Saturday, April 30, 2011


the endless lists in my life ... i must have been born with the need to list ...

at home:
make bed
put away clean clothes
sweep/vac sewing room
make seed list
pre-plan watermelon patch
iron (the pile is endless)
pack for stitch and bitch on Sunday
  (so many projects so little time)
bind baby quilt
  (that child has yet to arrive)

returns to kohls
order sewing machine
  (scary but I did it yesterday)
  ( and I gotta wait an entire week)
return library books
check out mall (it's been a while)
drop off bags at thrift shop
  (yep the winter purge)

start/finish picking rocks out of the grass
990 (non profit returns/due soon)
project a
project b
project c

and oh -- slap prom on top of the list -- Nick's Prom ... he cleans up well should be fun, too bad he doesn't feel the love and want to drive my car (after all it's a FORD and he will not be caught in a FORD --- hmmm)

so we'll have to see just how many of my projects on the LIST actually get finished today.  time will tell.

 and Kevin pulled into the farm with the big green machine yesterday and worked everything ... and he's having the baby soon (or Christina is) .. the excitement is building !!!!  i heard him out there at supper and can't find my camera again ... dang thing always missing.


Friday, April 29, 2011

the Royal Event

  was definately worth watching.  at least so far.  lots of pomp & traditions.  and a beautiful dress (and bride) ..

  but alas work awaits me.


(and off to purchase the Bernina!)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

ah Thursday (egad already)

  Time passes way to quickly -- again it feels like another unproductive week -- at least for me.  And I worked last night too!!! 

  I haven't committed to the new sewing machine yet.  Gotta do it soon. 

  Office is sparkly clean (thanks LM)  and tonight my hair will be much shorter !!  The lists are endless are they not.

tic tock tic tock time's passing


ps.  anyone else getting up for the big wedding tomorrow morning -- sounds like quality sewing time too bad no TV near the sewing machine.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

april showers bring may flowers

  yep, gotta love it, rain is better than snow.  end of topic.

  the good news I didn't work at all on EASTER SUNDAY and well yesterday I accomplished very little.  had a fast (and in my opinion needless) trip to St. Paul.  ask me in person.  on the way out of downtown ST. Paul, we (Jean and I) came out thru West St. Paul -- that's changed a whole lot! and then on to Burnsville --  it's been eons since I was at the Burnsville Mall -- although our trip in the door to the kiosk and back out is probably not "shopping"

  i've been chatting about a new sewing machine for a bit and went shopping for one in Mankato last night (what's a few more miles in one day -- it's only $3.82 a gallon) ... found a Bernina 350PE ... nice nice nice.  so nice I think I need it --- it was closing time so i didn't sew with it but i'll get back this week and demo it and ....

  i then checked out the new JoAnn Fabrics -- also nice ( compared to the old dump) ... and i DID NOT purchase any fabric!!   on to Shopko --- how can shampoo, deoderant, body wash and toothpaste add up to $65 ... ugh.  after Shopko, i felt the lure of Herbergers ... well, the tshirts were cheesy looking, the linen jacket was nice but not $115 worth of nice (i sure the fabric stash has some linen and i've got a pattern or two), but the shoes, oh the shoes !!  I have new summer sandals, (sandels, sandles ?) ... nice ones. 

  so today is commissioners meeting and work and commit to the sewing machine.  dang it's nice looking!! oh and i'd better work a bit too!


ps.  the seeds are sorted and the patch is plotted!!!  I'm ready.  by the end of July the patch should look like this ..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter blessings 

Friday, April 22, 2011

word of the day -- PROJECTS

life seems to pile on the projects and today's goal is to get some of them checked off my list.

on the road again today -- County meetings -- New Ulm this morning  --- then a stop in Nicollet on the way home -- hoping the DNR peeps will plant my CRP acreage !!  and then a stop at SCHMIDTS MEAT MARKET ... yes, the Schmidts Meat Market --

hopefully home by late noonish.  I worked last night -- the catch-up game has begun.  It's actually feeling quite good.  helps that the weather is still winter. 


Monday, April 18, 2011

word of the day -- BLESSINGS ...

tessa, sparkle and I ... sparkle is making the rounds in the office

i got flowers today -- my favorites -- tulips and iris ... it doesn't get much better -- thanks to Lee, Jean and Nick

and more flowers from Dorothy --

His Royal Highness sleeping on his new cushion ... the "cushion" is my first attempt at a dresden plate ... and well, it has a nice supply of orange cat hair on it ....  he stayed on it all flipping day .

Let normal return to our lives -- we made it thru Tax Season -- many thanks to all who read my whining -- lots of catching up on other projects and finishing up on those who didn't get completed (mine) ... I am blessed with great help and family to make it possible to keep the wacky schedule I keep ... 1,472 1/2 hours thru today or 37 --  40 hour weeks crammed into 15 weeks .. (eek) and no there is no vacation in my immediate future -- but I won't be working too many Sundays!! 

Marie ...

ps.  what the hell's up with the winter storm watch .. dang it  ---  I want SPRING, my tulips have buds and I put the shovel away.  

Sunday, April 17, 2011

the Word of the Day


(i'm really tired of hanging out on 3rd street)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

SNOW ...

Dear Mother Nature;

   Thank you for the snow.  I'm sure somewhere on this planet it is greatly appreciated, however, here in Minnesota we have had ENOUGH.  I know I have no influence upon you -- but a little sun and warmth would really really really make us happy.

Diva ...

  good grief it was literally a blizzard on my drive home last night --- at least it wasn't slippery.  our yard was totally white (at least the grass was white) when I left this morning.   lonely office today -- just me ... T is home with the flu and I didn't think I'd need Mrs. H  .... 2 more days peeps -- 2 more days.

okay, Ana Kate has named my "candle"  -- sparkle !!! I'm so lucky !!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(( sigh ))

Ana Kate brought me my very own "candle" the dolphin and a PINK one!!!  She named her first dolphin "candle" and well, the name stuck.  I love my candle!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

happyness on 3rd street

patrick and his younger brother -- enjoy coming to 3rd street

nick was fond of dr lee's box  ... he eventually was persuaded to get out ..

the last pile of snow disappeared yesterday (or the last pile on 3rd street) ... still piles at the farm.

I overslept and didn't get here until 7:00 am   the phone was ringing the answering machine was chattering and peeps were trying to get in the front door.... ugh, get a grip.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

going, Going, GONE

remember this from last saturday ....

( no winter coat or glove or long underwear today!)

it's too dark to take a new picture, but seriously, it's gone ... still one in the back corner of the lot .... and lots at home but here they are gone.  and mild temps in the forecast.

all of the seed has finally arrived. yahoo !!!!


Monday, April 4, 2011


  I'm trying to make Monday my favorite day of the week.  Time will tell.

Here's the link to the St. Peter Herald article regarding Jean/Lee & Nick and the family business.    LINK  I never know if I'm linking up or not. 

And what's up with the weather.  I think snow flakes where hitting my car this morning!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

no fooling ... April 2nd

office front yard snow bank .... lots of rock on the grass ...

the shack -- odd perspective (need to work on that) and ya, I cut off the roof peak,  I was trying to dry out garages and had doors open and breezes flowing thru .. managed to fill the garbage curbies too...crap accumulates here too.

snow pile in the office backyard -- between us and the smoking patio of the bar (yuck) damn thing (smoking patio) needs to disappear ..

more piles ... still melting this morning -- almost gone

So, I found a camera and yesterday felt like the first day of Spring --- warm (kinda balmy) and sunny ... I wandered and snapped pix.  New camera has arrived -- but the chip was backordered so ... waiting.