invaded by a Kevin!  i hope he enjoys us, we'll ge great training for the new baby that will be invading his house in May ... hope it's a girl!!!!


Monday, January 10, 2011

aaahhh Monday ...

Hello Snow
Thanks for returning

Plowing &
Shoveling are my
newest talents ....

  Actually it was quite pretty this morning ... I'm always (generally) the first one up and down our driveway and down the township road ... well, me and the wildlife .... they never walk (wander) a straight path .... nor does the newpaper delivery dude -- he must like driving on the wrong side of the road.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

stamping / scrapbooking diva's




the super stampers had an afternoon of work planned.  alas I came, I ate and I left.  back to 3rd street my heaped with work desk was waiting.  Not sure how their afternoon progressed by there was discussions of organizing several thousand sheets of paper as I was leaving.

oh and David made some really good ham/potato/corn soup!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

ah, I love living here!

The good news it's 5' not the predicted -10'.  It's good to be us.  Being a handy farm girl has it's advantages.  I did my tour of the office basement last night and found water, too much water.  Water leaking from the humidifier on the furnace.  And well, I fixed it, until Monday.  When the professional arrives.  Swooshed up the water and went home to bed. 

No leaks this morning.  And it's a lovely 65' in here.  Farm skills = life skills.  So, back the number crunching, w2 printing, 1099 printing, quarterly payroll report preparation of my world.  Lots to get done over the weekend. 

Super Scrappers/Stampers meeting for lunch tomorrow -- DH of Stamper Jan is cooking for us. 

bed quilt ... sent off to the quilter on Thursday -- okay she's 25 miles away and I ended up mailing it to her ... after I emailed her....bali pop of batiks (2 of 'em w/leftovers for the binding) love the copier and wine bottles in the same picture....the office is comfy!

window warmer in the file room ... it's actually for another window but I couldn't find my hooks to hang it and this window still had curtain rod brackets .. soon to change.

stay warm !!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

  It's back!  This week the big topic of conversation is the WEATHER.  It's recurring trend, which frankly needs to disappear.  It's cold again.  Really cold.  Like not above zero and more snow.  So to combat the chillies I ordered a new winter jacket from Lands' End on New Years Eve.  Well, the next day, they dropped the price and after a bit of web chatting I got the lower price.  They were very nice about it.

  It's bright red and to quote my sister " you look like the Michelin tire man in that."  I guess it's better than looking like the Goodyear blimp.  It's warm, I'm wearing it.  I just spent 20 minutes trying to post a picture on here and it's not happening.  All part of my week. 

  So head on over to Mrs. P's Blog and check out the rest of the Favorite Things Friday.  I'm sure it will be entertaining!.

  Flower of the week .. Clematis -- much hardier than they look ...

post #900

 .. should be something profound ... try this one


just a lot happening lately and started to feel a bit overwhelmed last night --- so I went to yoga (always helps -- thanks ladies), had a turkey sub on the walk back (key words:  walk and turkey) and accomplished a few projects last night.

mrs. h was mentioning scrambled eggs yesterday and well it made me hungry for detoured to McD's this morning (i know -- it's just handier)...

better mood ahead!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

(( deep breath ))

   okay, meeting #1 done, lots to come.  way to many meetings.  way to many pictures, not liking the pictures, but I looked good.  i should have worn my "diva" shirts -- that would have set them off a bit, way more formal than i expected.

     it's still cold too, but a warm up and more snow is on the way.  oh joy.  (remember the resolution about not complaining about the weather). had to warm up the car before the commute home (and scrap the frost from the windows)
    tomorrow is another day .... the world keeps turning and the sun shines warm somewhere!!!!


Monday, January 3, 2011

change ...

 So I regularly post pictures from the webcam atop the courthouse.  I looked back in my picture stash and
found this one from 2007

this one from summer road construction 2009

this one shortly after the road construction was completed and the road re-opened (thank God) --November 2009

and this one before the big snow in November.  I don't know how to circle my office but it's one of the bright blobs almost dead center just below the horizon. 

Well, new website for the County last week and NO WEBCAM!!  I'm kind of missing it...every morning it became my office computers wallpaper! 

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the big day.  Pictures, then swearing in ceremony and then right into the first meeting of the year!  And I start with new Investment Club meeting at 7:00am.  Might not have time to walk in the morning (quit laughing it's a good goal).


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lazy Diva

  I am a lazy Diva today.  Well, sort of lazy.  I spent most of the morning updating the various computers at home and wiping off the crap that seems to appear on them.  28 upgrades to Mom's laptop.  It hasn't been turned on since September.  (She's been lectured and will be changing her ways.) 

  Mom and I went to Mankato.  Cat food and kitty litter were the important items.  After Office Max and Shopko there was no room for kitty litter.  I'll send them over with $$ later.  So OfficeMax had a "bag" sale.  $300 later not sure if I got deals or not.  Shopko was much better.  Yes, Mrs. H I found a 3 drawer plastic shelf thing-a-ma-jig just for you!  More longjohns for me. 

  We then went to Joann's.  This particular one is about to be relocated.  The current store has become a dump, as in dump here and we'll see it at 50% off.  Alas, 2 nice quilting rulers and that was it. 

  I'm home and should be returning to the office, but I'm not.  A nap and then my sewing machine.  Work will be there at 5:00am tomorrow morning! (after my walk).

Lazy Diva

mr personality, finally decided his basket wasn't so bad after all. per Facebook, yesterday was his birthday! 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011 ....


( ^^^ my version of fireworks)