Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1,000 Blog Posts

 oh my, this totally escaped me.  I was going to waffle on about how much I accomplished over the weekend.  A lot !!

 a) 3 quilts have the binding attached (one is even hand sewn down)
 b) more trash
 c) denim skirts from ebay have been hemmed
 d) canteloupe have been planted
 e) most of my payrolls for the week are done!
 f) two libary books are read
 g) a bit more cleaning
 h) got the printer to work at home (saved $$)
      (the famous unplug/replug it in and it'll work)
 i) tons of laundry (we seem to have more than most)
 j) note cards made and scrap book of quilts started

  Coming back to work is going to feel like being on vacation.  The wind blew most of yesterday and all night long.  We were eating dirt!


Monday, May 30, 2011

the endless lists of my life

   So things are getting crossed off my weekend list of projects.  Holiday or not, I'm headed into the office to work this morning and I will be cleaning garages when I get done with the numbers.  If it doesn't rain, I might even mow the lawn, pull some weeds in the flower beds -- plant some planters.

  I managed to finish planting in the melon patch yesterday.  Canteloupe, baby pumpkins, zinnas and sunflowers -- only 3 short rows left for flowers and 2 regular rows left for vine crops.  The earlier plantings are popping up.  Sun and heat would make a huge difference.

  I attached the binding to Nick's quilt and another baby quilt.  Finished handstitching binding to the "lollipop" baby quilt and I can't find a picture of it.  Scrapbooked a couple of pages, made up some more cards .... laundry, dishes, cooking, .... and went to bed pooped.

  so it rolls . . . .


Sunday, May 29, 2011

if you are looking for wisdom and knowledge -- you are at the wrong blog.

this peeps is a watermelon finally popping out of the ground ....

the lonely patch

dads flat of cucumbers (it's a lot of cucumbers)

snowball bush (?) it's 8' tall and I think it's a snowball bush

the pine trees are just loaded with new growth ...

So yesterday was a roadtrip to Waseca (we made it 1/3 of the way to Susan's new enterprise, and never got beyond the antique stores -- we had lunch at the Daily Grind Coffee Shop and it was pretty darn good.  Mom and Jean had a salad with chunks of fresh fruit, lettuce and a grilled chicken breast --- they raved over it.  I had my usual dull turkey sandwich on marble rye -- the rye was fabulous -- fresh, tender & tasty.

The purchase of the day -- a lime green silk chiffon scarf -- a couple of pieces of enamel wear and 6 box graders for a crafty project for Jean --- pictures to follow. 

So far, not a lot of weekend projects have been completed.  Two baby quilts are quilted (love that new sewing machine) one almost has it's binding sewn down -- the big quilt still needs it's binding and my Julia Roberts "Pretty Woman" brown polka dot skirt is still in a pile.  Rain is in the forecast so I plan on sewing all day long. 


Friday, May 27, 2011


shout it from the rooftops!!!




  so, since it's the eve of the Holiday weekend -- everyother working body has abandoned St. Peter -- only us fools are still hard at it.  So, I'm making my lists and checking off the projects.

1.  bind the quilt
2.  read the library book
3.  sew some more
4.  read another library book
5.  sleep in
6.  ready another library book

yep, a non-working attitude adjustment weekend for this Diva!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

the sun, the Sun, THE SUN

 is shining !!!!  holy cow it's been so long I forgot what it looked like (well sorta) .....

 So we had double the amount of snow, so far almost double the amount of rain and it's COLD too.  And could someone explain all the tornado's ... the Minneapolis one brings back to many memories of 3/29/98 -- I wouldn't bless that experience on anyone, ever.  If it happens here again.  I'm gone.

 I can't wait for August it'll be 110 in the shade for the entire month!  So the furnace/air conditioning dude is coming for a fluff and buff on the units today. 

 I have yet to see or experience the famous snake.  Dad met up with it will mushroom (morrel) hunting in the neighbors pasture along the driveway.  The same day the mailman saw it and took a picture of it -- at the neighbors mailbox.  So if it was large enough that Mr. Mailman thought he needed a picture of it -- it's damn big.   Yes, it is harmless but ..... a 6' bull snake is not nice.  I won't be mushroom hunting down there.  Although the season is pretty much done.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

rain, rain, rain

  So I actually watched the morning news (with both eyes open) and what the hell --- 5 more days of rain.  No wonder the river is rising and the meridian is filling up with water. 

