Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1,000 Blog Posts

 oh my, this totally escaped me.  I was going to waffle on about how much I accomplished over the weekend.  A lot !!

 a) 3 quilts have the binding attached (one is even hand sewn down)
 b) more trash
 c) denim skirts from ebay have been hemmed
 d) canteloupe have been planted
 e) most of my payrolls for the week are done!
 f) two libary books are read
 g) a bit more cleaning
 h) got the printer to work at home (saved $$)
      (the famous unplug/replug it in and it'll work)
 i) tons of laundry (we seem to have more than most)
 j) note cards made and scrap book of quilts started

  Coming back to work is going to feel like being on vacation.  The wind blew most of yesterday and all night long.  We were eating dirt!


1 comment:

Shay said...

It sounds like an amazingly productive weekend. When did you find any time to sleep!

I thought I was doing well to try and get 3 quilts finished in one week ...and still have only managed one so far!