Sunday, May 29, 2011

if you are looking for wisdom and knowledge -- you are at the wrong blog.

this peeps is a watermelon finally popping out of the ground ....

the lonely patch

dads flat of cucumbers (it's a lot of cucumbers)

snowball bush (?) it's 8' tall and I think it's a snowball bush

the pine trees are just loaded with new growth ...

So yesterday was a roadtrip to Waseca (we made it 1/3 of the way to Susan's new enterprise, and never got beyond the antique stores -- we had lunch at the Daily Grind Coffee Shop and it was pretty darn good.  Mom and Jean had a salad with chunks of fresh fruit, lettuce and a grilled chicken breast --- they raved over it.  I had my usual dull turkey sandwich on marble rye -- the rye was fabulous -- fresh, tender & tasty.

The purchase of the day -- a lime green silk chiffon scarf -- a couple of pieces of enamel wear and 6 box graders for a crafty project for Jean --- pictures to follow. 

So far, not a lot of weekend projects have been completed.  Two baby quilts are quilted (love that new sewing machine) one almost has it's binding sewn down -- the big quilt still needs it's binding and my Julia Roberts "Pretty Woman" brown polka dot skirt is still in a pile.  Rain is in the forecast so I plan on sewing all day long. 



gz said...

Ther Snowball Bush has blooms just like a mophead Hydrangea!

Shay said...

Yep- your snowball bush IS a hydrangea. Espcially if thoe blooms change colour. Or it could possibly be a St Gilda Rose bush if they dont.

I hope you have a fantastic long weekend.

Green Tea said...

I sure could use a nice cold slice of watermelon right now.. :)

Susan said...

I hope you make it all the way here one of these days! I am eager to meet the Diva in person!