  Commissioner Meeting yesterday -- gotta love a TV camera pointed at me for an hour.  I was a well dressed diva too!  I did find the story on the local TV website -- for all the bright lights it was a short blurb. 

  Worked late got home and walked out to the patch.  Nothing up yet -- too cold.  Been a week -- no warmth forecasted either. 

  Followed the elders down the road this morning -- they're northbound with the camper -- quite the process to get 'em rolling -- they'll be back tomorrow (someone has a birthday tomorrow).  There were two deer along the driveway watching the caravan pass by -- I'm sure they were thinking -- "they're gone -- lets eat away" .... varmits. 

   The legend of the bull snake is getting larger and more colorful.  If that damn thing crosses by path it will be dead. 


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

for a Monday

   It really wasn't that bad.  My love/hate relationship with Monday will continue.  But yesterday's Monday was pretty good. 

   So working on a fabulous Tuesday, meetings, projects and lawn mowing!  I am a lucky woman.

Enjoy ....


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday's Wisdom

  So wisdom of the week was "shop no more" ... well that lasted 7 days.  I ended up at my least favorite destination last night -- Wal Mart.  I need to have pictures printed and well, the chosing, printing, editing etc works pretty well there.  The bad thing -- waiting for an hour -- I manged to fill a cart in the wait time and $145 later -- I bought ....
     bottled water
     instant "fru fru" coffee
     instant "fru fru"  iced coffee
     crystal light
     liter bottles of lemonaide (for $.50)
     denim capri pants
     picture frames
     bulletin boards
     salad dressing (s)
     tv dinners
     paperback books
     quilting magazine
     gardening hat
     gardening t shirt
               plus $26 worth of prints, regular sized and some enlargements....

    I dashed over to Shopko for some nice (r) looking T shirts for summer, I over purged last week.  Well, Shopko had cheep crap.  So on to Herbergers -- oh ya, here we go ....   the jacket I drooled over was 1/2 off -- my lime green leather purse was gone, the sandels I waffled over 3 weeks ago -- gone.  Finally got home and got the car unloaded.

   It was sewing room day yesterday.  Back pieced for the filmstrip quilt and the back for the filmstrip quilt is ready to iron and they can then be shipped out for quilting -- backs for two baby quilts basted and I'll quilt this week -- old sewing machine and supplies moved to 3rd Street. and this morning I re-started stripping on the honeybun/jellyroll quilt. 

  It's been a busy weekend so far.....no wonder I'm tired on Monday mornings!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

more Apple Blossoms

  the rain was a bit hard on them  ... or helped them float to the ground, it kind of looks like snow over there (oh no more snow!!!)  I just stuck my camera up and kept clicking ... out of 60 pix's I kept 30 ... and smelled so good!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

favorite things friday

Hello Friday !   It's been a while since I joined up with Shay (Mrs. P) 's favorite things friday so .... my favorite thing this friday is the spring blooms, fruit trees, lilacs, iris, tulips, daffodils ... it just doesn't get any better.

fringed edge tulips (late bloomers)

mini (short) iris -- they are only 8" tall

apple blossom -- they smell divine!

old fashioned white lilac ...

so click on the link and check out the rest of the favorites! (and thanks to Shay for hosting!) link up and join the fun .........

the planting has begun ...

  one more day and the rain can return (it's going to anyway -- per the weather Gods)

dad worked up and marked the rows for me .... smelled like fresh dirt too!  this entire stretch is now planted into WATERMELONS !! 13 varieties (ya, I know I was going to plant less) ... took 2 hours and I was done -- beautiful night to be in the garden.

the apple trees are blooming and they smell almost as good as the fresh dirt, it was kind of dark when I snapped 21 of these and all 21 turned out pretty good -- i was looking for new pix's for cards .

jean, nick (hiding behind his mother) and jake came down to check out the morel mushroom possibilities ... they (the morels) have been plentiful again this year.  the hunt is much more fun than the cleaning, frying and eating them.

Back to the patch this afternoon -- Mrs. H will be covering the office and I'll be planting I can work all weekend when the rains return.  I wanted the seeds in the ground and after a warm rain they should pop!

So, off to the bottle of pain killers and a check in at the office!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

O M G ...

   So by noon, the entire town was buzzing, guess who was in town!


   I guess we're kinda small town the whole town was gaga!  They were up the street "picking" at a residence.  They stopped at Karen's just after Robyn and I had our morning coffee break over there (missed out again) and the girls had their pix taken and got treats! 

