Monday, May 30, 2011

the endless lists of my life

   So things are getting crossed off my weekend list of projects.  Holiday or not, I'm headed into the office to work this morning and I will be cleaning garages when I get done with the numbers.  If it doesn't rain, I might even mow the lawn, pull some weeds in the flower beds -- plant some planters.

  I managed to finish planting in the melon patch yesterday.  Canteloupe, baby pumpkins, zinnas and sunflowers -- only 3 short rows left for flowers and 2 regular rows left for vine crops.  The earlier plantings are popping up.  Sun and heat would make a huge difference.

  I attached the binding to Nick's quilt and another baby quilt.  Finished handstitching binding to the "lollipop" baby quilt and I can't find a picture of it.  Scrapbooked a couple of pages, made up some more cards .... laundry, dishes, cooking, .... and went to bed pooped.

  so it rolls . . . .


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