   Can't wait to see us on TV!!!!!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Adventure in the City

so, the super stampers and I spent the day (all day) at the Rubber Stamp Expo at the Mn State Fairgrounds.  Beverages from McD's got us rolling and well 12 hours later we were home.  3 hours on the road, 6 hours at the expo, 1 hour at Archivers (gotta use the coupons) and supper seemed like forever ...

lots of take 'n makes ... Becky, Jean & Jan

lots of pretty cards -- I still can't believe they let us take pictures of everything.

Jane & Jean (and the backside of Becky) repacking the car after Archivers (actually we really didn't buy much)

Jan in the paper buying mood.

button card.  I bought a lot of buttons -- the super stampers thought they were for cards!  Wrong!  sewing buttons .....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Quilt Festival !!!

Amy's Creative Side

  It's time for the Spring Quilt Festival.  It's been a while since I participated --- but I found this project (and it's binding, ready to attach) last night while cleaning the project space!! (understatement of the year).  The room received a major purge - it needed it.  I'm not sure why -- but us quilters never throw out anything !

I made this quilt with two bali -pops -- whipped the strips together, chopped 'em up and re-sewed into blocks, I tried not to have matching blocks -- I shipped it up the road to a long arm quilter -- and she did a great job!  It is a gift for my favorite boy scout when he finishes his Eagle Scout Project -- which (should be) better be shortly!

You would think on this beautiful sunny morning I could pop out to the deck and drape it on the rail and take a picture -- I disrupted the turkeys at the bird feeders and they were not quiet about it -- and it's 40' and pretty stiff wind -- it is so good to be us.  

Enjoy the rest of the show -- it's always fabulous!


(click on the button above and it will take you to the show -- and it's pretty damn fabulous!)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

it continues

   the purging

   6 bags of fabric from the sewing room .... 2 bags of trash .... 2 bags for the thrift shop.  the new shelving arrived via free labor ... nice stuff, I filled it with my precuts, projects and favorites.  then I moved across the room and I was brutal.  yard or less and into the bag it went.  the ladies aid at the Scandian Grove Church make mission quilts -- they get my fabrics.  so Cousin Mary from New Sweden -- stop at the office next week -- the bags will be there!

   rained all flippin day. haven't planted a thing (bought a geranium and an ivy) ...


flushing construction

so here is the chaos that turned the lawn into a giant litterbox for the barn cats.  yes, it's good to be us.  next on our upgrade list is the furnace.  it started making horrendous noises last night and the burner is a bit slow to kick in ---

   I had planned on Friday night being my crafty sewing obsession night but once I got down there I couldn't decide what to work on first.  It's a problem peeps.  So many projects so little time.  I shuffled the piles listened to the noisy furnace and opted for the end of the Twins game.  Tonight I promise to be better.

  I'm hauling the super stampers to a Stamping & Scrapping Show at the Mn State Fairgrounds tomorrow.  It will be a carload of women armed with cash and notebooks ready to load up on ideas !!  Should be a fun day.  Have camera will travel -- must take pictures for the scrapbook ya know!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

let the flushing begin

   yes, cheesy, I know.  the new septic system is in and well, functioning.  what a flipping mess.  grassman took a lot of pride in the grass at our house and well a fairly large chunck of it is disrupted.  he took a lot of pictures and i downloaded them to the computer at home yesterday.  most of yesterday was spent picking out the rocks, leveling the black dirt and seeding parts of it (dad that is -- i was at work).  a new rock garden/yard art will be going in over some of the hardware ...

  a new baby arrived amid the office staff !!  tuesday night.  Cameron James -- 9lbs 6 ozs -- 22 inches -- haven't official met him yet -- can't wait !!  (maybe tonight!)

  so I think I'm going to follow stamping diva jean's suggestion about one night a week is devoted to the hobby/passion/obsession in life.  So Friday nights have just become my sewing night (until market season).  I've decided I lead a dull life when Friday night is sewing night! 

  grass is mowed (2nd time) -- thought before the rains came better get it done.  i think i found a kid to mow for me ... need to check on the $$$.  i'm too old to mow.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday, the day of ...

. . . . .  new septic system (oh joy!)
. . . . .  commissioner meeting
. . . . .  joint commissioner meeting with Blue Earth County for lunch
. . . . .  80' per the weather geeks

  So yesterday I told Robyn --- "take down the plastic" ... all of the office windows have been "unwinterized" on the 9th of May -- I turned off the furnace too.  Hauled out two of the hibiscus to the shade ... tried to lighten up the joint.  Summer curtains will come out of storage get pressed (keep dreaming) and hung. 

   The big news is the septic.  Thank you.  Can't wait.  Messy.  Efficient.  Better get finished I need my morning shower!

    I've been in a tizzy over some nastiness and well, enough is enough, deal with it and move on .... (or per ??? get out the big girl panties and go) .... so



Monday, May 9, 2011

so, the wackyness continues

 I awoke to hail at 5:30 this morning.  Yes, hail.  Lots of hail.  So our weird weather continues.   Less than a week ago we had flurries (snow) and Saturday was fabulous, yesterday it rained (gently) and now hail. 

 On to better topics -- played with the new sewing machine (expensive toy) yesterday.  Love parts of it and not sure on parts of it.  A lot more plastic on it than I anticipated.  Buttonholes, oh my, I can zip them buggers out in a flash -- I did buttonholes on 8 dresses in 15 minutes.  Fancy stitches -- just starting to play with 'em.

 Laundry and mothers day duties keep me busy all morning --- the next totally free day will be spent playing.  I have 11 dresses cut out so.....

 Have a great Monday!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day ...

baby quilt #1 -- 30's prints with heart appliques .. odd colored border (not sure what I was thinking).  I actually did this in 2002 --- and hand quilted it!!!   Now if that BABY would get here!!!!!

baby quilt #2 ... john deere tractors on both sides .... and i machine quilted -- followed the plaid on the flip side (of which I deleted the picture)

blanket stitched appliques -- see what I mean about the border -- ugh.

the new toy --- so far it's threaded and I kinda read the book and played a bit ... once dinner is in the oven and the rain starts I'll play more.

cheesy presser foot selection. One would think for the money it would be a bit nicer.  My 1000 is a bit more heavy duty compared to this one.

    I was an efficient DIVA yesterday.  I flopped the winter/summer clothes in my closet (and yes if you have to flop -- you have too many clothes).  7 bags were loaded up and delivered to the thrift store and 2 bags went straight to the trash.  I have lots less and need nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  So....

    Mom, Jean and I went to Mankato to pick up the new toy -- and at Kohls (while return something that did not fit) I bought more.  Although I think undergarments should be exempt from the NO NEW CLOTHES pledge.  In addition, anything I sew is exempt.  The last time I tried this pledge it didn't last long. 

    Jean scored at the Thrift Shop.  The Vine Store is quite nice -- all furniture & household -- no clothing so it is a lot less cluttered.

 Happy Mother's Day !!!!


Friday, May 6, 2011

ah Twice in a day ...

on my walk tonight ...
the turkey invasion ...

the lonely patch ... soon to be worked up and planted -- kinda cool yet ... maybe next weekend

i turned around and took a picture of the neighbors "forest" -- it's actually in the conservation reserve program -- never to be farmed again... lots of trees in it now...

daffodils and tulips are finally blooming and it warmed up dramatically so they won't last long...

so did you ....

  miss me.  I've been
      .... waiting for the call on my new sewing machine
      .... running around Nicollet County with a leadership program
      .... struggling with numbers on a couple of clients
      .... waiting for a phone call on Kevin's baby ....
      .... and mowing the flipping grass

 I'm way to old to be mowing the grass ... or so I thought.  3 pulls and the goofy thing started so I thought I'd better mow.  45 minutes later it looks a bit less shaggy -- the tulips are popping out fast -- pictures to follow.  I even cut tulips for vases in my office. 

 I spent yesterday on the move.  Klossner Minnesota (population 40?) then on to St. George, Minnesota (population 15), the Harkin Store and finally Fort Ridgely.  Need to return to Fort Ridgely -- really cool.  The only "war" the US fought within it's own boundaries.  And one of the few forts that did not have a stockcade surrounding it. 

 The Klossner House (in downtown Klossner) hasn't changed since I was last there (35 years ago) -- the ashtrays are gone -- the toilet still leans.  enough said.  pop was cold and of course they served us hot german potato salad. 

 The Connecting Nicollet County Leadership Training ended yesterday with a graduation.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

prom ...

arriving for the big event

after the grand march -- when they were kicking out the parents and aunties (ditto Nick -- "you can leave now" ... )

the chariot that delivered them.